A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions

I am generally a nice person. As long as someone or something does not infringe upon my rights as a parent or individual I try to stay out of it. And that’s exactly how I feel about vaccinations. I encourage you to educate yourself but ultimately, you have the final say. That’s how it is here in the United States of America, we have the freedom to choose, freedom to parent our kids the way we see fit, and freedom from government interference into the most intimate aspects of our lives whether we are religious or not.

Or so I thought…

There was a piece published by the New York Times recently written by Dr. Kristen Feemster (a pediatric infectious disease physician who profits from “professionally advising” pharmaceutical companies and feels that a parent’s decision not to vaccinate may warrant a call to Child Protective Services) that urged the scientific and public health communities to curtail vaccine exemptions. In case you’re wondering, a vaccine exemption allows an individual to forgo the vaccination for medical, religious, and sometimes philosophical reasons. The reason for trumping these rights? The public good.

I had many problems with this article, and you should too, because it infringes on your constitutional rights as a parent, blatantly suggests that “vaccines are safe and effective,” insinuates that those of us who choose not to vaccinate our children have no educated reason for doing so, and obviously assumes that the healthcare, scientific community, and parents (the most important player in this dilemma if you will) agree on what constitutes the public good. 

Here is my response to this article.

Dear Dr. Feemster, the New York Times, and anyone else who thinks I don’t have a right to (un)vaccinate my child:

I am sorry to hear that you deem a parent’s choice of whether or not to vaccinate with so little regard. Need I refer you to the United States Constitution where it has been decided and upheld by the United States Supreme Court on numerous occasions that parents’ have the right to the care, custody, and control of their children, freedom to rear their children without  government interference, the freedom of expression and religion, freedom of privacy, and protection under the first, ninth, and 14th amendments. The right to raise my child as I see fit and the right to decide what I do and do not put into my body or my child’s is a fundamental right granted to me as a citizen of the United States of America. (See Prince v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Wisconsin v. Yoder, Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur, Pierce v. Society of Sisters, Meyer v. Nebraska,  City of Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health Inc., Thornburgh v. American College of Obstetricians and GynecologistsStanley v Illinois, Quilloin v. Walcott, Parham v. J. R, etc.) 

You claim that personal and philosophical exemptions should be curtailed because of those who cannot medically receive vaccines. What about those of us who are subjected to virus shedding on a daily basis by those individuals who have chosen to vaccinate? What about those of us vaccinated or not, who have gotten sick as a result of vaccine-induced outbreaks of whooping cough, measles, and meningitis? What about the billions of dollars we sink into healthcare every year to cover the rising costs associated with the surge of childhood diseases, all of which are listed as side-effects on the vaccine inserts and have increased as the number of vaccines on the child immunization schedule have increased? What about the vaccine-injured children? Should we not be worried about protecting our children from the serious and sometimes debilitating vaccine-induced conditions? Are my religious freedoms not protected when it comes to vaccinations? Is my educated opinion that vaccines are harmful to the human body of less value than yours? What about the millions of Americans and medical professionals who think the same?

You state that vaccines are safe and effective but as a member of the scientific and healthcare community I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. You see, vaccines are not research effective because they are not subjected to double-blind placebo controlled studies using a saline solution that is the standard for evidence-based medicine. Vaccinations are tested against other vaccinations, adjuvants, and complex vaccinations – this not only yields inaccurate results but altered and inaccurate safety data. How can you know if something is truly safe if it is not tested against a placebo?

“Vaccines are safe and effective. The significant reduction in illness and death from vaccine-preventable diseases is testimony to how well they work.”

You claim vaccines are safe. Have you read the package inserts, studies, or checked out the VAERS database lately? If you had, you would see side-effects like these: (Boostrix – Tdap) blood and lymphatic system disorders, immune system disorders, myocarditis, nervous system disorders, convulsions, seizures, encephalitis (brain swelling), facial palsy, skin disorders; (Pediarix IPV + DTaP + Hep B) Sudden infant death (SIDS), death, seizures, meningitis, paralysis, anaphylactic shock, encephalitis, skin and tissue disorders; (Chicken pox / Varicella) eczema, vaccine-strain chicken pox, lower respiratory infections, seizures, encephalitis, cerebrovascular accident, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Bell’s palsy, aseptic meningitis, pneumonia; (Merck’s Hep-B) Guillain-Barré Syndrome, ringing in the ears, multiple sclerosis, myelitis including transverse myelitis, seizure, febrile seizure, peripheral neuropathy including Bell’s Palsy, herpes zoster, migraine, arthritis. Merck’s MMR vaccine insert is laughable. And I quote,

“Measles, mumps, and rubella are three common childhood diseases, caused by measles virus, mumps virus (paramyxoviruses), and rubella virus (togavirus), respectively, that may be associated with serious complications and/or death. For example, pneumonia and encephalitis are caused by measles. Mumps is associated with aseptic meningitis, deafness and orchitis; and rubella during pregnancy may cause congenital rubella syndrome in the infants of infected mothers.”

Assuming for a moment that the MMR vaccine actually works, the above sounds pretty good…until you get to the bottom of the insert where you see that the vaccine is associated with the same side-effects of the disease it’s designed to prevent:

Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability, vasculitis, pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; parotitis; nausea, diabetes mellitus, thrombocytopenia, purpura, regional lymphadenopathy; leukocytosis, anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions have been reported as well as related phenomena such as angioneurotic edema, arthritis, myalgia, athralgia, encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.”

I’m sorry, I’m vaccinating against a rash that has a less chance of causing death than you falling out your bedroom window, being struck by lightening, and drowning in a puddle, so that I can increase my child’s chance of getting one of the side-effects listed above? No thanks. I don’t gamble (especially with those odds). That’s not safe or effective.

And of course, all of these inserts say the same thing: “This list includes serious events or events which have causal connection to components of this or other vaccines or drugs. Because these events are reported voluntarily, from a population of uncertain size, it is not possible to reliably estimate their frequency or establish a causal relationship to the vaccine.”

Does this seem like evidence-based medicine to you? Do you think this pharmaceutical company can’t establish a causal relationship between vaccinations and side-effects because of the poor manner in which they conduct their studies (and because they do not want to insinuate fault)? As a parent, don’t you think the wisest thing to do is to make sure these substances are held to the highest testing and safety standards before they’re injected into children? Are you really making me choose between a measles rash and brain encephalitis?

And I love how the package insert insinuates that the vaccine some how played a role in eradicating measles, mumps, and rubella:

“For measles, 894,134 cases reported in 1941 compared to 288 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.97% decrease in reported cases; for mumps, 152,209 cases reported in 1968 compared to 840 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.45% decrease in reported cases; and for rubella, 57,686 cases reported in 1969 compared to 200 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.65% decrease.”

I find this correlation (that the vaccine eradicated or reduced these illnesses) interesting especially because the first measles vaccine wasn’t even put on the market until 1963. So we have twenty years unaccounted for here and the actual data shows a stark decline in mortality of measles before the vaccine was introduced. Isn’t that convenient? The same is true for polio, pertussis, diphtheria, and the rest. (Here’s a good read on that). 


us-deaths-1900-1965av seminar0038
Vaccines did not eradicate these diseases. Quarantine programs, sanitation, clean living conditions, and clean water did. If you look at how these viruses are transmitted (dirty water, poop, unpasteurized milk from infected cows, etc.) and the time frame during which these diseases actually decreased you’ll see this occurred during a time in both Britain and United States History where our society became more industrialized as a whole and access to clean water, clean food, and public health services drastically improved. But we’ll just pretend that the high prevalence of these diseases in other parts of the world like Africa and India have nothing to do with the fact that there are millions of people living in poverty without access to clean living conditions or water. 

But wait, what about whooping cough?
Not only was the mortality rate practically nonexistent before the introduction of the pertussis vaccine, the actual prevalence of pertussis was relatively unaffected by the vaccine until 2003-2004 when the outbreaks doubled. Of course this was attributed to “better diagnostic and reporting methods” which is code for “the new vaccine we created to replace the old vaccine has failed miserably and has made the vaccinated asymptomatic carriers that can infect anyone in the population…Oops.”  I know, the unvaccinated are easy scapegoats but according to the science, we’re not the carriers causing the outbreaks here. 

The Era of Chronic Disease
I have to agree with your article, we are fortunate to live in an era where we rarely see polio, small pox, diphtheria, and other major illnesses. I certainly am not a fan of paralytic polio or any sickness for that matter – what parent is? But to say that these diseases are “vaccine-preventable” or that the vaccine eradicated these illnesses is a stretch at best (you can look at other countries who have comparable vaccination rates and see the failures here).

Do you really think that the increase in chronic disease in this country has nothing to do with the massive amount of vaccines being shoved at the American people? If you can’t see the correlation…please read the vaccine inserts here

No, what I see around me is a new generation of disease. We have a 1 in 50 autism rate – the highest in history and of any other country. We have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, eczema, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, birth defects, psoriasis, food allergies, thyroid conditions, and outbreaks of vaccine-strain disease like pertussis, measles, shingles, and mumps. Does this seem like a win to you?

Ask any parent with an autistic child if they’d rather choose a simple fever and rash that lasts for 3-5 days that gives their child life-time immunity or the life-long condition of autism (which is listed as an adverse reaction on page 11 of the Tripedia DTaP insert which is now discontinued, but not before millions of children were injected). I think WE as PARENTS owe it to our children to make sure these vaccines, with absolute certainty, do not cause these diseases before we inject anything and everything into our children on a whim. Oh, but how can we do that when vaccines are not research effective?

Herd immunity does not exists when it comes to vaccines. 
Herd immunity is this concept that a certain percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to eradicate a disease. Herd immunity does not exist with vaccines and here’s why:

Herd immunity only applies to those diseases that are naturally derived that confer lifetime immunity. Vaccine manufactures promise to introduce an antigen. They do not promise that the antigen will initiate an antibody response (e.g. MMR vaccine insert). Even if there is an antibody response the doesn’t mean one will have immunity and if they do, immunity is temporary (up to 4-10 years). Chicken pox vaccine gives immunity for “unknown duration” but no more than 10 years, MMR is unknown, Pertussis “protection” is a joke, Hep B is a maximum of seven.

So my child could get the simple childhood chicken pox as a child and have lifetime protection, or she could get vaccinated, get sick anyway (by chicken pox or one of the many other diseases associated with the vaccine), have only temporary (if any) immunity, and increase her chances by 50% of getting shingles as an adult?

But wait, I should be happy that my infant is at least getting some protection from the mean hepatitis B that is transmitted via sex and dirty needles. I was really worried about that one. Good thing she’ll get another booster when she starts school to prevent that risky kindergarten behavior.

So we have a bunch of vaccinated people out there who may or may not have developed antibodies and if they have, will have “worn off” in a period of days, months, or years. How many people in their 30s and 40s do you know who have been vaccinated lately? Why do we not see these “vaccine preventable” outbreaks in this age group? Why are the outbreaks occurring among the most heavily vaccinated population and in the vaccinated themselves? And is it safe to get continuous boosters of these vaccines throughout the course of one’s life? Has anyone done a study on the long-term effects of repeated vaccines? What about the accumulation of heavy metals like mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum that have an affinity to the brain and intestines and accumulate in toxic levels in the body? What about the DNA of the cells (of aborted fetuses and animals) and its ability to interact with our own?

Don’t you think these are questions that need to be answered before we go “curtailing” a person’s exemption rights?

Dr. Feemster, please let me tell you why I as a parent and educated individual have chosen not to vaccinate my children:
Vaccines have not been proven safe. They are not effective. They have not eradicated any diseases. They cause illness including the ones they are designed to prevent. They cause viruses to mutate and strains of what were simple childhood diseases to become more virulent. Vaccines assault the immune system, contain additives that are deemed harmful and toxic by the EPA and FDA, and are responsible for the most recent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, and meningitis. The CDC’s response to their failed vaccine? Get more boosters because somehow getting more of something that didn’t work in the first place is logical.

My decision to “unvaccinate” my child in no way affects your children or anyone else’s children. If anything we should protect the people who cannot be vaccinated from children who are, since many of the vaccines cause virus shedding for six weeks or more. In addition, my unvaccinated child does not put anyone else’s vaccinated child at risk. If their child is vaccinated then shouldn’t they be protected?

And finally, please tell me how my child, who has never has measles, whooping cough, (or any other sickness for that matter) is responsible for the recent outbreaks of these diseases – in the almost exclusively vaccinated population no less. Blaming an unvaccinated child for the spread of a disease they’ve never had on a population that is almost entirely vaccinated is like you blaming a random person’s cat in Oklahoma for the grey hair you found on your head. Exactly. It’s ridiculous at best.

Until doctors receive training in medical school on the subject of vaccinations (that goes beyond the viewing of a child’s picture in a third world country who has the rarest and worst case of polio known to man), and start reading the package inserts, educating patients on the potential risks, are knowledgeable on the history and “science” of vaccines, and are willing to accept the liability for my child becoming injured as a result of what comes through the needle…I will always…ALWAYS…question my doctor.

Until the media stops promoting agendas from financial backers, I’ll question them too. And until a pharmaceutical company decides to properly research the product they’re promoting and puts the welfare of the people over the buck, I’ll question them too.

Until vaccines are properly tested, proven to be safe, proven to work, not exempt from liability, free of harmful additives, and proven to be incapable of harming my child…I will not be vaccinating. And as a parent and citizen of the United States, as an individual who has done their research, as a professional married to a physician – it is my right to say no. For the sake of the “public good,” let’s start asking questions. You don’t have to have a degree to read a package insert or to understand what it says.

Until then, hands off our exemptions.


  1. Ellen says

    I am a parent who chose to vaccinate my children, mostly (we declined Gardasil). However, I absolutely stand by a parent’s right to make that choice for their child(ren). For that reason I appreciate your article.

    However I feel the need to correct you on one point: the Constitution does NOT specifically guarantee parents any rights. I am continually hearing parents claim that they have rights under the Constitution when they do not. Hence the movement for adding a parental rights amendment to our Constitution (see parentalrights.org).

    People need to be aware that any right protected under the Constitution can be usurped if our nation adopts any international treaties. This is especially vital to understand since the United Nations currently poses a serious threat to our Constitutional rights. The UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and ESPECIALLY the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) are of greatest concern in that they remove basic rights from parents and put the government in control when it comes to deciding what is best for children. The parental rights amendment addresses those issues, as well, and its passage is absolutely crucial if we, as parents, want to retain our rights to raise our children as we feel best.

    The choice to vaccinate is just one element of a parent’s rights. ALL parental rights need to be protected.

    Also, I am always very surprised that, while people defend their right not to vaccinate their children and especially not to have the government force it upon them, no one is addressing how the government is already forcing ‘vaccines’ on us in our water supply by making us drink fluoride involuntarily.

    When our community started adding fluoride to our drinking water years ago, we stopped drinking our tap water and started drinking fluoride-free bottled water, just to retain our freedom from government-mandated medication. If they can force prescription medication on us just to protect teeth of all things, then of course the government feels it’s okay to force vaccines in general upon us. It’s already being done and the public has accepted it. Why should this be any different?

    Just a few thoughts to consider…

    • Aj says

      just curious, what would you do if your child when older, lets say 13 or 15, does some research and decides they want a certain vaccine? how are you going to handle that? you cannot say this is impossible. children are unpredictable. Children after a certain age should also have a say in their healthcare decisions. I feel the same with the Jehovah Witness community. If a medical professional team during an emergency is confident that a blood transfusion would save their child’s life and there are ZERO options, time is running out, that 4 year old may want to live but unable to voice their opinion and that should be forced upon the parents.Denying their child a right to live is horrible and abusive. When they are an adult or older enough, they can deny treatment, and some cases have upheld that but where do you draw the line? You take a very strong stance against vaccines, but your children may want otherwise. WIll you deny them that? Vaccines are obviously different from blood transfusions, but where do you draw the line? I’m not saying they should be mandatory, but it’s food for thought.

      • Aj says

        Sorry my comment was directed at the general agurement of the blog, not another commentor. But to the other commentor, some parents when making decisions that involve life and death, the state should interfere. If your child is dying of blood poision and you are religiously against anti-biotics but anti-biotics will save them, until your child is 18, or old enough to think for themselves, it SHOULD be illegal to deny them treatment. They might want to live. This is the same agurement pro-lifers use, that the child’s life is important and they should not be aborted. Well that baby which is here now and not aborted, we should care about them enough to interfere when medically necessary. If the parent is refusing a life saving treatment that a team of drs is convinced will save their life and the refusing treatment will kill them, the state needs to get involved. Babies have no voice but adults and government officials do. Those same people against abortions and against a parents right to “Choose death” for the unborn should be all for the government interfering when parents are “choosing death” by denying life saving medical treatments.

        • Ellen says

          Aj said, “If the parent is refusing a life saving treatment that a team of drs is convinced will save their life and the refusing treatment will kill them, the state needs to get involved.”

          But even a team of doctors can make a mistake, as in the Parker Jensen case:


          This case is the perfect illustration of how doctors can get it wrong, and that parents do indeed know what is best, even though being right completely destroyed their lives.

          Or what about the reverse? What if a team of doctors decides the child should NOT live, regardless of the parents’ wishes? That will never happen, you say? Wrong. It is happening already.

          Read about Belgium, a country that has embraced the CRC and doesn’t believe handicapped infants should be allowed to live:


          Note the last two paragraphs: “Euthanasia is currently permitted on infants and more than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are 12 months old have been killed by deliberate medical intervention.

          “In 16 per cent of cases parental consent was not considered.”

          I personally believe this attitude of killing less-than-perfect babies stems from the callous acceptance of killing babies before they are born. And from government and doctors usurping the rights of parents to decide what is best for their child(ren).

          But what about abusive parents. Abuse can be found everywhere, not just among parents. Abuse is found in schools, day cares, the internet, etc. The existence of abuse does not negate the rights of good parents just as its existence does not negate the good that schools provide, etc.

          Preserving parental rights does not justify parental abuse, nor does it support abuse. And preserving parental rights isn’t just about preserving the rights of religious parents. It’s about preserving the rights of ALL parents. It’s about preserving YOUR rights to raise your child the way you feel you should, even if those around you disagree with your beliefs or parenting style.

          That means that if you want to raise your child as an atheist, that’s your right. If you want to raise your child as a vegetarian, that’s your right. If you want to raise your child in a certain religion, that’s your right. It is also your right to make medical decisions for your child, even if they’re teenagers.

          Will parents get it right every time? Of course not. But neither will any government bureaucracy or team of doctors or village. And they don’t love a child the way a good parent does. No one will care MORE about the overall well-being of a child than a loving, responsible parent, regardless of their belief system. Hence the need for protecting parental rights, whether or not you agree with vaccinating your own child.

