Cacao “Perfect” Protein Smoothie

Raw Cacao Perfect Protein Smoothie -

With a rich chocolatey flavor, a hint of mocha, and 16 grams of protein, this smoothie tastes good and builds muscle.




  1. Rinse and soak almonds and dates. (You can skip this step if you want but I find that soaking the almonds for a few minutes makes it blend easier.)
  2. Open the young coconut. (I use this coconut opener.) Scrape out the meat and add it to the blender with the milk of the young coconut.
  3. Blend almonds, dates, and coconut milk.
  4. Add the remaining ingredients and add ice and water to your desired texture. If you want a smoothie bowl, use less water. If you want to drink it in a glass, add more.


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