    • says

      Just filled it out. Thanks for the heads-up! Let’s see what the NYTimes does with this info… they have not been particularly responsible with the issue, so I am not expecting much.

  2. Jhana says

    This essay comes from a VERY privileged position of living in a western culture where these diseases have largely been eradicated because of vaccines taken by generations before us. Take your argument to 3rd world countries where newborns die from Cholera and Dengue, and where people still die from Tetanus (believe me, you would BEG me to kill you faster if you had tetanus)-these people would consider you to be insane to turn away protection from a potentially deadly disease. It isn’t just about measles and polio. There are a lot of vaccine preventable diseases we don’t even see here anymore but are rampant around the world-why is that..I wonder….

    Take a moment to consider the fact that in YOUR lifetime you have not felt the urgent need to be vaccinated because these diseases are no longer prevalent. They’re not in your face. THAT is a very privileged place to be. I imagine you might have a very different perspective if you were living in the middle of a Polio outbreak, or your first 3 children died from cholera, which happened to someone I know. Recently. Once they had access to vaccine, her 4th child survived.

    You can go on and on about neuro toxins and mercury and autism and vaccine injured, and for funzies let’s say that those things are true. You do understand the concept of risk benefit, right? This is the common sense blog, as you say. Let’s say 1,000 kids are vaccinated, and 2 have an adverse reaction. Risk vs. benefit sides with the vaccine. Sometimes in a society we have to make decisions like that. You know, so it can thrive and whatnot. YOU AND YOUR SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE CHILDREN ARE PART OF SOCIETY. Entire populations were wiped out by diseases we can now prevent. You would like to come up with all sorts of explanations-ANYTHING but a vaccine. We’re cleaner! (seriously???) Herd immunity is false!

    Next thing you know, you’re going to tell us climate change isn’t real and the big bang never happened. Because you see, it’s all of a piece. If you believe in the big bang and climate change and evolution, than you trust that some people know more than you do. If you go to the doctor when you’re sick, you are trusting that she knows more than you. When you go to a mechanic to fix your car, you’re doing the same. But not when it comes to vaccines. You, a blogger, know much more about vaccinations than the thousands of scientists who make it their life’s work to study them. THEIR LIFE’S WORK. Your life’s work is a blog. Reading alternative health websites as “research”and listing tables is not the same as studying vaccinations in a lab for 20 years and doesn’t make you an expert on vaccines. Have you conducted research studies? Did you work in a vaccine lab? Are you a health care worker on the front lines? No. You decided that someone’s story is enough to convince you that vaccines are dangerous. Even if those stories pan out, again, MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people get vaccinated. The risk of a bad outcome is so low it’s stupid. You have a better chance of being hit by lighting-twice. in the same spot. You are millions of times more likely to be injured in a car accident than from a vaccine, even if ALL of the VERS were true. Which they are not. Yet you take that risk, driving, every day.

    So Jenny McCarthy, a playboy model turned MENSA level neuro-scientist overnight, told you her son once had THIS THING happen to him so you know, science! A doctor once conducted a study of 9 children and found that …wait for it….in the end none of them had autism anyway. Did we mention that he stood to make money from lawsuits if the children were found to have adverse affects? No? No one told you guys? No way! And you accuse us of working for “Big Pharma”. (who is that, btw. I could use a raise). He was working for “BIG LAWYERS”. Yet somehow, this is what you choose to listen to. Not the experts. Not the thousands of peer reviewed (not sponsored by drug company) studies on thousands of people looking very very hard for adverse effects. Believe me, they look. IF they found a link to autism, don’t you think they’d be excited? They’d be friggin famous! EVERYONE wants to know what causes autism now. It’s the fucking holy grail of medical research. The cause du jour. Trust me, no one is hiding it from you on purpose.

    But none of this means anything to you. I mean, you don’t live in a 3rd world country so you won’t get cholera. You must not know anyone with a disease like leukemia who could die from contracting measles or pertussis. Clearly you don’t know anyone with an infant who you might expose to such a disease. If so, you couldn’t possibly be this selfish. What you must be is in a bubble. It’s the only explanation for how you could be so self-centered and single minded. So please, stay there. The rest of us will go along, happily inoculated against HPV and Tetanus. Let us face the consequences. We’re glad to do so. But, you do understand that we don’t want you around, don’t you? So yeah, no exemptions. Stay out of my kids’ school. Stay out of their playgrounds. Their museums, their airports, their restaurants. Just stay in that bubble, please

    Soon enough we’ll probably have mandatory vaccinations down the road like other countries do anyway. The government relied on us to be smart enough to not need to be forced. They saw full well how amazing vaccinations are and, stupidly, assumed the rest of us would too. Clearly they were overly optimistic.

    Go ahead-fight as hard as you can. But in the end, we all lose. You’ll lose when you and your kids start coming down and dying from with these diseases. Society will lose when our sickest and youngest start dying from these diseases. Again. And the diseases will win because we’ll be giving them host after host in which to replicate and arm themselves against the drugs that kill them. Good times are ahead.

    • Kathy Sincere says

      Megan –

      I love your site. Each article you do is better than the last. Thank you for your intelligent writing. Question: why do you keep putting up this tripe from pharma internet trolls. Keep your forum for the people who hold to the principles of vaccine testing, vaccine safety, and freedom of choice in vaccination. It’s bad enough to listen to the evening news each night about “the measles outbreak”. Then keep involved with the issues regarding vaccine freedom in each State. I don’t want to read “Jhana”. All these trolls can bring up is Jenny McCarthy. If you want to be insulting and abusive, “Jhana”, at least be a little creative.

      • says

        Hi Kathy, Thank you. I do not post even half of the comments that are submitted to this blog. There are 4,000 comments sitting in my trash bin. They are horrible, hateful, intolerant, immature, full of profanity, and disrespectful. Comments from known trolls are also not approved. At the same time I have a comment policy and I try to abide by it even if I don’t agree with a person’s viewpoint.

    • says

      Jeez, Jhana, you must be out of breath with that post…too bad you wasted it.
      Children’s lives and well-being should not be components in your cold, callous cost-benefit analysis. This is a twisted way of looking at the issue.
      If a child you loved ever ended up in the ‘cost’ column, you would do a total 180.
      I though I knew every crunchy term- but, pray tell, what is a snowflake child and how do I raise one? Sounds interesting!

      • A Nonny Moouse says

        It’s a fact of life. If a there’s a choice between introducing a medicine that might kill 5 children but would save 10,000 children, can you REALLY make the argument that we shouldn’t risk the 5 children and thereby DOOM 10,00 kids!? It SUCKS, but it’s the way to ensure the majority of the children are saved so a parent doesn’t have to go through the heartbreak of losing a child.

    • Christie says

      Cholera is water borne…..we don’t vaccinate against it and pretty much the best prevention is water purification. So perhaps we should teach people how to clean water. Pertussis is now known to mostly be caused by a faulty vaccine. The measles vaccine sheds for 4-6 weeks exposing everyone around the newly vaccinated person potentially to measles….

      So my special snowflake of a child should be injured potentially life threateningly so that your special snowflake can avoid an illness with a .02 chance of serious complication?

    • MZ says

      Thumbs up, Megan! That’s called laconic answer. Tree words and MotherPhd smothered and phded and all her teatric demagoguery falls apart

    • tom woolf says

      Well, it stands to reason that such a long winded diatribe of utterly useless nonsense would wind up with a statement that defies logic. “If you don’t vaccinate your kid then all the kids that are vaccinated will be at risk.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but, if you’re vaccinated then aren’t you “protected”? All the points you made were street rubbish. You need to drop your emotional response and do some digging for the truth yourself. I am assuming the study involving 9 children is a reference to Andrew Wakefield’s study. That was actually 11 kids. All the charges were just that, charges, not facts. The fact is all the charges were dismissed and he was fully exonerated by the British High Court a year and a half ago. You have a lot of catching up to do my friend. And, yes, all successful vaccine programs are implemented concurrent with a strict hygiene program. All the communicable diseases that you think vaccines had a role in curing were already on their way out according to records provided by ……………………the C.D.C. They are great at sticking their own foot in their own mouth. Have you heard of any of the C.D.C. whistle blowers that blow the lid off of the MMR vaccine? There are over 100 shared symptoms between autism and mercury poisoning. In 1996 there was a 1 in 10000 chance of autism. Now it is 1 in 32. That rise mirrors the rise in the vaccine rate. They are no longer made of the same stuff and the schedule is 3 to 4 times more frequent than the old days. We are in the middle of a pitched battle. We are being experimented on without our permission.
      Suggested reading:
      “Flu: the great pandemic of 1918.” by Gina Kolata
      “Bechamp or Pasteur” by Ethel D. Hume
      “Immunization: the reality behind the myth” by Walene James
      “The Age of Autism” by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill
      The bottom line is you are never going to convince me of the health benefits of Mainling some of the most toxic substance known to man, i.e. mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, msg, etc.
      Happy Reading

    • tom woolf says

      I forgot to mention a couple of things. Do you actually think it “just” to separate possible criminal actions in the murky underworld of the vaccine industry from other crimes to the point of the creation of a separate court system? Really? That’s what happened in 1986. Guess who is running these courts. You guessed it, personnel directly linked to Big Pharma. Do you think it a coincidence that all of this came to pass just before they initiated the big vaccine drive that goes on to this day? A friend’s son was severely damaged by vaccines. His case actually made it all the way to vaccine court. He submitted a preponderance of evidence showing a causal link between vaccines and autism. The court dismissed it. They said, “we already know that vaccines cause autism. What we are here to discuss is whether it did so in your son’s case.” I feel that statement pretty much puts all the speculation to rest. AUTISM IS A RESULT OF VACCINES. Just ask the folks at vaccine court. They don’t call it autism over there. They call it encephalopathy. Research everything I have said and correct me where I am wrong. I would appreciate that.

      • says

        Thanks for the rationally presented post. It starkly contrasts the vitriol that preceded it. The vicious rants against choice only galvanize the pro-choice crowd, which represent 78% of our our society, according to a Fox poll. That’s the core issue; hopefully that will be the point on which we can all agree. I know, I know, some feel my choice makes me some kind of a murderer… I have faith that attitude represents only a small portion of our society.

    • Thomas says

      jhana, you overlook many facts in favor of an emotional response.
      Vaccines are a profit center not a health product.
      They don’t infer complete immunity, only temporary (if at all).
      Parent’s children are being vaccine damaged all over the world. (The US VAERS database proves it)
      There is no COMPLETE immunity from disease. Disease will NEVER be irradicated.
      The cost effective ratio can only be used until your child is one that is sacrificed.
      You will have little help if they are damaged. Doctor denial about vaccine damage is paramount.

      Both my son’s had severe excema and one almost died from asthma due to vaccinations. Thankfully they both are “OK” today. There are a multitude of natural anti-microbials that kill virus, bacterial or fungus caused diseases. One of the most effective and least expensive is MMS (chlorine dioxide). Educate yourself on it and keep some on hand. It costs 2 cents per dose. I had used colloidal silver prior to finding MMS and CS worked every time my sons had a bacterial or viral infection. They recovered in one to two days. Its truly is a blessing these are available. I learned about these supplements when the standard medical treatments were providing no relief.

      My wife has never had a vaccine. She grew up on a ranch in Matamoros, Mexico with a family of 10 and today she is 57. Their living conditions were definitely poor. She never got sick a day in the 27 years I have known her. She said as a child she was not sick either. Neither was her brothers and sisters. Same goes for today. They are all healthy. I had 4 -5 vaccinations as a child (born 1958) and throughout my life I have never gotten sick, had the flu or have headaches or colds. We do not need vaccines to stay healthy. We need strong immune systems.

      Today’s world is toxic and lacking nutritional support. But even so things like MMS can take care of
      ANY microbe attacking the body as soon as it occurs. I have seen it firsthand and I am living proof.

  3. Renee Momvocate says

    Thank you and BRAVO! Read every word and enjoyed the comment debate.

    SIGNED: Mom of a vaccine injured child December 2002. Dr.s and Nurses have no earthy idea how to identify or treat a vaccine injury: “Sorry about your luck” and here’s your ticket to a shit-useless-load of psych labels because your childs’ physical symtoms are all in your head and if you (Momma) push too hard we’ll take (CPS) your kid and prescribe two jumbo zip lock bags full of $$$$$ psych drugs. Educate b4 u vaccinate! Better, don’t put that toxic mystery crap into your precious babies.

  4. M says

    I think you might want to look at Commonwealth v. Johnson. The Supreme Court decided in 1905 that mandatory vaccines are constitutional when they protect the public health. That case, which says that “it was the duty of the constituted authorities primarily to keep in view the welfare, comfort, and safety of the many and not permit the interests of the many to be subordinated to the wishes or convenience of the few,” is still good law.

    • Mary says

      Much has changed insofar as public health since 1905. I don’t need to remind you that the majority of ‘diseases’ declined substantially BEFORE vaccines came on the market per CDC graphs from the early to mid-1900’s from better sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, etc. What can be argued w/much merit is that vaccines do NOT ‘protect the public health’…never have, never will.

      Common sense dictates that injecting a neuro-toxic and carcinogenic slew of chemicals and heavy metals will NEVER confer immunity, period! It’s akin to blood-letting which was in vogue at one time and heavily lauded, although it was never proven that it provided any benefit and ultimately went by the wayside when it was realized how crazy and dangerous such a procedure was. The same can be said and will be said about vaccines when they are finally realized for what they are…an ineffective, dangerous, immune-damaging concoction that medical quacks have promoted for strictly profits, bottom line, all in the name of ‘public health.’ Caveat emptor!

      • David says

        The history of US medicine shows that the allopathic doctors who have poisoned us with the vaccines pushed the bloodletting and heavy metals throughout the 19th C and lost the argument to the people. IN a free exchange–THEY lost the argument. The same people have conspired to control the argument today and this is surely not because they have any scientific advantage or proof, only the power to poison using in fact same style of medicine that was defeated in the 19th C.

        They succeed today ONLY because they have created monopoly medicine which sides against any perceived debate. The solution therefore is medical freedom and the end of a system that offers one point of view–a toxic one–and disallows other opinion.

  5. says

    My two child had never been vax and are the two little healthiest children around. We live in a poor black community and you should see the doctors face around here when we tell them no vax for us. It’s tough in NY but our daughter attend a Christian school and never had any problems. I agree with the writer it’s simply about “choice”. If freedom of choice is taken away from us than we are in big trouble.

    • Mary says

      So glad you are holding your own and refusing to allow your precious children to be inoculated w/neuro-toxic and carcinogenic chemicals via vaccines. My own children, now in their early 20’s, have never had one $hot and are among the healthiest of children. An admitting nurse for over 37 yrs at Denver Health hospital told me that in all her yrs as a nurse, that the healthiest children she ever saw and admitted were those who were NOT vaccinated. She did not even allow her own children to be vaccinated and they are adults now and are very healthy which she attributes to organic food and a healthy lifestyle, but most important she said was not to poison their system w/vaccines of which few people inquire as to what is contained on an insert label…go figure…

      • hlang says

        Interestingly enough, lots of children who never wore seatbelts or used car seats are extremely healthy. You won’t be meeting the ones who were killed in car accidents.

        • MZ says

          Seatbelts do not have mercury, cancerous DNA, contaminating viruses and up to 80 other carsinogens and neurotoxic materials in them. The logic you are trying to use is often demonstrated by pharma shills on many discussion boards and even by pharma employed officials in their replies to parents.

          The seatbelt “logic” they use can go like this: vaccines have water, water can not be toxic in small quantities; therefore vaccines are safe. It is not a joke. This is a copy of official letter from Britain’s governments’ toxicologist to a parent inquiring about toxic substances in vaccines

          “The statement as provided deals specifically with the capacity of the infant immune system to respond to multiple antigens. It was not a calculation of the responses to other ingredients in vaccines such as water which is well known to be toxic to humans in large quantities. The statement should not be misinterpreted to imply inferences for which it was not intended.

          Yours sincerely

          Professor David Salisbury
          MB BS, FRCP, FRCPCH, FFPH.

          The statement discussed was infamous Offit’s statement that the child can besafely injected with 10 000 vaccines”
          British government declared that the statement is true and can be used as a guidance in their vaccination efforts. Their scientists didn’t even had common sense to calculate that 10 000 vaccines is 5 liters of toxic poison (more than volume of blood in a child!)

          It is hard to believe that people who is responsible for Public Health policy can have this level of (un)intelligence and be so unscroupulous but the whole correspondence is here


    • olia says

      They have not had problems precisely because enough of their peers have been vaccinated, so they are protected by herd immunity (despite what the author claims). Please notice that the current measles outbreak in California is happening in that particular area because that area has an unusually high rate of vaccine refusal. Approximately 90% of non-vaccinated people who are exposed to measles will contract it, which is why it’s currently spreading so quickly in that region.

      • says

        California has the average rate of vaccination as the rest of the nation, according to CDC data (mmwr reports). Read those reports instead of believing all the mainstream media 90-second stories, who, by the way, is financially supported by pharma and would be hesitant to cut off the hand that feeds them. The lowest rate of vaccination is in West Virginia. Shouldn’t all the outbreaks be in WV? When I first decided to forgo vaccines, friends and family both looked at me crooked. Now, ten years later, they are all on board. All I said to the them was, “Read what I have read. And start with the CDC data. End with the CDC data, if you like. It’s all there.”
        You will not convince anyone who has turned their back on vaccines to come back to the fold of ignorance and hyperbole statistics. And you will never, ever take away my choice.

  6. says

    Thank you for another excellent and very comprehensive post! I find it incredibly disturbing that parents are losing their rights when it comes to vaccines and other health-related issues; and adults are losing their right to hold certain jobs or attend certain colleges and universities unless they submit to state-mandated vaccinations.

    As an “older” mother of three daughters — ages 36, 34 and 25, I was selective about the vaccines my daughters received, especially in the case of my youngest who was born at a time when the vaccine schedule was on the rise and I had done extensive research. When she started school in the early 1990’s in the state of Pennsylvania, I was able to obtain a “Religious Exemption” based on “a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.”) That exemption was honored throughout her elementary, middle and high school years. She attended college in Vermont where her exemption from further vaccines was upheld. Now at age 25, she has lost her exemption rights.

    Next month, my daughter will start law school — on a part time basis — in the state of New Jersey — “the #1 vaccination jurisdiction in the entire world.” She will attend class two to four hours per night, four nights per week at a private university. Her class will consist of approximately 35 people. She will NOT be living on campus or in student housing; however she is required — by state law — to show proof of vaccines for MMR, Tetanus, and if she takes 12 credits or more (which will not be the case in her first year) the Hepatitis B series. My primary concern — at least for now — is the MMR. I have read the Merck “prescribing information” in detail and the facts you point out in your post are all there.

    Can you or other readers offer any suggestions? I share this too, so that other readers will understand and take action to help change the laws that are rapidly eliminating or severely restricting our legal rights for vaccine exemptions. To learn more about this issue, visit http://www.nvic.org and read “Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law.”

      • says

        Rita . . . thank you so much for your encouraging reply and the link. I will pursue your suggestion. I have received advice from another source that also felt that our religious exemption might be upheld. I was originally told that a religious exemption would only be upheld in NJ if you were part of an “organized” religion that opposed vaccines; and as catholics, that is not the case. Just yesterday, July 4th — a day that we celebrate freedom — I created a “Vaccine Choice Prayer Community” on FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/vaccinechoiceprayercommunity/. It is still in it’s infancy, but I am hopeful that as others learn about it, join and pray together for vaccine choice, our combined prayers and energy will move mountains! Rita, I invite you and others to join. Perhaps you can help me spread the word. I will be creating a website soon. Thank you again . . . God bless and take care . . . Jeanette

        • says

          Jeanette, my heart goes out to you. However, do not give up, there are other ways to go about it. I would fight tooth and nail to exempt your daughter from these dangerous shots. There are now attorneys specializing in vaccine matters, maybe you could consult one. Also, there is a possibility that your daughter already has immunity from measles, mumps and rubella. Your blood can be drawn and TITERS can be checked for each of these diseases. I did this for my daughter when entering college and she was immuned to all. After a vaccine injury with MMR at 15 months, she was immuned at 19 years old to all three. You can show proof of titers from a lab as a substitute for getting the shots. Good luck, God bless.


          • says

            Dear Penny . . . thank you so much for your kind and very helpful reply. Thanks to Rita’s comment and to help from Megan and a few other resources, I have learned more about religious exemptions and NJ laws regarding vaccines, so I feel more optimistic about the possibility of our religious exemption being honored. Of course, now that my daughter is 25, it must be her request for the exemption and no longer mine on her behalf. She has not done the research that I have done in the past 25-30 years, and it is challenging to give a very busy 25 year old a “crash course” in all the reasons why vaccines are dangerous as well as to help her clearly understand why the ingredients in vaccines and injecting them into our bodies goes against our religious beliefs. I have wondered about having titers checked as a “Plan B.” Since my daughter never received an MMR vaccine or — at least to my knowledge — was never exposed to or developed measles, mumps or rubella, is it possible for her blood work to show titers for those diseases? Could the titers reflected in your daughter’s blood tests at age 19 been the result of the MMR shot she received at 15 months? Do you, Megan or any other readers of this blog have any information or experience with titers? Thanks again. God bless and take care . . . Jeanette

            P.S. Penny, I would like to invite you and other readers concerned about vaccines to join the Vaccine Choice Prayer Community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/vaccinechoiceprayercommunity/. Perhaps if both sides of the vaccine issue join together in prayer, we will protect the rights of those who choose not to vaccinate and find safer vaccines for those who choose to vaccinate. More information and blog at http://www.vaccinechoiceprayercommunity.org.

  7. Anastasia says

    Thank you for this educational and informative article. Best one I have read in a very long time. One that I feel I can refer to when needed. Again, thank you!

  8. says

    The scientific definition of ‘Safe’ is an acceptable level of risk. The public often mistake doctors mentioning ‘safe’ as 100% risk free. There is no such thing, especially in medicine.

  9. Ale says

    That is a great article – comprehensive and covering all bases. Thank you so much!

    I am a mother of 2 year old boy. I had been researching vaccination issue for 2 months after his birth and decided not to vaccinate him. We refused Hep B vaccine in the hospital with no research, just common sense – we asked a nurse how our baby could get Hep B.

    In 2 years of his life my son has had only 3 colds (badly running nose, cough) and nothing else. No fever ever! Each time he would recover with no meds in about 2 weeks. I think it’s pretty great!! Btw, I was breastfeeding him till he turned 19 months.

    But I’d lie if I said I have never worried about my decision not to vaccinate (especially with his pediatric Dr and nurse constantly using scare tactics because of my refusal to vaccinate). I still worry what happens if he gets any of so called “vaccine-preventable” diseases. How would they treat him? How can I make sure it’s in line with my decision not to vaccinate and avoid meds as much as possible? (We can’t afford expensive alternative treatment, since our insurance doesn’t cover it). My new constant worry is how I get him into day-care unvaccinated. NY is notorious for strict scrutiny of religious exemptions. I can’t stay home with him much longer or home-school in future.

    With a new baby on the way, I still believe it is safer to not vaccinate than vaccinate. But the worrying questions above still remain..

    • Kimmy says

      There are a number of good books that will help you stand firm in your commitment. Read “Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Shots “, and “Vaccination is Not Immunization” and “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations”.

    • Darla says

      Also read Dr. Mendelsohn’s “How To Raise A Healthy Child… In Spite of Your Doctor” – it’s old, but has good basic info. Educate yourself about natural health including a “clean” diet low in processed foods; unnatural chemicals; artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors; GMOs; preservatives. Educate yourself about home remedies and *homeopathic* medicine (which is an entirely different system of medicine and does not just mean “natural remedies”) – there are online classes you can take, and a basic homeopathic remedy kit can be bought for about $150 or you can buy individual remedies for a few dollars each and build your own kit over time. Make sure your kids (and you!) have plenty of outdoors play time and keep their vitamin D level up, supplement appropriately, get regular chiropractic care, keep stress low, avoid unnecessary exposure to pathogens (i.e. pediatrician’s office waiting room, recently vaccinated children) but allow them to “exercise” their immune system with “regular” germs i.e. dirt, pets, other healthy kids.

      I have lots of kids, none of them vaxed, from age 2 to 13. When a cold goes through our household, theirs lasts 24-48 hours without treatment (except extra fluids, vitamin C, low sugar, plenty of rest, etc.). I had awful ear infections as a child, to the point that they finally put tubes in and removed my tonsils. None of my kids has ever had NOT ONE ear infection, EVER. Three colds in a 2yo that last 2 weeks seems excessive to me; you might want to have your child’s vitamin D level checked?

      I don’t understand how any state can have strict scrutiny of religious exemptions, when there is supposed to be separation of church and state – even *asking* your religious affiliation is (supposedly) illegal. I’ve never been asked, but my standard answer would be “God created us in His perfect image, including a perfect immune system, and to vaccinate would be to bring God’s perfection into question.” And I’m an atheist. Really I do believe that nature and evolution has created a pretty great system for kids to survive, thrive, and eventually to reproduce – and when I say “God” I mean “Nature”, but “God” is easier for most random bureaucrats to understand. If the state requires you to state specific church affiliation… pick one. I’m pretty sure they can’t test you. If they push it, ask them to provide to you, in writing, proof that what they are even asking is legal. Even better, research the statutes yourself, print out and highlight relevant portions, and present them if asked. Maybe you will never even be asked. As more parents opt out of vaccination, more bureaucrats simply sigh, roll their eyes, and wave you on through. :)

      Private day-cares should have their own policies and might be convinced that your unvaccinated child is not a threat to the vaccinated kids (because if they are vaccinated, they are protected, right?), especially if you offer to keep your kid home in case of illness or an “outbreak”. Ask them. :)

  10. Jay says

    I found out once when I was pregnant that I had low/no immunity to german measles/rubella after getting blood tests to confirm pregnancy/prenatal blood tests done. B/c I was pregnant I couldn’t get the vaccine and I thought well I hope I don’t come across the rare person that has german measles/rubella that never got vaccinated against it. It is rare to get this type of measles in developed countries, but it is possible if people don’t vaccinate. In that case you could hurt others: the pregnant person and her unborn baby-rubella causes fetal defects. Not being vaccinated doesn’t just affect you.

    • says

      Do you understand that the danger to you came not from unvaccinated people ( naturally acquired rubella is very rare no matter if the country vaccinates or doesn’t vaccinate against it)? Those recently vaccinated people , who shed the virus in the week(s) after vaccination, put you at risk.
      Another strange thing in your post: doctors push flu vaccines on pregnant women, why they didn’t offer you rubella vaccine? If you were vaccinated against rubella before, why no antibodies were detected? Is it a prove that rubella vaccine is not effective, at least in your case, when doctors for some reason decided to test for antibodies? Something doesn’t add up here.
      MZ recently posted…40 Days of Raw Food: Day 35 Recap, Bumpers, and ButterfingersMy Profile

      • Kermut says

        Your doctor didn’t give you the rubella vaccine because it is a live attenuated virus, and as such is generally not considered safe to be given during pregnancy. The influenza vaccine on the other hand is made of of (unscientifically) little bits of killed virus and as such has no infective potential, hence why pregnant women can recieve it.

        Your doctors spend decades in education learning to care for you and your children. They would never knowingly put you in harms way. That’s not why they became doctors in the first place.

          • Rhonda says

            Doctors dont spend 20 years in school. they spend 2 in actual school and 2 in residency or internships then they can take test and practice. There bachelors degree can be in any field so you can’t count that. That’s the scary part. I have seen a lot of new grads lately at offices and they are scary. Good thing they are only in general practice. I will always prefer an np for general care over an md or do. Nps have to be an run earn a bachelors in nursing then a masters in nursing then go to np school all while working as an rn. So they by far receive more schooling then a general practitioner. They can run their own practice and prescribe under their own DEA number. unfortunately this post is leading people in the wrong direction. I agree parents have the right to choose what they want to do with their kids. But they do not have the right to put other kids in danger. There is nothing wrong with vaccinating your children. This has been proven time and time again in numerous reputable medical research articles. All the ones that you have cited your research are not truthful. They have not been backed by tons and tons of science as every other medical journal article out there. I encourage parents to do their research. Decide for yourself what you want to do with your children. But don’t be mad when schools refused to allow them into school because they’re not vaccinated. We strive for what is best for the majority of people not for a few uneducated people. Look at the resources that are out there. Always best to go with the majority. This has been proven time and time again over several decades. Look at whats happening out there with the measles. I am a medical professional. I do my research. And I have an immunocompromised son. And I’m saddened by you guys out there that think not vaccinating your children is what is best for you guys. You put my child and every other child with severe issues in jeopardy of their lives. You don’t have a right to do that because you can’t research properly.

        • MZ says

          Just one tiny example of doctor deliberately harming patients:
          out of million(s) cases.
          In my country there was a popular joke:
          One doctor to another looking at the patient: “Will we treat of him, or let him live?”

          For american doctors (the most well paid in the world) there is never a doubt – of course, treat him.
          Never heard doctors’ and nurses’ favorite expression CTD (Circling The Drain)? Next time you see the doctor, open your naive blue eyes wide and ask him what it means.
          Google Justina Pelletier and see other similar cases on MedicalKidnap site – the tip of the iceberg.
          Your doctor and your government love you, Kermut, be sure
          Also, look in the window , there are pigs flying and lobsters are singing on the mountain.

          • quayofsea says

            An unauthorized rubella jab, administered immediately after the birth of my son in the public hospital system here (Western Australia) has caused me a lot of physical (joint) problems. Basically, a nurse assumed I wanted it & jabbed me while I was swallowing water taking some other medication. No questions about whether I was intending to be sexually active, and no consideration of the fact that I was breastfeeding, and that my immune system was in no fit state to receive the contents of an arguably unnecessary vaccine. The paperwork came for me to sign (or not as the case may be) a few days later! I could have complained, but I was a tired, post-caesarean Mum so I decided not to, but was furious that this was possible.

            I don’t think we have as ‘loaded’ a system here in Australia (yet), compared to the USA, where doctors are apparently almost entirely dependent on pharmaceuteutically-driven procedures & a weird medical insurance system for income, but it only takes one pro-vaccine health professional on their high horse for these things to happen, even in a publically-funded system.

  11. parent says

    thank you for wiriting this. this issue is way too polarized by misinformation on both sides, and it is of immeasurable value when someone like yourself maps out the simple logic that leads some people to choose not to vaccinate.

    thank you thank you thank you

  12. Lou Lou Grissman says

    I am not a doctor lover or an advocate for the ridiculous amount and mixture of meds. given to children with some kind of medical problem. It frightens me to see how many children are on serious prescriptions at such an early age, especially the kind that may affect brain development. I do believe doctors are valuable in most black and white type medical emergencies. Not so much with the grey areas. And, this does approach one of those difficult grey areas. But, I have had no real help with the natural practitioners either and feel there is just as many potential problems of abuse arising from that corner. The research can be argued on both sides. Will we ever know the true answer? Probably not because it would require going back into every study, checking every doctor and researcher involved from the beginning. How, can we truly know all the facts since studies can be slightly altered to support any agenda. Many dubious medical practices have been exposed over the years. And, far too much important info. has been hidden. There is a kind of backlash now towards Western medicine in general. And rightly so, because abuses have been discovered although in many cases, far too late. Medicine really is an art more than a science at times. Educated guesses are still part of the plan when hard evidence is not available or no one seems to agree on what the hard evidence actually means for treating the patient. The domination and very questionable practices of pharm. companies has not helped people to trust the medical community. Should a parent vaccinate or not? How can anybody really know for sure if their decision is a good one? I suppose time will tell. And, I really hope children do not suffer more because of either decision. Nobody wants to see epidemics of old diseases return. That would be horrendous. And, yes, I’m old enough to remember how it felt to have some of those diseases. Although I was strong enough to survive fairly unscathed, some children were not. One friend in particular ended up with a lifetime of heart and lung problems. But, how can people be assured of the absolute safety of the shots? Parents do question more then they used to. Doctors are no longer the Gods they once were. For better or worse it’s what we’ve got for now and all a parent can do is try to make an informed decision based on balanced information. I get nervous when I see so many knee jerk reactions to this information. Although I suppose it’s good because at least it means a dialogue has been opened. For the children’s sake we must try and work together instead of against each other and find a way to protect them from serious diseases without any political or personal propaganda involved.

    14 hours ago · Like · 1

  13. says

    From John:

    This is so awesome to see an ordinary American become educated and go up against the New Bolshevik medical/pharm industrial complex. There is tons of evidence out there as to the true purpose of vaccines. A book that helped me decide is Vaccine Free. Also, there is a great new documentary coming out called Bought. It is a crowdsourced project so if you can help, please do and if not, watch for its release.


    • says

      The funny thing about New Bolshevik policy is that a few years ago Russian government made it a law that a parent has a right to REFUSE vaccines, and that a doctor must give a parent to sign an INFORMED CONSENT form before they vaccinate. Also, Moscow was declared GMO free zone. Amazing, isn’t it?
      We used to think of Russia as a police state. What country is a police state now?
      Not everything is easy, though. It was scientists, mainly immunologist Galina Chervonskaya, who inspired the law. At the same time their pharma/med industry received huge amount of money from the government to push vaccines. Doctors there ignore the law and do not offer patients the required form. But at least former Soviet people have the right to resist the poison and they use it!
      MZ recently posted…New Autism Study Raises More Questions About the Safety of VaccinesMy Profile

      • says

        MZ- Could you possibly provide a link to that Russian law? Or some sort of documented proof? I am currently lobbying NYS legislators to add a conscientious belief exemption to our short list of legal (and cumbersome) exemptions and it is helpful to compare what NY offers to other countries and states- and point to the fact that NY comes up short. To be able to say Russia has a more liberal system that NY (how ironic!) would be powerful.

        • tom woolf says

          In the world of contracts, financial, in court and all things to do with government, there is a little known methodology referred to as Conditional Acceptance For Value (CA4V). I have not tried this regarding vaccine refusal. There has been no problem getting around vaccines for us in Hawaii because our vaccine injured son, who is autistic, does not attend public school. And since we refused our pediatricians’ overtures to further vaccinate he simply unceremoniously kicked us out of his office. You see, no problems here. Who needs the services of a poison peddler anyway!
          The way this works is you accept their offer, but on one or more conditions. Their inability to fulfill any one of the conditions gives you the right to refuse their offer. What I was thinking is that there is no way they can medically justify shooting up mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum or any of the other toxic blends they have concocted. And when they try to say that the mercury, usually in the form of thimerosal, has been removed then you have to ask at what point in the process was it removed. From what I understand they actually add the thimerosal and at some later point in time they magically “remove” it. But they fail to mention that in that process the mercury comes out of solution and then binds itself to the proteins in the vaccine. So, you are assured of still getting your “appropriate” dose of mercury.
          In the end, there is no way anyone in any state of the union is going to claim sovereignty over my body or anyone in my family. It is outright assault with a deadly weapon. They even admit it in the fine print of their own circulars. That is also the first step in your defense. GET A COPY OF THE CIRCULAR. That is that little piece of paper inside the vaccine box that unfolds like a Chinese manuscript and is written in a fashion that is equally unintelligible requiring a large magnifying glass or microscope to make out the fine print! When the pharmacist plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t know what you are talking about just be firm and stand your ground. Make them find it!

          • Diane says

            Another strategy I picked up from another post said to say the following nine magic words to your doctor. the reaction will reveal that vaccines are indeed harmful. The nine words are: ‘If a vaccine injury occurs who will be responsible ? ” Take note of their reaction. Since they won’t take any responsibility, then clearly the responsibility lies with the parent, who based on that response alone, should be able to refuse any vaccine.

            • tom woolf says

              I like it. Clean, simple, very to the point! The key is to get THEM to squirm.

        • says

          Dear Outside-in, I am very glad to help you in your work. You will need someone to help you translate from those websites, because google translation from Russian is not perfect. I will try to translate some articles from 1998 law in my next post’

          Федеральный закон от 17.09.1998 № 157- Ф3 (ред. от 21.12.2013) “Об иммунопрофилактике инфекционных болезней”

          Website of organization connected to vaccine inventor, immunologist, one of the authors of vaccination law Galina Chervonskaya, Ph.D. magichild.ru
          She wrote a book in which all laws on vaccination, on parents rights, legal advice to parents, are given.


          U tube video of a talk show where the death of a 4 month old girl who died after DTP vaccination with a diagnosis meningoencephalitis, brain abscess

        • says

          Dear Outside, I translated some parts of the law (adopted in 1998 and amended in 2013)
          from magichild.ru and this site

          Федеральный закон от 17.09.1998 № 157- Ф3 (ред. от 21.12.2013) “Об иммунопрофилактике инфекционных болезней”
          The most important line that I would love to see in american law I typed in capital letters, and it is hidden in the end of lengthy paragraph

          Article 5 paragraph 1 The person has the right to receive information on vaccines,.. and vaccine injuries … and has THE RIGHT TO REFUSE VACCINATIONS
          paragraph 3 Refusal to vaccinate should be done in written

          Article 11 paragraph 2 Vaccination requires CONSENT of a person, or a parent (guardian) if the person is a minor or has an appointed guardian.
          paragraph 3 Vaccines are given to those who do not have contraindications.

          /The list of contraindications was compiled separately, and included, among other things, prematurity/
          Article 5 paragraph 2 Refusal to vaccinate may result in… TEMPORARY refusal of admittance to educational institutions and health resorts during EPIDEMICS of infectious diseases…

          The law was created during relatively liberal time, as a response to petition of parents and physicians to president Eltsin. The petition to Putin in 2005 to broaden the law (the text is on magichild.ru) was ignored.
          Still, thanks to the law, parents can resist the pressure, and it is said that only 64% of children in Russia are vaccinated (the statistics needs to be verified – sounds too good to be true, given all the pressure from pediatricians, who are given money bonuses if they “fulfill the plan”)
          What we desperately need is the book written by lawyer that gives advice how to refuse vaccinations legally and deal with the pressure in different situations (birth center, pediatrician office, school). Literally, what to say, what to write – written in a simple and concise form. There are some valuable comments above from Tom Wolffe, Diane. I found advice on one site that tells never to sign exemption form, offered by the doctor (which was developed by Pharma to make you legally liable) , and write your own refusal. Another advice was to obtain antibody test for Hep B before birth to prove that you are not infected with hepatitis. The woman in Alabama who failed to produce such a form had an ugly standoff with hospital pediatrician and was forced to submit her child for vaccination or have him taken by so called “Children and Family Services”. Vaccine dangers are known, but the most difficult thing is to know what to do under pressure.
          Megan, please, can you WRITE the BOOK? Your article above should be at its core. I think we all would be glad to help you with links and stories, May be Mike Adams from naturalnews.com or the author of “Bought” can make a video based on that book? Please, Megan!
          MZ recently posted…Dear parents, are you being lied to?My Profile

    • Aussie Mum says

      Thanks Cecilia, it’s useful to be reminded of that process in a nutshell!

      The article reminded me of my own experience as a student with Epigenetics leanings that were pooh-poohed, back in the 90s. It’s great to se that the scientific community, at least its open-minded number, is catching up with what others have long thought- namely that ‘nurture’ (environment) has a significant impact on ‘nature’ (genetic inheritance).

  14. Nutrition gal says

    When I posted your article, this is a response I got. I would love to have your response since it is debating your points (that are well made in my opinion).

    AS long as you are willing to take responsibility for the preventable diseases OTHER people get as a result of your choices. Anti-vacciners seem to conveniently forget what the real and known dangers are from measles, mumps, whooping cough, and polio, as if these diseases are trivial little things that people can just get over.

    It’s considered immoral to do a double-blind placebo in many instances because it means withholding medication from people. It happens a lot in medical research.

    Besides, those side effects, the ones that ACTUALLY are due to the vaccine (which is not shown by someone just writing it in their blog), are much rarer than were the diseases the vaccine controls. Whereas some people do clearly have allergic reactions to vaccines, most of those side effects of vaccines she lists have never been proven to be caused by vaccines. Just because your kid gets diagnosed with autism after having a vaccine, does not mean the vaccine caused the autism. And she DOES gamble. That’s exactly what she’s doing, and, unfairly, she’s gambling with someone else’s life as well hers and her kids’ lives. She can keep her kids home from school and day care and anywhere else where her “choices” can have an negative impact on those who have chosen to try to protect their children from communicable diseases.

    It’s also completely disingenuous and dishonest, and thus undermines the credibility of her entire article, to dismiss these serious diseases as “a rash”. Have you ever seen someone (who lived) that had polio? I have. I watched my friend’s mother drag herself around to school events on crutches for 12 years because she had zero use of her legs due to polio. That’s not “a rash.” You don’t like encephalitis? Well, measles can give you encephalitis. Do you remember the pictures of kids with smallpox when you were a kid? I do. It wasn’t pretty. Why don’t we see those now? Because immunization got rid of smallpox. Do I think we should subject people to that nightmare again so that someone who can’t accept the bad news that her kid is on the autism spectrum can find someone or something to blame? (OK, that’s not fair; not all anti-vacciners are doing that, but some are.) Measles, polio, smallpox, and whooping cough are not proven safe through double-blind placebo controlled research. Rather the opposite.

    Statistics come into play here. The chances of getting some debilitating disease from a vaccine are much smaller than the chances of getting the debilitating disease itself if no-one were to vaccinate. She doesn’t vaccinate because the chances of getting killed by measles are less than falling out of a window or drowning in a puddle? Newsflash – your kid’s chance of getting one of those diseases from vaccines are also vanishingly small. So, if you can dismiss measles for being so rare, why can’t you dismiss all those other disease supposedly “caused” by vaccines as well? These people now are getting protection from those diseases because of other people’s vaccinations, which keep the prevalence of the disease low. The more people “opt out” of vaccinating, the more these outbreaks will occur. Then maybe they will no longer dismiss them as just “a rash”. It’s because, thanks to vaccines, these diseases are so rare now, and most new parents have never seen them, that this cavalier attitude towards them exists.

    I’m a scientist. The day the scientific data (peer-reviewed in good medical or scientific journals) support that vaccines do more damage than the diseases they control is the day I will stop advocating for vaccine use. That day is not here, not even close, no matter what cherry-picked anecdotal evidence bloggers use to support their claims. This is like climate change denial. The data say one thing, but people don’t care; they’re gonna believe what they want to believe.

    • Diane says

      How can you call any study that claims that vaccines are indeed safe, science ? I don’t care what your rationale is for not doing the scientific method. Rupert Sheldrake wrote a whole chapter on the illusion of objectivity in much of science today. For your own reference here 100 arguments against vaccinatinghttp://www.fhfn.org/one-hundred-arguments-against-vaccines/.

    • says

      Nutrition gal,
      Although I would love to refute this response you got in detail, I have long learned that there are some people out there who aren’t ever going to see things in a different light, no matter how its said or how many citations are thrown out. I’ve also learned that it’s not smart to get emotionally invested in moral arguments. This person is attacking me, not my position. He/she has clearly not checked the VAERS database, the requirements for approval for FDA drugs versus vaccinations (explained in other comments on this forum) or seen the thousands of cancer patients who died because the FDA would not give them an experimental drug that had not completed all of the required phases of testing.

      One may argue that I care a great deal as I require a higher level of testing and accountability for things injected into our children. This person also assumes that vaccines are the ONLY way to prevent these diseases. I am smart enough to know that’s not true. This person also assumes that vaccines are not to blame for the outbreaks of “vaccine preventable diseases” when even the CDC has admitted failure when it comes to the pertussis vaccine, which he/she could find in plenty of peer-reviewed journals. I would refer this person back to my article, tell them to seriously read it, follow the citations, and actually do the research. Look at how these “vaccine preventable diseases” present most of the time, their lack of research and efficacy, and acknowledge that the Supreme Court was right when they…in their landmark case (that exempted doctors and pharma companies from liability for vaccine injuries) stated that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” While he’s reading the case, please refer him to the amount of money awarded in damages for vaccine injuries in the last decade. Vaccine injuries are real and one shouldn’t make light of that.

      Just because one claims to be a “scientist” does not give them superiority over another. Arguing about who is smarter never goes anywhere. I personally don’t think anyone needs an acronym behind their name to take an educated stance. However, if this person is a scientist I would suggest arguing from the scientific perspective and not an emotional/moral perspective.


      • Aussie Mum says

        Well said Megan.

        I’ve been encountering a lot of scientific smugness from people who don’t bother to read widely on the subject and who both minimize the fallout (as if VAERS doesn’t exist) and the anecdotal evidence.

        As well as having been at uni among them, My training and degree, to the extent that it’s of value, is in Anthropology and Sociology, so I’m naturally drawn to peer closely at cultures and belieff systems within our society. I was fascinating to study the rise of the medical model for instance, which could be argued to have been as much a political process as an altruistic one, and I’m grateful to have been exposed to a way of thinking that questions, rather than takes the claims of the dominant culture on face value.

        I’ve coined a term IBS – no, not Irritable Bowl Syndrome!- ‘Identity-Based Science’ to reflect the phenomenon of people who have studied certain types of science, especially at university level, and who respond derisively to anyone who challenges their religion of choice. It seems to me some proud scientisits can get a bit cosy with the cultures and belief systems they inhabit, and that it’s somehow bound up in their identity of who they are in the world, their ego identities if you like. There seems to be a tendency among some scientists to hang on to scientific theories which are, frankly, passé, and don’t stand up against recent evidence, because of this tendency. I guess when we put a lot of years into believing in or working on something, it’s hard to let go and move on when that’s proven to be inaccurate. Herd theory being an example.

        I see this a lot in the fathers at our school. So, although I know that many men follow a more holistic health paradigm or belief system, it happens that around me there are lots of naturopothic and homeopathic skeptics among the fathers, even where the mothers subscribe to ‘alternantive’ practicies, becasue it isn’t perceived as masculine enough, despite some strong evidence of its effectiveness and ptoential to ‘do good’ in the way that mass vaccinaiton is thought to do sciety good (see my previous post with a link to Isaac Golden’s work).

        And so then out comes the derisive language directed towards those (in their view) poor mis-informed plebian (but actually very well-read and well-informed and astute) civilian parents who routinely get called ‘the lunatic fringe’, ‘the anti-vaccination lobby’ (into which, by the way, they lump people like Andrew Wakefield, who most certainly was NOT and still is not anti-vaccination per se, only ‘anti’ triple anitgen and pro-single measles vaccination), etc.

        I believe the one thing we need to watch out for here, and the one thing that is at stake, is respect for dissenting beliefs, regardless of how minority a voice that represents, and to get thoroughly off the persecutors moral high ground podium when sharing our experiences and our beliefs. Which ever side of the fences (yep, it’s there!) we are on.

        It happens that the dominant social paradigm is a scientific one, as is the medical model of health, and that holds sway and power which renders it open to that power being abused. Whereas, gaining recognition, let alone credibility as a mother and a parent, or someone who pursues so-called complimentary or alternative health modalities, is still a challenge. So I think ‘pro-vaccine’ people assume a moral right to pressure quesitoners, whereas questioners, like you Megan and indeed myself, are frequently only saying ‘please respect my right to make my own choices’, and are keen to share alternative information as it comes to light- but it’s not about pressuring or shaming anyone else into NOT vaccinating.

    • Mamu says

      You, m’dear, just proved her point. Your scientific mind is closed to the fact that all the “research” in the world doesn’t explain to many of us the “logic” used in deciding to introduce disease into an innocent environment. Let me ask you something: would you be comfortable, as an adult, if your doc said: “Alright..we’re gonna shoot you full of a modified strain of herpes to build your immunity to it. Then come back in a month and we’ll add collera to the mix and see what happens.”? First thing you’d say: WHY??? Would you accept “for the safety and good of the public” as an answer when you KNOW that these diseases are nothing to trifle with? Nope. So why, then, do you expect parents to allow a mixture of a modifed cocktail of poisons to be injected into their INFANTS??? You give your life to protect you off-spring, right? Only to put them in harm’s way because people like you want to profit off of fear. Yes, seeing a friend’s mother deal with polio was hard for you. So is knowing that before you took your child in for their vaccination they were fine. Then suddenly: BAM!!! Autistic tendencies start to surface. So you start researching on your own, asking scary questions; hunting the “WHY” behind it, only to read right there on the insert the very side-effects your bitty one is going through. Yet you scoff at those of us that “opt out” of vaccinating. One more queston: if we’re wrong, ignorant, etc, in our decision to not dump crap into our children, why, then, is the number of people doing their own research, asking hard questions, and educating themselves before making the decision to NOT vaccinate rising??

      • Kathy says

        What you responded to Nutrition Gal really struck a chord with me – “Would you be comfortable, as an adult, if your doc said ‘alright we’re gonna shoot you full of a modified strain of herpes to build your immunity to it’.” What happened to me personally in 1968 at the tender age of 21 was a lot worse than that.
        I went to a very good allergist in Chicago to discuss pet allergies. During the exam I complained to her that I was plagued with “cold sores” off and on in my life. She got very excited and said that they were trying a new protocol to treat herpetic lesions (cold sores) by giving smallpox injections. She explained that I probably wouldn’t get new scars because I had already had my smallpox immunization as an infant. Without thinking about it, I agreed to the treatments – I had four shots in each arm over a period of weeks. SMALLPOX VACCINES. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought my Mom would pass out when I told her about the shots (I was married at the time). My father was so anti-medical establishment that he never even allowed me to get the polio “sugar cubes” in the 1950’s. Thank you, Dad.
        Today at age 66 I still break out in sores on my arms , sometimes spreading to the side of my back. They last for months. Doctors have biopsied them and come up clueless. I certainly know what it’s from….. I’ve done my own research on this debacle of human experimentation with smallpox (Dermatologists today have never even heard about it). As it turns out, the JAMA warned about this “potentially dangerous practice” in a July 6, 1970 article and suggested “that his form of supposed therapy be discontinued”. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=355350 IT WASN’T. Then the CDC did an article on the use of smallpox vaccination for the treatment of herpes. In their weekly journal on September 17, 1982, the CDC warned of “the risk of using smallpox vaccination, a treatment with no proven effectiveness, for herpes disease. The Food and Drug Administration recently published a warning to all physicians on the inappropriate use of smallpox vaccination for herpes infection.”
        http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00001160.htm So I was the guinea pig for this little experiment, just like our children are today. Parents – Copy this article and show it to your pediatricians!!

  15. Mary says

    If vaccines are so ‘safe’, then why has over $3 billion been paid out since 1986 when Congress was implored by vaccine manufacturers to indemnify them from the thousands of lawsuits filed by families of DTP-injured children? This number is under-estimated in that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), an after-the-fact database which records info re: vaccine injuries/deaths, the latter which pays out $100k, small change for a precious life. This database is voluntary and is not required of doctors and/or ‘health’ professionals to record such reactions/deaths. It is not good busine$$ to have patients become damaged and/or die on your watch, hence the under-reporting.

    Appx $100 million is paid out each yr for vaccine injury/death. Again, this number is not reflective of ALL vaccine injuries/deaths, which if calculated on a comprehensive basis, would see pHARMa go under. We would see the largest class-action lawsuit in history as a result. Every effort is made to under-report and marginalize vaccine injuries.

    Children are receiving a hepB $hot at birth w/250 mcgs of aluminum, more than Shaquille O’Neal could handle and upwards of 49 doses of 14 vaccines by 1st grade w/more to follow. ‘Pincushions of Profit’ is how pHARMa sees our children.

    As one of many informed parents, I did my homework before our children were born and found it interesting that of all the doctors I interviewed to be our pediatric physician, seven stood out for not vaccinating their own children, nor recommending them to their patients, w/two of these doctors treating vaccine-injured children.

    A vaccine insert label includes, but is not limited to the following ingredients: formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosol (49.6% ethyl mercury), phenols, carbolic acid, polysorbate 80 (reproductive sterilization chemical), msg, peanut oil, foreign DNA/viruses, neomycin, streptomycin, dead animal pus, etc., etc. The accumulative exposure and subsequent damage done to the immune system by injecting these neuro-toxic and carcinogenic chemicals into the bloodstream, bypassing the mucosal system, sets up a permanent inflammatory immune response resulting in neurological damage such as: Autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid/juvenile arthritis as well as seizures and Guillain-Barre (paralysis).

    Common sense tells us that health and a life-long immunity is not conferred by such inoculations.
    1 in 6 children is now neurologically impaired and boys are much more susceptible to such neurological disorders than girls as testosterone is not as protective as estrogen. Glutathione levels are also an important factor and are often depleted upon vaccination. Encephalitis (brain inflammation) is the common denominator in these neurological disorders and mercury has been found to bypass the blood-brain barrier. Yes, it is still in vaccines in the form of thimerosol (49.6% ethul mercury) and is used as a preservative, which is not always effective (witness the Chiron flu vaccine contamination). It cannot be removed entirely during the latter phase of production as the protein antigens within the vaccine serum bind to mercury. As a result, miniscule to large amounts of mercury via thimerosol have been found in the finished product.

    Caveat Emptor!

    • says

      Brilliant, Mary! What a pleasure to read intelligent posts about vaccines on sites like this one, naturalnews.com, vactruth.com, whale.to, sanevax.org, thinktwice.com, vaccinerights.com, vaccinesafety.edu, vacfacts.info , garynull.com. I am so grateful to people who post on these sites. Regular media is flooded now with vaccine propaganda, virtually every post siting inconvenient to vaccine industry statistics or links is deleted by moderators on regular media discussion sites; their trolls stifling any honest discussion with insults.
      Yes, only about 1% of vaccine injuries are reported, and students in medical schools are told to avoid reporting. Justina Pelletier case is an example that we can not rely on doctor’s or judge’s integrity anymore (and putting the word integrity and Big Pharma’s next to each other is itself a joke). Most of the vaccines are now manufactured in China and India. When FDA inspected a few facilities in India, they found multiple violations. China doesn’t even allow inspections. Of course, FDA doesn’t make big fuss out of that problem.
      Really, we don’t even know what is in these vaccines! Even when some of the toxic ingredients are mentioned, it is very difficult to find any information about concentrations. Flu shots contain 25 mcg of ethylmercury in 0.5 ml dose (one of the most toxic forms of mercury), in parts per billion it is 50 000 ppb. EPA limit for drinking water is 2 ppb of mercury. Anything that contains more than 400 ppb is a hazardous waste and has to be transported and decontaminated with special precautions. Even if we believe that in vaccines for infants mercury is filtered out and only 1 mcg left, it is still 2000 ppb (5 times hazardous waste threshold and 2000 times drinking water limit) injected into baby’s blood. Ethylmercury is a known neurotoxin. It goes straight through blood-brain barrier, and has special affinity for neurons. Ethylmercury accumulation in the brain is 6 times higher than in other tissues. So children’s brains are becoming literally dumpsters for hazardous waste. In reality, mercury is not filtered out properly. FDA doesn’t monitor mercury content, and I read on one of the blogs that when someone checked privately, it was 4 mcg rather than 1 mcg. Many vaccines legally have much higher Hg concentrations than 1 mcg, And after that vaccine industry repeats like parrots that there is no connection between their products, loaded with several neurotoxins mixed together in high concentrations, and autism! More correct way would be to say that not only vaccines, but other environmental hazards (pesticides and nutrient deficiencies in GMO crops, industrial pollution, other medications, and- Megan is right- overexposure to prenatal ultrasound also play a role, but vaccines are major contributor. No amount of fraudulent research produced by the likes of CDC ‘scientists” Poul Thorsen is going to “debunk” the truth about vaccine – autism connection. 80% of inner city New York high school graduates are not able to pass simple community college entrance test. A few years ago it was 70%. Autism is diagnosed in 1 out of 68 children now – 30% increase over last 2 years! 60 years ago it was 1 in 10000. Autism rate is still very low in communities that do not vaccinate and eat natural food, like Amish.
      I have a question. Can anyone post the numbers what are toxic ingredient concentrations in vaccines? ( In addition to mercury and toxic aluminum compounds, there are formaldehyde, viral DNA, monkey kidney DNA, many others?) That is something that vaccine industry will never tell. May be someone with access to chemical lab can do tests?
      MZ recently posted…New Autism Study Raises More Questions About the Safety of VaccinesMy Profile

    • says

      Our 37 year old daughter has a vaccine related lifetime “injury” from her 6 mos DPT vaccination. She qualified under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.
      She was diagnosed with autism at age 13, when there were 1 in 10,000 children diagnosed. Just a mere 24 years ago and now the diagnosis are 1:50.

      I am curious to your opinions of the chicken pox; shingles; pneumonia and flu vaccines.

  16. pedi-doc says

    While I fundamentally disagree with your opinion, this is a country in which we are able to agree to disagree. However, here is my biggest complaint with your article.

    Claiming that a parent would prefer a “simple fever and rash that lasts for 3-5 days that gives their child life-time immunity or the life-long condition of autism”.
    – i will just move past the fact there is NO credible evidence linking vaccines and ausism (the newest study is showing neurological changes occurring in utero)
    – yes, some things like chicken pox are pretty benign for the general public. but neonates affected with Hib meningitis are neurologically devastated. pertussis in a newborn or a child with cystic fibrosis can cause irreversible pulmonary hypertension and death. emergency medicine physicians saw 1-2 cases of Hib epiglotitis a day (which obstructs your airway and kills you) before the vaccine came about. a pregnant mother exposed to measles risks her fetus having severe birth defects. an immuno-compromized child with leukemia can die from varicella (aka chickenpox).
    – yes, some of these diseases are just 3-5 days of fever and a rash. but many of these are far, far worse than that. the “unvaccinate generation” is living in a time when, thanks to development of these vaccinations, the consequences of these debilitating diseases are so rare most do not know they exist.
    – you do not get to choose which illnesses your children are exposed to and/or contact. sure, if you dont vaccinate for chickenpox and your child gets chickenpox, you probably arent going to feel so terrible. not vaccinating against HepB when you dont engage in high risk behaviors is not the worst thing in the world. but i assure you if you ask any parents of a a child left neurologically devastated or that has died from a PREVENTABLE condition if they would vaccinate, 100% would say yes.

    • says

      I can only address part of your post for the sake of time and for fear of sounding repetitious but…let’s pretend there is no “evidence” vaccines cause autism. Let’s go with your in-utero study. I hate to point out the obvious here but most women get vaccinations and flu shots while they are pregnant.

      Research on ultrasounds reveal that ultrasounds produce cavitation which destroys the sheaths (protective coverings) of neurons/nerves. This makes one more susceptible to live viruses and heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier. It’s no coincidence that children experience autistic “symptoms” after their MMR shots which happen to contain a live virus that has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier with the assistance of a heavy metal (and attacks exposed neurons?). This particular vaccine is also administered during a time in which most toddlers are cutting teeth. Histamines released during this time give invaders and heavy metals direct access to the brain.

      So vaccinations are not exonerated even using the study you suggest.

      I don’t make light of any sickness a child may have but you and I disagree on the risks, benefits, and statistics here. A child is by far much more likely to be injured by a vaccination then they are by the disease it is designed to possibly, temporarily, prevent (and can also cause). We also disagree that vaccinations eradicated these illnesses. You should check the mortality and prevalence charts for that. And we obviously disagree over the research that shows pertussis has increased the prevalence of pertussis and causes outbreaks. Even the CDC has admitted it’s failure.

      If you ask any parent if they would vaccinate if the vaccine could lead to a child being neurologically devastated or dead…100% would not vaccinate.

      Although I respect everyone’s opinion and encourage discourse I must respectfully disagree with you.

    • Mary says

      If vaccines are so ‘safe’, then why has over $3 billion been paid out since 1986 when Congress was implored by vaccine manufacturers to indemnify them from the thousands of lawsuits filed by families of DTP-injured children? This number is under-estimated in that less than 1% of vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), an after-the-fact database which records info re: vaccine injuries/deaths, the latter which pays out $100k, small change for a precious life. This database is voluntary and is not required of doctors and/or ‘health’ professionals to record such reactions/deaths. It is not good busine$$ to have patients become damaged and/or die on your watch, hence the under-reporting.

      Appx $100 million is paid out each yr for vaccine injury/death. Again, this number is not reflective of ALL vaccine injuries/deaths, which if calculated on a comprehensive basis, would see pHARMa go under. We would see the largest class-action lawsuit in history as a result. Every effort is made to under-report and marginalize vaccine injuries.

      Children are receiving a hepB $hot at birth w/250 mcgs of aluminum, more than Shaquille O’Neal could handle and upwards of 49 doses of 14 vaccines by 1st grade w/more to follow. ‘Pincushions of Profit’ is how pHARMa sees our children.

      As one of many informed parents, I did my homework before our children were born and found it interesting that of all the doctors I interviewed to be our pediatric physician, seven stood out for not vaccinating their own children, nor recommending them to their patients, w/two of these doctors treating vaccine-injured children.

      A vaccine insert label includes, but is not limited to the following ingredients: formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosol (49.6% ethyl mercury), phenols, carbolic acid, polysorbate 80 (reproductive sterilization chemical), msg, peanut oil, foreign DNA/viruses, neomycin, streptomycin, dead animal pus, etc., etc. The accumulative exposure and subsequent damage done to the immune system by injecting these neuro-toxic and carcinogenic chemicals into the bloodstream, bypassing the mucosal system, sets up a permanent inflammatory immune response resulting in neurological damage such as: Autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid/juvenile arthritis as well as seizures and Guillain-Barre (paralysis).

      Common sense tells us that health and a life-long immunity is not conferred by such inoculations.
      1 in 6 children is now neurologically impaired and boys are much more susceptible to such neurological disorders than girls as testosterone is not as protective as estrogen. Glutathione levels are also an important factor and are often depleted upon vaccination. Encephalitis (brain inflammation) is the common denominator in these neurological disorders and mercury has been found to bypass the blood-brain barrier. Yes, it is still in vaccines in the form of thimerosol (49.6% ethul mercury) and is used as a preservative, which is not always effective (witness the Chiron flu vaccine contamination). It cannot be removed entirely during the latter phase of production as the protein antigens within the vaccine serum bind to mercury. As a result, miniscule to large amounts of mercury via thimerosol have been found in the finished product.

      Caveat Emptor!

    • says

      If autism does start in the womb, there are three things every pregnant woman should avoid: vaccinations, flu shots, and ultrasounds.

      • pedi-doc says

        no Megan.

        now you are just speculating. the 3 things pregnant moms need to avoid is smoking, drinking and drug use. things that have actually been PROVEN to be harmful.

        • spine-doc says

          I know this is slightly off topic, but I would agree with the ultrasound comment, due to the fact that ultrasounds do not have substantial research to show that they don’t adversely effect the developing fetus. For example, a 2006 study by Pasko Rakic M.D. found that prenatal exposure to ultrasound waves changed the way neurons distributed themselves in the brains of mice. Less neurons travel to the upper cortical regions where higher thought processes take place. (The mice studies are part of a 3 year long double-blind trial and currently being followed up by a trial on primates). Another neurologist, Manuel Casanova, has done similar research showing ultrasound waves increase neuron division and migration to form too many microcolumns and not enough cells to inhibit the ‘cross-talk’ between the columns. Even though there is not yet a causal link between ultrasounds and autism, the sound waves do show to have a profound affect on the developing fetal brain. Being that ultrasound waves are known to deform cell membranes, and today’s ultrasound machines are 8x more powerful than the ones prior to 1991 (which roughly coincides with the increase in autism in our population). Prenatal ultrasounds are one thing I would stay away from (or keep to a minimum).

        • Chris says

          In the spirit of respect, partly because you are a trained professional medical care giver and I’m not, and partly just because, it seems like you either didn’t get the spirit of Megan’s remark or intentionally ignored it.
          She said the main three things for pregnant moms to avoid are vaccinations, flu shots and ultrasounds, and you replied that no, the main three things are smoking and drug use, things that have actually been PROVEN to be harmful.
          I could give you the snarky reply that no, the main three things a pregnant mom should avoid are gun shot wounds, knife wounds and crucifiction, things that have actually been PROVEN to be harmful. She’s talking about things that are not yet generally known.

  17. Rosalinda Iacovitti says

    One more thing. I just found this web site. A must read for very interesting statements from—

    Like this statement…
    ” In the old days, vaccines were far more of a soup of viral or bacterial bits and bobs. Those vaccines were more “reactogenic” — meaning they caused a lot more local reactions (a.k.a. sore arms) than modern vaccines do. But immunologists admit they probably also worked better.
    “The general impression was that when you left all the ‘junk’ in there — which isn’t really junk, it’s just parts of the virus — and you didn’t purify it, that you were probably providing a subliminal adjuvant in your regular vaccine that was never listed as being an adjuvanted vaccine,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

    Or this one… (follow the money)
    “One of the major benefits of adjuvants is that they allow vaccine to be stretched. When you add an adjuvant to H1N1 vaccine, a dose that would have vaccinated one person can be used to protect four. “

  18. Rosalinda Iacovitti says

    I was born before 1957 and caught all the childhood diseases. It is true I suffered, I remember the fevers and the scratching and being miserable. The upside is that I am totally immune today. Sure, some people have an immune system equipped to remove the toxins in a vaccine. However, we can not deny that fact that many people today are not effectively able to eliminate these toxins anymore! Add on the toxins in foods, household chemicals, fluoride in water, food and toothpaste, mercury in fillings—we are slowly destroying the human race one person at a time! We made it to about 6 billion before vaccines. Is the agenda really to keep the population growing with vaccines, when you can’t even feed many of them after they get the jab? Follow the money! I can not imagine the horror of a parent who willingly allowed a vaccine to be given, only to discover their child was permanently disabled because of it. What lifetime guilt no parent should ever feel! I was one of the lucky ones…my kids are okay….But I would not allow it today with the disasters it has caused some families. What a shame!

    • Rob says

      Compared to a parent who doesn’t vaccinate and then see there child suffer or even die when they catch a preventable disease Sorry but your point makes more sense!!!!

      A better question would be “what is a great risk” a reaction from a vaccine or death or disability from an illness?

      According to the pro vxers childhood illnesses, according to the anti vaxers vaccines, no wonder parents are confused.

      • Rob (the other Rob two of us commenting here) says

        second point, didn’t take too much digging to find it, but from Oxford, a source I’m more inclined to trust

        the decline in deaths was well known, what vaccines did was push it to (pretty much) zero.


        and secondly the rise in autism has nothing to do with vaccines and everything to do with parents who eat organic, unfortunately I don’t have the link anymore but it’s very clear, just as organic started to take off so did autism.

        so let’s all breath a sigh of relief and head over to burger king for dinner

        • says

          You mean genetically modified foods? Our ancestors have always eaten organic. The rise in autism correlates to the implementation of GMOs into our food supply, not organics which have always been around. I read the study, I am not sure where they got the “vaccine prevents 5 million deaths” part. As for associating the vaccine with the (rest?) of the decline, would measles have not continued to decline without the vaccine?

          And, oh goodness I just discovered there are two Robs. :) Welcome.

  19. LisaDiane says

    “….and are willing to accept the liability for my child becoming injured as a result of what comes through the needle…”


    I would also like to direct your attention to this article…. http://www.vaccinationnews.com/DailyNews/May2001/MoneyMag.htm
    …..written by someone who believes “shots save lives”, yet has compelling evidence of how drug companies and their PAID pushers (doctors and other healthcare workers), and public officials, knowingly endanger children to maximize their profits.

    And also to this website…. http://www.ouralexander.org/sv40.htm
    …..about a little boy who died in 1999 of cancer caused by Simian Virus 40 (SV40), a carcinogenic virus and known contaminant of the polio vaccine administered to children in the 1950s and 1960s.
    What else is in there that they don’t know about yet???

    I think parents who are reckless enough to vaccinate are the ones endangering their children! I wonder if they like hearing someone tell that to THEM….???

    • Aussie Mum says

      Thanks LisaDiane, very interesting. By bizarre co-incidence, I was at an event today which revealed an aspect to the history of vaccination that I’d been unware of. Long story short, I direct a singing group at a support service for Forgotten Australians. That is, care-leavers, ie people who have spent their childhoods in orphanages, foster homes etc, including many former child migrants (kids who were taken from their families in the UK and Malta and sent unaccompanied to Australia whether actually orphans or not). Today we met at our local Maritime Museum, sang some songs, and checked out the current feature exhibition, which is about their stories.

      Imagine my surprise to see an entire display detailing how children in institutions in Australia were used as human guinea pigs to test the Salk vaccine in the 1950s, in some cases with fatal consequences later, as it was found to contain substances that were carcinogenic. As with the other abuses that many of these people are now working through, the cynical truth is that these kids were expendable, because they had no parents or adults around who would find out about these experiments, and complain or intervene.

      How lucky our children are to have us there to champion their rights, and exercise whatever judgement we decide has their best interests at heart, about such matters as vaccination- to be free to proceed if it seems right and to be free to say no if we are uncomfortable with that. if only ALL the information was available to ALL parents, so that these choices are truly informed ones.


      More background here: http://nma.gov.au/blogs/inside/2011/07/12/medical-testing-on-children/

  20. Tom says

    If anyone will have doubts about vaccines after the book “Dissolving Illusions” (by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk) with the compelling research on the subject, then just go for it. It’s your conscious decision, isn’t it…?!

    Be Free and Responsible

  21. carol says

    As the vaccinated mother of three healthy adult children who were vaccinated, two healthy grandchildren who were vaccinated, a stepfather who was an unvaccinated polio victim as a teenager, and as a woman who worked in the “Deaf-Blind Preschool” at Oklahoma University Medical Center for the victims of the very last rubella epidemic (because vaccinations eradicated periodic rubella epidemics) I certainly believe in the benefit of vaccinations. I don’t think it’s an accident that the current whooping cough epidemics (at least the one in North Texas,) erupted in an unvaccinated population. Had it not been for smallpox vaccinations, of which I had two, that horrible disease would still be afflicting people as well. I understand that the evidence I present is anecdotal. I feel that everyone has to make their own informed decisions, hopefully not with information gleaned from blogs written by people to promote their own opinions. I am a healthcare professional and have read the scientific evidence, so if you feel the need to convince me of your own opinion, don’t waste your time. Good luck to all and may your children remain happy and healthy.

    • LisaDiane says

      WOW, you totally missed the point of her post (probably intentionally).

      She certainly DOES NOT “feel the need to convince me of your own opinion” (sic) — and what a snarky little statement you made there, I would have expected a little more emotional maturity from a GRANDmother, but I guess since you are a healthcare professional, I know why that’s lacking in you > you think you are better than parents who disagree with you about vaccines!

      This post is written to DEFEND OUR RIGHTS as parents to do what we choose to be best for our children, just like YOU WANT for your children and grandchildren. OUR RIGHTS are being infringed upon and threatened, that’s the reason for her post. We are perfectly happy to let you (pro-vaccine parents) go along doing what you want with your family, and having any opinion you want….however, I expect the SAME thing back. And this is where pro-vaccine people REALLY struggle, actually, FAIL.

      Yet, you fully expect to have more rights than un-vaccinating parents?….or, rather, you expect that your rights are the only ones that are valid. Pathetic. And WRONG.

      • says

        I do not have the right to tell parents they cannot vaccinate nor do they have that right to tell me. Vaccinations are a simple (or maybe not) example of ‘Russian Roulette,’ and after doing the research and seeing the effects on so many I will not vaccinate. It would be sad if we had to run from America because we have lost our freedoms to protect and defend our children. Last time I checked America was created to give us these freedoms!

      • rob says

        Between Grandma Carol, and LisaDiane, one of you sounds reasonable, and one sounds snarky, superior, and sarcastic. The snarky one isn’t Carol. Not a good way to get your point across. :-(

      • 24SP says

        You’d be wise to take the advice of a previous commenter – don’t make moral debates emotional, LisaDiane. You are much less likely to influence others when you speak with aggression and insult.

    • Kathy says

      Well Grandma Carol, I’d like to share MY story with you. I apologize that it is written in Allcaps – that is how I typed it for my speech before the House of Representatives here in Colorado. It was the hearing on March 13, 2014 on House Bill 1288 – a Bill that would severely restrict our personal exemption to vaccinations here . This Bill passed the House and is being heard in the Senate on April 9. I guess I could title the following “My life and how it has been impacted by children’s vaccines”:

  22. says

    I have really appreciated debating with you, Megan.

    You have been a class act and have maintained a respectful tone throughout.

    Thank you so much for engaging with me in a way that was both spirited and healthy. I learned some new things and fleshed out some of my own arguments.


  23. Timothy Williams says

    Wow, this is THE BEST EVER compulsory-vaccine debunking text that I’ve ever come across!
    My greatest respect for you and your work, which I will happily copy and show to other people.
    Again: Bravo!

  24. says

    I hear what you’re saying about the inserts, Phil. I’ve debated the point of why autism was included in the inserts as a possible side-effect. The fact that it’s included has everything to do with pharmaceutical companies not wanting to be sued for non-disclosure, just in case, because a study (the one by Dr. Wakefield) had established a link. Even after Wakefield was found to have manipulated his data, the companies were afraid of the inevitable backlash. Because people are really, really scared that vaccines cause autism.

    Your assertion that the temporal link between the time of life when someone is given a vaccine and the time of life when they’re most likely to be diagnosed with ASD establishes a causal link is exactly the reason the distinction is important. When I was in grad school, I took a class in research literacy and another in values reasoning. I was already practicing critical thinking, but those classes were real eye openers, because they taught me to question even more and to think about how I established causation in my own mind.

    One example I remember was about a meteorite landing in a farmer’s field. The day after the meteorite landed in the field, 10 of the farmer’s cows died. On this information alone, our class was asked to answer the question: Did the meteorite kill the cows?

    Well, it’s hard to say. And that one question brought forth a thousand more: What did they die from? How old were the cows? Did the meteorite contain something that contaminated the water on the farm? How many cows had there been before the meteorite struck? All good questions. All valid if you want to come to a logical conclusion.

    I know human beings like to make sense of things. We want to understand why things (especially bad things) happen so we can protect ourselves (and our children) from them. I believe people hold really tightly to the belief that autism is caused by vaccines because that would mean autism is avoidable. And autism can be a really tough road, so of course we want to be able to avoid it. The thing is, as in the example above, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, but it certainly looks like vaccines are not the cause. The common factor between all children diagnosed with autism is that they grew old enough to be diagnosed.

    And if you want anecdotal evidence, just know it goes both ways: I have three cousins on the spectrum, two with more severe ASD, and one with a milder form. And none of them were vaccinated.

    • Imogen Moore says

      You know it’s not possible to sue vaccine manufacturers? That was outlawed years ago. The only recourse now is through the Vaccine Court. Pharma companies contribute $0 to payouts.

      There is no legal liability.

    • Kathy says

      I have seen this comment posted many times regarding vaccines and autism. Voices for Vaccines is alive and well, and invading yet another site. I do give them credit; they do a good job of sounding like real people!

  25. Scott says


    Thank you for the insight in your article! I appreciate someone strong in their beliefs and opinions. I am 27 years old, with no (immediate) plans to have a child. I also do not have any strong stance on this issue on either side, so I feel my take on it is relatively unbiased compared to the polarization I’ve been reading in the comments. I agree, your right to choose should not be infringed upon by the government. I do, however, feel that there is not sufficient evidence on either side of the coin to make a truly thoughtful and educated decision. We all are making decisions based on our own judgments with what we feel is best for us and our families. I will say that your post was passionate, but also finger pointing. Passion is admirable, hypocrisy makes a null and void argument.

    As mentioned, I agree, we do not know enough about vaccines to mandate that everyone must get them. But we also don’t know enough about them to blame those vaccinated on the spread of diseases (I’ve also read many articles and looked at many graphs, but it’s hard to say which ones are authentic and which ones come from some sort of “bribery”; .gov on the end isn’t sufficient, especially when it’s implied that the government is corrupt with health care). I’m a media studies major, so I innately question everything I come across, and your article is no different. I’m not married to either side of this issue, but I feel as if both sides do an injustice with their rhetoric and finger pointing. Like you mentioned in one of your responses, let’s not get in the way of each others’ rights. We need to support each other as people until definitive answers are given.

    Your article was an entertaining read, but it offered nothing more to sway my opinion in either direction. As said before, your passion was admirable, but at times your “quick to respond with stats” was condescending. In your writing, you were speaking to those who are on your side of the issue. If you’re truly trying to educate those and maybe change a few minds, might I suggest a more passive writing style. It may be hard to disguise your emotional ties to the issue, but it would be worth the outcome and response you may get. I would say the same to those who’ve responded with such disgust and… well… rudeness. Their points aren’t being heard entirely either.


    • Nan Stephens says

      Scott, thank you for your post. Your arguments were well written and respectful of both sides of the issue.
      To everyone else, I completely agree that regardless of ones opinion on vaccinations, these rights concerning vaccinations should be protected. I wish those in this fight well and I will do what I can to support the individual rights given to us in our Constitution.

      One last plea, Let us all please remember to be courteous and polite to each other.

  26. Liza 316 says

    Hi Megan:

    I want to thank you, so much, for standing strong in this arena. I have four beautiful children. My oldest daughter had a seizure after a DPT vaccine at age 14 years. The doctor tried to convince me that she had just fainted. I knew better. She was deathly sick for the next week, and today at 23 years of age, she will never be ok. My next oldest child, my oldest son, is on the ASD spectrum with Asperger’s. He had vaccines up to age 3 years. Of my two youngest children, my youngest daughter had vaccines up until age 18 months, and my youngest son has had no vaccines. I was already becoming skeptical when the Pedi was pushing chicken pox vaccine as if it was the plague, but after my oldest daughter developed such severe complications from the DPT , I did some research, and quit vaccinating all of them. My family’s neurological history includes migraines, seizures, and mental illness. I do believe we don’t have the capacity to handle toxins very well. Vaccine toxins are bad enough for the general population, but for my family, and many other families, it can become deadly, imo. I have been in the medical profession for 26 years, as an Ophthalmic Medical Technologist. Personally, I have friends whose 30 year old daughter will be forever 5 years old after an MMR at age 2-3 years. One of my co-workers developed GBS after a flu vaccine last September. She will never be the same. A patient who was healthy on Friday when he came in for routine eye care, and left our office for routine flu vaccine at PCP, was back on Monday blind and unable to walk unassisted due to the auto-immune response from the vaccine. I realize the intent of the NYT article and your response was about freedom to choose to vaccinate or not, so I hope you won’t mind that I am off topic. I am so happy to see that you, and many others, understand that this issue is not absolutely black and white. Thank you for being you!

    • says


      Thank you so much for sharing. You are not off topic. The purpose of this post and my blog in general is to create a forum where people can come to talk about these things. And let me tell you I am so sorry for the hurt and injury you and your family experienced. It is my hope that you can share your story with courage and that others will be able to yield and learn. This definitely isn’t a black and white issue and many things need to change.


      • Michelle says

        I have three children all breast fed for one year… the first two I followed my Godly doctors orders and had vaccinated according to the rules… in and out of the doctor’s office we were all the time with ear aches, antibiotics, screaming, fevers, coughing; in the hospital in intensive care unit with a child barely able to breath just a few days after receiving two shots and his cough had an unbelievably dreadful “whooping” sound I thought I had protected him against! After the pediatrician patted me on my hand and spoke to me in a condescending way that there was no correlation between those shots and his terrible sickness I lost faith in the “Doctor God’s”… My third child came along, has had NO vaccinations, she is now almost six has NEVER been to the doctor’s not ONCE for being sick. Her skin is soft and glows with good color, her eyes sparkle… she radiates good health and even though she has been exposed to many a germ, her body does what a healthy body was made to do, HEALS ITSELF. My son’s lungs over sixteen years later are still compromised from his reaction to the filth injected straight into his vein and I can’t tell you how bad that hurts me. At one time humans believed the false information whole heartedly that the world was flat. They were even willing to persecute the man who through observation determined that the world is in fact round. This scenario is just too oddly familiar. I don’t want to be persecuted for my observations and I will not persecute you for yours. NO ONE will ever tell me what I can and cannot do with my body and it is more than dangerous to lose that right. Just remember that rights taken away from another can recoil back to yourself like a venomous snake. If you want to vaccinate and believe that vaccinations truly work than you have absolutely no reason to fear me (unvaccinated adult) or my unvaccinated child or even care either way. If you do fear an unvaccinated person than you certainly cannot have faith in your vaccinations. Here is to great health for all!

  27. Aussie Mum says

    I’ m almost tired of engaging in this discussion, so I’m mainly dropping in to say thanks, but will ad my 2 bobs worth.

    Something I will comment on, since it seems to be so often overlooked, but is in my opinion hugely relevant, is the value of anecdotal evidence. People on either side of the debate (and let’s face it, is a very polarized issue) fall all over themselves to provide credible scientific peer-reviewed studies. One of the things I appreciated about Wakefield’s work was his respectful willingness to listen to the recurring themes being told to him by parents of the children he ended up studying.

    To disclose a little of my background, I have studied university level science, and I have a degree in Anthropology and Sociology, majoring in Medical Sociology (indeed this is how I was first exposed to information indicating that infectious disease decline predates mass vaccination, also how doctors are ‘worked on’ by pharmaceutical companies- less so in Australia, but rampantly in the USA, where doctors are also more dependent on outcomes for income).

    While these have been helpful, at the end of the day it has been my parental instincts and openness to seeing that medicine and science are jolly useful tools, but not Some sort of god, along with my own adverse reaction, and knowledge of my child’s susceptibilies, that has informed my position as what we call a conscientious objector parent.

    I was administered a rubella vaccination while immune-compromised in hospital after the birth of my son, by a nurse who assumed certain things (let’s just say the consent form arrived 3 days later!) and this has caused certain on going symptoms. I also live in a community which houses a severely neurologically-damaged woman now in her 30s who was a normal healthy toddler until her MMR shots.

    As far as I’m concerned, vaccination is a game of Russian roulette. We do not have such an agency as VAERS in Australia, however its very existence in the USA tells me that vaccination has a less than 100 rate of being harmless. Even if I subscribed to herd theory, or the notion that vaccination effectiveness is high, even a one in 20 million chance is not something I could live with if my child were the victim of that statistic.

    Luckily the conscientious objection form as we call it in Australia, is still available, and non-vaccinating parents are paid the same amount as vaccinating ones via the scheme that pays family support (Australia has both a Medicare ie public health system and a system of payment to familes via the tax system) however legislation was passed recently in new South Wales which sets a worrying precedent in the removal of freedom of choice, and I’ve noticed that, when I apply to our state’s health department for copies of my Conscientious Objection record, the telephone assistant has been trained to talk me out of it.

    Although I no longer agree with it, vaccination theory no doubt started out as a noble goal, that of ‘protecting’ populations from disease. I do not believe however that we can subscribe to it based on theory alone- we have to concede that the actual substances being peddled are not pure and uncontaminated, and that this is happening for less than altruistic reasons (profit).

    The observation that each body is different and will therefore react differently to the same substance being injected into it seems to be overlooked in the service of the abstracted theory.

    My son, now 7, got chicken pox two years ago, along with 90% of his class, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Despite telling him this statistic, I was shouted at by the GP we went to (for confirmation of diagnosis and a sick note to take to school). When I calmly explained that I’d given the matter careful consideration, and said no thank you to his vaccination suggestion, he shouted at me again. I realized there and then that this was a stressed, overworked GP who has less time to read up on the latest findings than the average informed parent. As though I was a negligent parent, he actually shook his finger at me ( he was pretty red about the face by this time) and said “I hope you’re going to look after your son!”. I reminded him that, actually,that was what I was there for, so that i could go home and do just that, a mere week out of my life, after which time my son would be immune for the rest of his days. Doctors like that tend not to like women like me, because they don’t succeed in intimidating me, and don’t much like having more current information presented to them!

    If you are a true scientist, ie willing to engage in open-minded enquiry, you might want to look at Isaac Golden’s recent research in offering a third option beyond vaccinate/don’t vaccinate. He is an Australian homeopath who has undertaken some compelling comparative research for a PhD on the pros and cons of vaccination vs homeopathic prohylaxis. He studied certain mass homeopathic trials in other countries where vaccination is prohibitively expensive, and where medical doctors are often trained in homeopathy as well (Brazil, Cuba), because it is easier and far cheaper to administer ( in the case of the trials in question, by qualified medical personnel).


    Thanks to everyone for their contributions. May respect and our rights prevail.

    • says

      Aussie Mum, Wow thank you for that! I feel so enlightened by your comment and it is so interesting to hear the comparisons between countries. I very much agree with your stance actually. I have heard of homeopathic prohylaxis and know some who have gone that route though in my training homeopathy has been something I haven’t been able to truly wrap my mind around and is probably my least proficient subject. But I am certainly going to check out the info. at the link you provided. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I hope others gain from insight as well. And for what it is worth, you sound like you take care of your son very well. 😉

      • says

        Thanks Megan. I wrote it late at night (12 to 16 hours ahead of the USA here in Perth), so there are a few typos, but I’m glad my main points came across clearly. I am feeling a bit fired up about these issues again, what with some draconian measure being touted here in Australia, so I felt compelled to contribute.

        Thanks also for the useful links to some sound evidence, Megan and others who offered those. I’ve cut nad pasted them to circulte if I need to.

        Good work! Thanks again.

    • Imogen Moore says

      Aussie Mum (another Aussie mum here too, albeit living in Europe :)

      VAERS is not only for US-based patients. It is an international registry and anyone with information about an adverse reaction can submit a report. Typically, the doctors here had never heard of it, nor had the doctors in Australia.

      • Aussie Mum says

        Thanks Imogen. It doesn’t surprise me that information about VAERS is not widely circulated in the medical community, in Europe as well as here in Australia. The information made available here is very one-sided, conscientious objection forms are sometimes denied or withheld, so ditto assistance in the process of accessing redress in the event of vaccine-induced injury, especially given that VAERS is based offshore.

        Which country do you live in now? I was pleasantly surprised to find that many medical doctors were trained in Homeopathy and natural medicine, when I spent time in France some years back.

  28. cher says

    i respect your right to do what you want, even though i couldn’t disagree more. if i want my kids in public school, and the government has standards, i have to meet them. if i want to fly, and the gov’t has standards, i have to meet them. if i want to drink and smoke, and the government has standards, i have to meet them. if i don’t, then i don’t go to the public school, i don’t fly, and i can’t drink and smoke – not without the threat of government intervention in some way. if we accept that reality, than to each his own.

    BUT, your scientific literature references to link autism and vaccines are terrible and don’t support your cause. the minute you say there is proof linking the two, you loose immediate credibility except with those who don’t bother to actually read the literature themselves (and instead like to visit websites that just claim there is literature, like this one). there is no link. stop spreading misinformation.

    • says


      Thank you for your opinion. May I defer you to the comments as it pertains to autism and vaccines as there have been many people on this forum who could provide you with the credible research you desire. In addition, might I refer you to the package inserts where for example, autism is a possible adverse reaction of several vaccinations. If I lose credibility it should not be because I have an opinion that differs from yours but because the research is lacking and that is certainly not the case.

      The government does have standards but those standards are set by legislation and legislation is determined by legislators and legislators are elected by us. Right now, public schools offer vaccine exemptions and I would like to keep it that way because I agree with the parental rights doctrine and the case law affirmed by the United States Supreme Court that gives each parent the right to the care, custody, and control of their children and to make the decisions they feel are in their best interests. Your reality is not your own if the reality you want is illegally infringed upon.

      Again I respect your opinion and the time it took for you to express your comment but I urge you to read the literature itself, much of which is cited in this post.


      • Aussie Mum says

        I’m inclined to agree with Megan, Cher- our governements, in democratic countries, are elected as our representatives, which means ideally their job is to legislate in favour of the will of the people, and in the service of the needs of our communities, including minority groupps. It is not the other way around, ie top down power, or to pander to commercial pressures such as those routinely applied by powerful representatives of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. That would mean either a compromise of the democratic process (predatory capitalism run behind the scenes by corporate interests with a puppet government out front) or fascism. Australians are perhaps not as vocal as Americans about freedom, but we are used to living in a more socialized democratic country, where such things as healthcare choices have been standard under Medicare. We have a strong hisotry of unionism for insatnce, and know and will protest loudly when our rights are being violated and taken away.

        In the case of wearing seatbelts, or any of the analogies you have used, it’s plain sensible to do so, since there is a very real risk of injury in the event of a car accident. There is no compelling statistical evidence to support the assertion that injecting my child with a known disease pathogen will keep him healthier than not doing so, and my personal history tells me it can result in worse health. In view of that, I consider that a government has no right to foist an unsubstantiated claim on me.

      • Aussie Mum says

        I’m inclined to agree with Megan, Cher- our governements, in democratic countries, are elected as our representatives, which means ideally their job is to legislate in favour of the will of the people, and in the service of the needs of our communities, including minority groupps. It is not the other way around, ie top down power, or to pander to commercial pressures such as those routinely applied by powerful representatives of a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. That would mean either a compromise of the democratic process (predatory capitalism run behind the scenes by corporate interests with a puppet government out front) or fascism. Australians are perhaps not as vocal as Americans about freedom, but we are used to living in a more socialized democratic country, where such things as healthcare choices have been standard under Medicare. We have a strong history of unionism for instance, and know and will protest loudly when our rights are being violated and taken away.

        In the case of wearing seatbelts, or any of the analogies you have used, it’s plain sensible to do so, since there is a very real risk of injury in the event of a car accident. There is no compelling statistical evidence to support the assertion that injecting my child with a known disease pathogen will keep him healthier than not doing so, and my personal history tells me it can result in worse health. In view of that, I consider that a government has no right to foist an unsubstantiated claim on me.

    • says

      Nobody forces you to read what you consider “misinformation” or not to immunize your children. In our society, you can immunize yourself (and unfortunately your children) to death. Literally to death, watch “Gardasil Memorial” on U Tube to see see some of the faces of those dead. Even government’s own vaccine propaganda handouts confirm, that severe brain swelling and allergic reactions are possible, though government downplays the risk. Why they made a law that vaccine manufacturers and doctors can not be sued for vaccine deaths and damage? Because paying for damage will bankrupt them. VAERS court already paid 3 billions dollars for vaccine damage even though reimbursements are really puny (and only about !-2% are reported). Medical students are taught NOT to report vaccine damage to VAERS.
      So continue to believe what vaccine manufacturers are saying about goodness of their product, and ignore all the evidence to the contrary, and immunize as much as you want ( I feel sorry for your kids).
      I read articles on both sides of the argument and chose not to immunize (as well as not to eat processed and GMO /pesticide -laden food and so on). It is my informed choice and my right. I don’t want my right to be taken away by money hungry and unscrupulous vaccine industry.
      Thank you, Megan, and everyone, who posted the honest information and links, so those who are seeking the truth can read it.
      MZ recently posted…A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine ExemptionsMy Profile

  29. says

    Hi Megan,

    I think you’re a very persuasive writer and I applaud you for standing up for what you believe. As a Canadian, I don’t have the same feelings about personal freedoms, and I am certainly not a US constitutional expert, but we do have a similar document here called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and I am very interested in how it is administered and challenged.

    I try to be open to new information, as I’m sure you do, but it’s extremely hard to be completely unbiased. I have my beliefs just as you do. On the other hand, I like to assess things using the scientific method, never taking facts at face value, whether they’re from the mainstream media or scientific community or from someone like you.

    You and I disagree fundamentally on the subject of vaccines. I believe in the overall honesty of the scientific community and that there are people out there right now doing all they can to continuously improve vaccines so they can continue to save lives. In any case, I performed a critical analysis of your very detailed article and published the analysis on my blog: http://doasbtellsyou.wordpress.com.When I dug in further, I could not support most of the claims you made, even the ones that made sense at a surface level. Then, in reading the comments here I see that you’ve brought up the subject of double-blind placebo studies never being performed for vaccines. You know that’s not true, Megan. A cursory internet search yields a multitude of such studies. Here’s one for MMR: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(86)91044-5/abstract

    In the end, it doesn’t matter who refutes who, we can just call it a respectful disagreement. What I do agree with is your right to make your own decisions for your family. It seems as though either way someone is going to accuse someone else of rolling the dice. I wish you all the happiness in the world, because even if we don’t have the same exact views we are still entitled to human kindness. You are just trying to do what you think is best, and so am I. We’re not so different.


    • says

      Thank you for your comment. I have not read your critique but I did read your comment. The link you posted to the study is an abstract. Can you tell me in the full article what the “placebo” is because if their placebo is another vaccine or adjuvant than it is not an inert substance. Unfortunately many people see the word “placebo” and feel that it is indeed referring to the saline solution that compromises the testing standards for evidenced based medicine. In addition, this study abstract uses the same…oh there were side-effects but they were temporarily not causally related to the vaccine (whatever that means). If you could elaborate with the full article so that I could read the actual study myself that would be great!

      In addition the package inserts for each vaccine will show you the “clinical trials” that formulate the basis for their approved use and the vaccines “with a known profile” and adjuvants they were tested against.

      As for my other references, I think they speak from themselves and they are all from credible sources that hold up to scrutiny. In the comments you will also find links for disease prevalence statistics as well as the testing standards for vaccines AND for medications per the FDA and CDC. I would love to go into detail more on these subjects but it went beyond the initial scope of my post which was already quite long.


      • says

        One of the things that the pro-vax scientists clearly fail to incorporate, and in most cases simply fail to even examine (medical ignorance, laziness, prejudice), is the sum of the innumerable anecdotal cases of this “temporal relationship.”
        just what are the odds that this number of “temporally” cases are not related, but instead have accidental, hereditary or environmental causes, all within the same period and all leading to known potential outcomes (the very outcomes described on the medication leaflets). It seems a lot more likely that these event are associated, i.e. the posterior problems are induced by the compounds within these vaccination inoculates (as described on the medication leaflets).

      • baharb says

        I read the full article. They administered MMR vaccine or placebo on twins.
        The placebo was defined as: the same product including neomycin and phenol-red
        indicator but without the viral antigens.
        They followed them for 21 days and reported the side effects.

  30. Ken Burwell says

    Megan, I heard that the reason why researchers don’t use saline solution placebos against new test vaccines is because in scientific research, it is considered unethical to withhold a treatment from test subjects if that treatment is generally perceived as baseline effective. So, new vaccines are always tested against a current standard of treatment (an earlier/older vaccine). What is your view on that reasoning, made by pro-vaxxers?

    • says

      Ken, I apologize in advance for my long answer. I have heard that excuse as well but how does that logic apply when medications are not subjected to the same standard? Take the cancer patient who is dying and is out of all medical options except for the experimental drug. It may be in the same category as another drug with an established research history but they still can’t have the drug because it’s not licensed or hasn’t completed its trial phases or hasn’t properly been tested.

      Medical drug approval is much more rigorous and requires pre-clinical testing in animals, an application and review, three phases of testing, and another review before it is approved. Studies are done with inactive placebos (like a sugar pill) to determine side-effects, and then later on it might be compared to other treatments for the same disease but it must past the prior phase first. And still, some of these medications are later taken off the market even with these standards.


      With vaccine testing, the vaccine is not compared to an inert substance (like a shot of sterile saline) but with another vaccine that has a “known safety profile” or an adjuvant (like aluminum) which is an ingredient in the vaccine it’s being compared to. If the number of side-effects caused by the new, experimental vaccine is found to be the same as the number of reactions caused by the placebo vaccine, manufacturers deem it safe. Although it may be as safe as an old vaccine (being taken off the market for any number of reasons ranging from side effects like SIDS and Autism to contamination with SV-40 virus), it may not be as safe as an actual placebo.

      Here is the link to the CDC process that involves. If you actually read it, you’ll see that there is VERY little that is done to ensure our vaccines are clinically or research effective and the CDC conveniently leaves out the little part about clinical trials being done with prior vaccines, adjuvants, or complex vaccines. Usually two small studies (where test subjects are followed for a mere 5-15 days) are all that a pharma company needs to have before approval is granted (except in the case of meningitis now where we are injecting an unlicensed vaccine). Most studies are not even done in the United States – they are done in other countries and poor little children in Africa. You will see these poorly done clinical trials in the “vaccine inserts.”


      At the end of the day though, the excuse that it would be unethical to withhold treatment from test subjects because a treatment is generally perceived as baseline effective lacks all logic and common sense. Never has a vaccine been properly and scientifically established as “effective” so the premise is wrong from the start. Secondly, if we are to call ourselves supporters of evidenced-based medicine, we can’t hold vaccines to a different standard than we hold all other medications too. Even the treatment one would have if they experienced these diseases is subjected to higher scrutiny. Evidence based medicine requires scientific evidence not assumptions am I right?

      VERY good question though and one I will have to ponder in even more detail!

      • Jane says

        “The CDC conveniently leaves out the little part about clinical trials being done with prior vaccines, adjuvants, or complex vaccines”

        If this is the case, how do you know this is what they do??
        How do you actually find this information out from a credible source?

        • says

          Jane, You can see how the testing was done for each vaccine in the package insert and you can see the testing standards on the CDC website or any vaccination study. I posted a link to that resource in an earlier comment as well. Dr. Tenpenny’s “Saying No to Vaccines” is a great resource on this also.


  31. SleepsWithCats says

    Fine. Here’s a compromise. Claim your exemption. If your child gets a disease for which there is an effective vaccination and transmits it to another person who then dies from that disease, we (The People) execute you and your child for willful, ignorant, premeditated murder.

    • says

      Now does the same “compromise” apply to the vaccinated child who sheds their virus to another child (whether vaccinated or not) and causes the same? I think there is a lot of hate in this movement and I don’t think it makes for constructive discourse.

    • CardboardSword says

      I’m confused, who is a not-vaccinated individual going to contaminate? Another not-vaccinated individual? Why would you (The People) care what happens to the not-vaccinated individuals? If the vaccines work, then surely you don’t have to worry about these diseases that you would have people EXECUTED for. It should go without saying that the not-vaccinated people have already accepted the possibility of obtaining said diseases, so again, why should vaccinated individuals care. (By the way, the not-vaccinated individuals are also The People, and saying things like what you said makes us (The People) look ignorant, so stop speaking on our behalf.)

  32. Jane says

    Hi, what are your thoughts ON SSPE, reading cases it appears it is NOT as rare as first thought?
    If measles cases rise, we will see more and more cases?

  33. Megan says

    Thank you for this amazing post, which perfectly articulates the concerns I–and many of my friends–have regarding vaccinations. The name-calling from Pro-Vaxers in the NYT comments section is juvenile and appalling.

    99% of them probably have no understanding about the information in you’ve included in this post.
    Well done!

    • Kathy says

      Dear Megan,

      Thank you for this wonderful article and website, so full of the information I wish I had in 1973 when my first son was born. I am a retired nutritionist in Colorado and did the post about what vaccines have done to my four children. I so agree about the juvenile, hateful comments made by pro-vaxers. I must say that many of them are driven (or paid) to make these comments by organizations like Voices for Vaccines and Dr. Paul “For Profit” Offit who makes millions of dollars each year from Merck and his own vaccine patents. He loves to write hateful books, bashing the anti-vaccine movement and alternative medicine. To say they are not nice people is putting it lightly.
      Keep up the good work. This is David and Goliath, and we all know how that story ends.

  34. says

    Couldn’t have put it better myself -I would like to add that we (my partner and I) followed the same logic in Brazil (NOT the most highly developed nation on the planet), and our daughter has notably fewer sick days than any of her vaccinated class mates.
    In order for her to stay in the school of our choice, I had to outright lie about losing her vaccination card, because both the school and the state government can unilaterally ban her from attending without proof of vaccination – luckily we moved from southern Brazil when she was 3 yrs-old, so the story is at least plausible. Where our daughter was born (Florianopolis, SC), we know of 4 paediatric physicians who did not vaccinate their own children, for the very same reasons. When even doctors agree that there are serious questions that require discussion, on this issue, what choice should a conscientious parent make?!
    Phil (a brit living in the tropics)

    • says

      I feel I should add that home-schooling is not a legal option in Brazil, and keeping children out of school is a crime punishable by jail time, so our options were: lie and hope to God we didn’t get caught; tell the truth and be forced to choose between going to jail or vaccinating our daughter. And… believe it or not, but Brazil is considered to be a democratic nation.
      I urge you all to fight to maintain the constitutional rights you have, because a lot of people in many countries, worldwide, take far greater risks to do the right thing by their children.

  35. says


    First off, I can only imagine how much time it took to research and put together this wonderful article and so thank you for taking the time to do so. People need to hear this. Many parents especially who either won’t/can’t put the time to look into these matters, or simply need encouragement that they are not the only ones making the choice not to vaccinate, will greatly benefit from this piece. As will many others, to be reminded to wake up and not simply follow or be bullied by the so-called “higher powers”.

    At the end of the day, and a missed point by some here, is not what is or isn’t in the vaccines, or what they may or may not cause. It comes down to personal choice and individual rights, and these days both of these are being eradicated more and more from our lives in North America. A silent and steady force to do things a certain way or not do things a certain way is spreading quickly. The fallout of this is just starting to be experienced by some as we continue to give away our rights, one after another.

    So thank you for your courage to speak up and speak out. Change will happen regardless, but it is only when we take an active role in that change that we can drive it in directions that work for, rather than against us.
    Evita recently posted…Review: Yandara Yoga Institute Teacher TrainingMy Profile

  36. Audrey Adams says

    Bravo! That was probably the very best response to the vaccine-pushing medical establishment that I have ever read—I just loved it!

    My son was normal before his MMR in 1986, but got a full measles breakout from the shot 10 days later and never recovered. Characteristics of early autism were notable within 6 weeks and he was diagnosed shortly after his 2nd birthday. Thirteen years later, with no other measles exposures, we ran a blood test for measles antibodies. The lab report “norm range” showed 0 – 200 and, according to the lab director and researcher, an active case of the measles (that the body is currently fighting off) would be around 400, a really bad case of the measles might be as high as 500, he said.

    I thought there must have been an error, buy he said, no, they had tested and retested several times to make sure. At age 14, my son’s measles antibody count was 1,239—more than 6 times higher than the highest end of norm and more than 3 times higher than expected with an active case of measles!

    At age 18, while trying to treat his (internal) chronic measles infection with a naturopath using a homeopathic, his body reacted with a bad acute outbreak of measles Koplik spots in his mouth. His cousin caught this acute measles virus from him and was taken to urgent care.

    So much for herd immunity…more like herd vulnerability.

  37. Sharon says

    Megan — This is an excellent article and one that I will share. I hope you continue to speak out, with such clarity and understanding, on this issue. Thank you!

  38. Brooke says

    Wow…thank you so much for this article! I’m 27 years old and don’t have any kids yet, but I’m starting to research vaccines. I have yet to come across a compelling reason for why I should vaccinate my kids. I’m not really into the anti-vaccine debate (although I’m a HUGE freedom advocate so in that perspective I completely support the parents’ right to vaccinate or not vaccinate based on their choice). The argument that pro-vaccine people make is that I’m protecting my child from illness, but everyone who has said that will admit there is not 100% immunity with vaccines so I’m still taking the risk of my kids getting the illnesses/diseases. The pro-vax people say that risk is lower with vaccines, but there is no data to actually prove that. Same line of thinking goes for not vaccinating. There is not a 100% chance that if I don’t vaccinate that my kid will get the disease/illness. There are plenty of healthy unvaccinated children and plenty of sick vaccinated children (and vice versa). So regardless of whether I choose to vaccinate or not, I’m still taking a risk and the risks of not vaccinating are more well-known than vaccinating. The only side effect of not vaccinating is that my child will contract the illness the vaccine is supposed to prevent. If I vaccinate, then I still carry that risk of my child contracting the illness (although not as high) as well as all the other risks in the vaccine inserts.

    I had chicken pox when I was younger and it was no big deal at all whatsoever. I did not die from it…obviously. I see no need at all to give my kid the chicken pox vaccine. Same goes for measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. I’m not scared of these illnesses. My friend who is a single mother with 3 kids on Medicaid gave her kids all the vaccines except she does not give them flu vaccines for some reason. Her oldest, who is 6 years old, contracted whooping cough last year and she is FULLY vaccinated. I was over at her house often and did not contract it and neither did my friend and our whooping cough vaccines wore off a looooong time ago. The risk of dying from these illnesses, in the research that I have done, is LESS than the risk of a debilitating side effect from the vaccines. I just don’t see why my kids NEED vaccines. If they are optional, that is fine. Parents can use vaccines as tools for prevention if THEY want to. It just doesn’t make logical sense to me to inject ANYTHING into a small, growing body without questioning it heavily.

    Also, back in the late 80s when I received my childhood vaccines, I hated them for some reason. I vividly remember crawling under a chair and gripping it as if my life depended on it. If you could, I would tell you to ask my mother how well-behaved I was when I was little just so you know that I wasn’t doing this out of bad behavior. I just hated vaccines for some reason. My mom came over to the chair I was under and was trying to coax me out. I wouldn’t come out so she lifted up the chair and I was still hanging on to it. Again, I remember that like it was yesterday. My mom also said that she gave me the vaccines because that is what she was told to do. SHE DID NOT QUESTION THE DOCTORS AT ALL. I also find it strange that we had almost HALF the vaccines back in the 80s than we do now. How has our environment got so bad that we need to increase the number of vaccines?

    One more thing, the flu vaccine has been around since the 70s. Why are they pushing it so hardcore in the last 5 years? All this vaccine stuff smells of greed and money….which is exactly what is pushing me to not vaccinate my kids. I feel they are trying to scare the money out of me and I won’t have it. Two of my pet peeves in this world are people making me feel stupid and people trying to scam me. As you can tell, my pet peeves are pushed on every day by our government and the media.

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see a truly honest debate on vaccines. I feel the truth is somewhere in the middle of this argument, but until that day comes where we, as mature adults, can have an honest and open debate, I’m going to err on the side of caution and I probably will not be vaccinating my future children.

    Again, thanks for this article!

    • Kim says

      Please order, read and share the book “Vaccination is Not Immunization” by Tim O’Shea. It is an invaluable resource for any current or potential parent regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. It contains critical information that supports the position to “just say no” for the health and welfare of your children.

  39. Christina Burtis, Washington DC says

    Seriously brilliant article Megan. Well written and well done. Best of luck with things.

  40. Cathy says

    As the mother of a beautiful baby girl, who died of SIDS in 2004 exactly seven days after receiving a full barrage of vaccinations (including IPV + DTaP + HepB), in doses that were then considered safe but are no longer recommended, all I can say is THANK YOU and BLESS YOU for this article and everything that you are doing to alert parents to the potential dangers of vaccinations.

    • alex smith says

      Do a web search vaccine simpsonwood meeting, and learn that the government has knowledge vaccines cause damage.

    • tom woolf says

      What is this statement supposed to mean? Do you have any facts to back up whatever point you are trying to make?

    • Mukti says

      The government knows only too well that vaccines can cause damage and death to children, that is why parents can no longer sue them or the pharmaceutical companies.

  41. Jack says

    wow, great article.
    Sadly, your initial point that it is a basic human right to decide what is put in our, and our children’s, body, should be the beginning and end of the argument – but in today’s world, it’s not.

  42. momto3sons says

    Dear Megan, Thank you so very much for writing this intelligent and articulate response to that NY Times article. Thank you… thank you… thank you! I have raised 3 sons (now 10, 12, and 14) without vaccinations or antibiotics who have been healthy and are thriving and so I hadn’t thought much about the issue in years. But recently, with the publication of that NY Times article and having it circulated on Facebook with hateful, righteous, and condemning comments (even from people that I otherwise like and respect), I was confronted with it again. I admit I felt fearful and doubting and wondered if I should be worried? I did a search online tonight to reconnect with the unvaxing community and find some support and answers to what they thought of that article. And that is how I came across your letter. What a relief! In fact, my boys and I stayed up late tonight discussing the issue. I read your letter to them, and some of the comments, and as you can imagine, it was a rich conversation that included constitutional rights, parenting choices, personal responsibility, ethics, health, and even spirituality. While I refrain from judging other parents knowing that we all want the best for our children, I feel more confident in my decision than ever. Again, thank you.

  43. says

    I do not support influenza vaccines, or possibly HPV. Not a big fan of HepA requiring a vaccine either.

    I was terrified about vaccines when I was expecting and I researched both websites (where I found anti-vax information) and scholarly journals (where I found pro-vax information). After 100’s of hours I decided to fully vaccinate my son. I get piece of mind knowing that scholarly journals are peer reviewed (scientists, researchers, MD’s, etc not “Big Pharma”) and must list conflicts of interest.

    Some things I found out (personal research and during a B.S. and M.S. program in Biology)

    Wakefield had huge financial gains if the single measles vaccine he lobbied for were to replace the MMR vaccine.

    Breast milk immunoglobulins consist primarily of IgA. (if that sounds foreign to you please believe a Dr’s advice over your own opinion)

    That Dr Kurt guy is a chiropractor with a background in Biochemistry and genetics? How does that work, shouldn’t he have a background in physiology? There are so many flaws in his writings (just go through the comments before they all get deleted that expose many of his misunderstandings)

    Oh yes I forgot, that vaccination frequency is absolutely the only thing that has has changed with the environment and the lifestyle of Americans. And of course there is no more awareness that would lead towards more diagnosis.

    Please learn more about the components and mechanisms of vaccines before preaching about them.

    I wonder how many anti-vaxers have passed (ok understand the material as well) a semester of immunology, virology, or upper division microbiology?

    “Big Pharma” makes more off of drugs and treatment than vaccines. They probably fund anti-vaxing campaigns.

    The recent pertussis outbreaks are very likely influenced from a less effective vaccine now administered after pressure from anti-vaxers.

    I definitely support MMR, DTP, HiB, what am I forgetting?

    • Grace Joubarne says

      I support anyone doing with their own bodies what they choose to. With vaccines you are playing Russian Roulette…the facts speak for themselves. I don’t support others telling me what to do with my or my children’s bodies. Pharmaceutical science is so froth with fraud and deception that all you need do is check out all the criminal and civil cases against these vaccine manufacturers to get a clear picture. Also, despite all your critiquing of Dr. Wakefield and others, you have not explained away the $3 Billion (that’s a B) in vaccine damage awards by the Vaccine Court itself, nor the other billions in quiet payouts. If they are so safe, why all the payouts? It is so interesting how people who will inject mercury and other substances that come with a long list of side-effects are so quick to tell others to jump off the same bridge. Not only do they violate their child’s basic right not to be poisoned with mercury and other horrific ingredients, but they take great pride in forcing others to be that malicious too.

    • Carl says

      LoL @ Jason. How can one have a Masters and still be so uneducated? Given your level of education you should have realized you have injected your son with cocktails from companies that are routinely fined for nefarious practices (http://projects.propublica.org/graphics/bigpharma). They have falsified data to rush drugs and vaccines to market. How can you not see the corrupt environment in which there is a revolving door between Big Pharma executives and those that work at the FDA? Why is Big Pharma the only company that is exempt from having to stand behind their product? If there is something wrong with a seatbelt, Toyota has to recall all their vehicles. If a child dies from a vaccine reaction, then it’s an “oh well, tough nooggies”.

      Vaccines safe and effective? Then why are there thousands of doctors and scientists that say otherwise? They all have medical degrees and PHD’s, so why don’t they all agree on this? You vaccinated your son based on peer reviewed journals? Well here’s a doozie for you: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2819810/

      I’m sorry if I am coming off a little harsh, but given the amount of information out there, it should have been enough to sway you away from using products from these companies. That’s what they are…products. They are not miracles that save lives…they are tools to increase profits and make shareholders happy.

    • alex smith says

      Hey, knock yourself out with those vaccines. Just understand, you, nor anybody else has the right and authority over another man or woman.

    • says

      That’s example that even MS or MD doesn’t make people immune to brainwashing. In fact, attempts to think with your own mind can make it difficult for a doctor, med or nursing student to get a diploma or keep a licence. Those will be declared “not safe”. And then we are supposed to assume that those “cook-book ” medical professionals, repeating everything that vaccine industry told them to say, are the source of professional advice. People, read and think before submitting to poisonous injections. Do not let them bully you.
      MZ recently posted…A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine ExemptionsMy Profile

    • dewilson says

      Jason you better check your resources again. It has been found that Dr. Fiona Godlee, from one of those “scholarly” medical journals (British Medical Journal) and pseudo-journalist Brian Deer, falsified, changed, and manipulated data in an attempt to destroy Dr. Wakefield and his work. The British Medical Journal took significant amounts of revenue from the pharmaceutical companies who produce MMR vaccines.

    • John says

      Jason, re-read this line you wrote,

      “Big Pharma” makes more off of drugs and treatment than vaccines.”

      You made the connection and then missed it at the same time. They make money off the side effects of the vaccines which is the point of most drug companies….profits. They do not care if you live or die, all they care about is the money. So vaccines can cause life long issues if not outright death and then they make their profits medicating you until you do pass. It’s as clear as can be. Profits from every direction.

    • tom woolf says

      Wakefield has been fully exonerated by the British High Court. The claims against him were gutter talk, nothing scientific. Criminal that he had to suffer for so long. Give that one a rest. The kangaroo “vaccine court” that we have been saddled with here in the U.S. told my friend who brought a case to them, “look, we don’t need any evidence to prove that vaccines cause autism. We already know that. What you have to prove is that it did so in your son’s case.” Quote and unquote. How much more damning evidence do you need than that. Plus, DO NOT FORGET to have a good look at the charts that were provided in the article that shows the natural decline of all the infectious diseases that vaccines supposedly “wiped out.” In the face of all of this incontrovertible evidence to the contrary of vaccine safety and efficacy to try and make an argument to the contrary just shows the effectiveness of a lifetime of indoctrination.

    • Mukti says

      you are forgetting that your child was lucky not to stop speaking at 18 month 2 days after the vaccination and has autism as a result it. some people were not so lucky!

    • Rich Coulter says

      Hi Jason, you’re forgetting the following facts about Wakefield:

      1) In the 1998 press conference he recommended choosing the monovalent measles vaccine that had been on the schedule for 30 years over MMR, over six months before the NHS removed the license at the behest of GSK. He’s either the face of the antivaccine movement or he’s not, which is it? If he was going to introduce his own vaccine to replace MMR then how can he be antivaccine? How could he have attempted to replace MMR with a measles vaccine when one already existed (monovalent) which was one he was already recommending? He’s not psychic, I don’t think even Deer has suggested that.

      2) The person that funded the investigation into Wakefield was making 70,000 pounds annually in a non-executive director position on the board of UK MMR makers GSK, that’s Rupert Murdoch’s son James who at the time was the owner of The Sunday Times. He funded Deer’s investigation.

      3) The person that retracted the Lancet paper Wakefield was one author of was making 70,000 pounds annually in a non-executive director position on the board of UK MMR makers GSK, Sir Crispin Davis.

      4) Not one other author of that paper has ever once said any of the data was fraudulent.

      5) The BMJ published the article by Deer on Wakefield, it was never peer-reviewed.

      6) The BMJ published that article without revealing their large conflict of interests with the pharmaceutical company that stood to profit most from said article.

  44. James says

    I’d be more willing to listen to several real epidemiologists — ie. doctors specifically trained in diseases, statistics of populations, biochemistry, and mechanisms of disease. But what I gather from your words is something like — “Big Pharma” has duped the majority of medical scientists with a PhD? And you, plus your fringe handful of MD’s are the only ones who can see this, yes? Thousands of people getting medical degrees each year in the USA alone, fully educated people gone through difficult expensive schooling, are being indoctrinated, being duped, rendered mentally incompetent to see this thing that you see? None of them have examined the data unbiased, right? OK. You do realize that educated people are smart, yes? You do realize that scientific consensus isn’t just opinion, right? They don’t fill medical textbooks with “information” that is known to be flat-out wrong, or incompetent. The vast majority of it is practiced, applied. In science you have to show what you know very extensively — and statistics is a particularly subtle field. You have to have a specialty in both the epidemiology, and in statistics itself, not just one or the other. I sincerely doubt you have either, let alone both.

    What I see in movements like this is not just the usual anti-academic attitude so prevalent in western culture (America in particular), I also see people trading the rhetoric of one obvious huckster, “Big Pharma” (which has SOME regulation) for the rhetoric of another “Big Health Food,” it’s mirror twin — an industry effectively UNREGULATED. If you’re any kind of scientist, you’d know that the unregulated industry, on whose platform you publish your articles online (the only place you’re likely to find an audience) has as much unsubstantiated BS swimming in it as anything. You likely spend money in this ‘natural health’ industry, one that thrives on people pushed away from modern medicine, and greets their attitudes and rhetoric with open arms. It encourages people to be “natural” buy exotic supplements, plants and foods, many of which are harvested elsewhere jetted from around the world. Your health is important to you, and this industry knows it, that’s why it prices so high, too. Just like “Big Pharma” does. This entire “discussion” isn’t about knowledge and it’s subtleties, or about the objective science — it’s taking place in a climate that is contrived, dualistic, reaction-based.

    Yeah, I know, I’m just a “paid shill” for some company, just the devil talking. A devil who grows and forages all their own foods, has a strong vaccinated immune system and COUNTED antibodies against the very diseases they were designed to target…. but I suppose Titer tests are a sham, too? I’m sure that narrative is already running, since it’s of course necessary to sustain your argument.

  45. Diane Mathis says

    Thank you for a rational and mature discussion on our rights as US citizens. I will never understand why pro-vaxxers feel they are the only ones with the rights in this country. We don’t need to spew test results and statistics and graphs…..we KNOW vaccines aren’t safe and we KNOW we have the right to refuse them being injected into our children. The pro-vax side becomes more angry and more fear based every single day. Thanks again for this article. More strength for us non-vaxxing parents is always a good thing. Carry on!!

    • papafree says

      I am a pro vaxxer just like I am a pro stop at stop signs person.

      Stop signs don’t prevent all accidents at intersections, just like vaccines don’t prevent all disease. However, the more people that abide by stop sign laws, the fewer accidents there are. If you’ve ever witnessed someone running a stop sign, you immediately feel disgust for that person’s selfishness, and you can begin to imagine how I feel when someone chooses not to vaccinate their self or their children.

      What would you think if you were stopped at a stop sign and someone came barreling behind you and you couldn’t do anything but hope they swerved to miss you? Especially once you realized that if the other car wasn’t going to miss you, your children in the backseat would be hit the hardest?

      I think it’s worth asking, “Should people have the right to not stop at stop signs?” Why or why not?

      • says

        In case you weren’t paying attention to the factual body of this piece by Megan, this is about the issue of removing legitimate lawful exemptions to vaccination. It was backed by facts. Read the inserts to a vaccine and you can see for yourself. Your “Stop Sign” analogy does not apply here since a person’s choice not to vaccinate does not pose a danger to the rest of society. However there is much evidence that infers that proponents of the vaccine do indeed pose a danger to society and use fear tactics and bribery of our legislators to pass mandatory vaccine laws to pad their pockets with no regard to true public welfare. I suggest that you truly research this subject so that you can be aware.

      • Patsy says

        OMG I really should not even waste my time responding to this. If you honestly think you can compare not vaccinating to not stopping at a stop sign then you are beyond help.
        In fact if you actually look at this factually you could say that vaccinating is more like not stopping at a stop sign than not vaccinating. I mean what we are really talking about is how does one persons action or lack off, effect others around them.

        What you propose is that not vaccinating is more likely to effect those around them.
        The only way not vaccinating would ever effect those around them is if you believe in herd immunity theory. Lets get this straight. Herd immunity, does NOT, will NOT and can NOT ever exist. Unless adults also get regular booster shots of every vaccine available, every 5-10yrs for the the rest of their life. And of course you would have to first believe that vaccines work in the first place.
        So basically a non vaccinated child is no different to the what, maybe 60-70% of the population who are adults and are not receiving regular boosters for all available vaccines.

        However if we look at vaccinated individuals and what effect they have on those around them.
        First off the vaccine insert tell us that shedding occurs for sometimes up to 6weeks depending on the vaccine. And given most parents never read the vaccine inserts and the doctors rarely ever tell them this. They send their darling vaccinated child out into the population potentially shedding and infecting many with that disease. Now this should not really be a problem if vaccines actually did their job because no one should get infected if they have been vaccinated right?
        But even vaccine pushers like yourself admit that you can still contract the disease even if vaccinated. So in other words you admit that vaccines do NOT work.
        So then we people like you jump up and down and say vaccines work by reducing the symptoms of the disease.
        Ok so now you have a vaccinated child carrying a disease but having very “mild” symptoms. So mild that for the likes of pertussis you might not even recognise as having anything worse than a common cold. So once again these little vaccinated darlings are sent out into the community to further spread the disease.
        That point I know for a fact personally as my vaccinated daughter contracted pertussis and doctors after asking if she had been vaccinated, never even considered pertussis based on her vaccination status alone. It was only after days later I took her to the hospital and demanded she be tested that her results came back positive for pertussis. Now I did not parade her around in public but she did sit in both the doctors and the hospitals waiting rooms with other sick people, young babies and elderly people and we did go to the chemist to get a script for antibiotics the doctor had ordered for a “chest infection”.

        I could go on but it is clear to see just what children are a greater risk to those around them or as you say it, are not stopping at the stop sign.

      • says

        It is demagoguery to compare common sense behavior (stopping on stop signs, not driving into oncoming traffic, not commiting crimes, not walking on your head and so on) with legal obligation to inject yourself or your children with poisonous cocktail of viral/monkey/aborted fetuses/cancer DNA and toxic chemicals. If you want to do it to yourself, you have the legal right to do it. Just do not interfere with my legal right to refuse the fraudulent and dangerous products. That said, I vaccinated my own children, and my children paid terrible price for that. i wish I didn’t . As smart people say , “it is not possible to unvaccinate your children” . I wish I did my research rather than listen to shill doctors on vaccine industry payroll (like this Feemster).
        Thank you Megan, for your smart and educated letter. it is too late to save my children, but it will save many others.

  46. says

    I love your artcial, and respect everything what ur saying I’m a first time mom and my baby is 9 months and didn’t take one vaccine yet. I just don’t feel right giving her them I been doing A lot research and my gut feeling is just not right about them, but there is just one problem if u want to leave the U.S my baby has to get her passport they ask to see her shot records which she never took any vaccines so that means she can’t get a passport and we have family out of the US which I’m stuck in this situation and don’t know what to do??? Any help?

    • says

      Amanda, Thanks for your comment! We just went through this actually and we sent in our paperwork for our passports without any issue. Since you have a legal right not to vaccinate they can’t require that paperwork. :)
      As far as getting into another country, there are “recommended vaccines” and “required vaccines.” Most are NOT required. We went to Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa last October and Yellow Fever vaccine was required. I filled out a vaccine exemption card and got through. For many of the vaccines if your baby is under a certain age or you are breastfeeding you’ll qualify for an exemption. Either way you shouldn’t have any issues with your passports and when you leave for your destination just check the vaccine “requirements” and make sure you have an exemption.

    • Halka says

      Hi Amanda!

      that is simply not true, I have an almost 10months old and we are traveling overseas in the summer, just got his passport without any requirement to show vaccination record.

  47. says

    I’m going to aim specifically at your choice of graphs.

    All of your graphs cite mortality statistics, and make the case that mortality rates for vaccine-preventable diseases were declining before the advent of immunizations.

    This is true. HOWEVER, there is a glaring omission from that bit of evidence.

    You see, incidences of these diseases did not decline before vaccines came along. Sure, you weren’t as likely to die of polio anymore, but that was because you could be confined to an iron lung instead. You weren’t dead per se, simply paralyzed and disabled.

    There is a graph on this page that shows the number of measles cases per year, and points out when the vaccine was licensed. Again, children weren’t dying as often of measles as they used to thanks to advances in “allopathic” medicine, but they still got sick and possibly suffered after-effects like subacute sclerosing panencephalitis until the vaccine became available. The graph shows that when the vaccine became available, the number of people catching measles dropped off dramatically.

    So yes, there is a difference between mortality rates, and incidence rates, and it should be highlighted in discussions about the effectiveness and utility of vaccinations.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment. Although I respect your opinion and I agree that there is a difference between incidence and mortality. I used mortality charts in this post but I could have used charts to show that the incidences of these diseases have declined as well.

      Decline of Pertussis (Whole-cell pertussis vaccine licensed in 1949):

      Decline of Polio before Salk’s and Sabin’s Vaccine:
      See Incidence of poliomyelitis in the USA from CDC, 1972
      Salk’s Vaccine 1955

      Decline of Hepatitis (Viral. Incidence, by year – United States, 1975-2005):
      Hep A implemented in 1995 and Hep B in 1991

      Decline in Mumps (Incidence by year – United States, 1980-2005):
      Page 63 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/wk/mm5453.PDF
      Licensed in 1967

      Rubella (Note the very low incidence overall):
      Page 63 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/wk/mm5453.PDF
      Licensed in 1969

      Decline in Measles:
      http://www.healthsentinel.com “United States Measles Mortality and Disease Rates” based off of vital statistics
      Licensed in 1963

      As far as polio is concerned, more than 95 percent of persons who contract polio recover uneventfully from what is perceived to be a stomach flu. Transient paralysis results in approximately 2 percent of children who contact the viral infection, of those, more than 98% completely recover. The WHO limited their definition of polio after the vaccine was introduced which made it look like the vaccine was more effective than it actually was, and many cases that were attributed to wild polio before the vaccine was actually due to DDT toxicity and non-polio AFP. Many cases of “polio” that occurred after the vaccine was introduced was VAPP or Vaccine Associated Paralytic Polio.

      The last case of wild-strain polio in the U.S occurred in 1979; the last case in the Western Hemisphere was in Peru in 1991. Between 1987 and 2001 the oral polio vaccine was the only case of paralytic polio in the U.S and 156 persons have received compensation from the National Vaccine Compensation Program because they were paralyzed after exposure to the vaccine. (Ref: National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Claims Filed, Compensated or Dismissed. ftp://hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/VICIPClaimsFiled_Compen_Dismiss-6-9-06.pdf)

      Need I mention SV-40? I think the polio vaccine was quite disastrous but that’s just my opinion. For a great discussion on polio please refer to Dr. Suzanne Humphrie’s lecture at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twch-T-n8Ns.

      I am not anti-allopathic medicine. I recognize that it has it’s place but in the realm of vaccinations and chronic disease it has failed miserably and is not above question or reproach. I think the current state of our healthcare system is testament to that.

      Again, thank you for stating your comment in a respectful matter. I encourage this discourse even if I do not agree with you position.

    • Rich Coulter says

      When you have vaccine apologists fear-mongering about how millions of children’s dead bodies will be littering the sides of the streets were we to stop vaccinating it makes sense to use mortality rates to rebut that argument.

  48. Amanda says

    Links to the research you are referring to which are not appropriate methods of researching the vaccines may be helpful in educating others. I appreciate you promoting everyone to do their own research and keep the government out of our decisions.

    As someone working with children with autism for 10+ years, I have to argue the statement that “vaccines cause autism.”
    Yes, I have spoken with some families that claim their child changed after vaccines. However, I have also spoken with families whose child has not been vaccinated and they have demonstrated symptoms of autism since birth, or regressed after the age of 1-2. Additionally, each child with autism displays different symptoms, so I’m not convinced that if is possible to attribute vaccines to such vastly different presentations of this disability.
    The important piece is that each child seems to be best treated and make the most progress with ABA therapy. No matter what the “cause” of their disability is.

    • Carl says

      Amanda you have to realize Autism is a neurological disorder. There are many toxins in our environment that can cause it as well. Vaccines are the only delivery mechanisms (maybe food too?) that intentionally introduce toxins into our bodies (aluminum, mercury). Those two are proven neurotoxins…I mean there are no two ways about it. The allowable exposure to these according to the EPA are exceeded in some vaccines, which is pretty sick if you ask me.

      So you have dozens of vaccines on the recommended schedule delivering toxins, the fire retardants in our seats and mattresses, toys from China, EMF waves, non-organic food, and the ground we walk on. Before a baby is 1, they are fighting a losing battle. It’s like teams facing Wayne Gretzky in the 80’s…you couldn’t stop him, so all you could do was try to slow him down. You can’t stop all the neurotoxins, but you can stop the ones that ones that you know are going into your child and directly into their veins no less.

    • Rich Coulter says

      It is definitely not possible to wholly contribute environmental causes of autism to vaccines, but it is definitely not possible to wholly excuse them either given that a controlled study of ASD in fully vaccinated vs. fully unvaccinated has never been done. There is a bogus article out there on a website called skeptic raptor or something like that which attempts to explain why such a study cannot be done but it is utterly flawed in every aspect, not the least of which is the very first point it makes that such a study would require the entire planet to stop vaccinating for a period of time, ridiculous.

  49. says

    The central issue in the NYT piece and the response is choice; my comment centers on that with specific focus on the exemptions in New York. Religious and medical exemptions are under attack in New York City and State; medical waivers, believe it or not, are close to impossible to get and religious waivers are not far behind. Parents can hand in a doctor’s note stating their child’s life would be threatened by a vaccine (I know, I know- rare, yeah, whatever), NYC Dept of Health rejects it and throws the child out of school. Parents are being interrogated about the nature of their religious beliefs (all on video so don’t tell me it doesn’t happen), subject to First Amendment violations and their child is barred from school. Did I mention parents are not being offered their legal right to a free and appropriate public education for their kids? And should I talk about their right to a translator? Denied. In New York, of all places.
    As a mom who assists parents through this twisted waiver process, I have a bird’s eye view. So don’t even make a wayward comment on this topic. Parents in New York (and all over the US) need to fight to get back (or keep) a right that should never be in question. Contact your lawmakers and insist they support our right to choose for ourselves and our kids. Parents call the shots.

    • S says

      It seems the choice is clear. If you don’t want to vaccinate, then you lose the right to public school enrollment. It’s not that you are barred from living a vaccine-free life, on the contrary, you can do what you wish, but then don’t complain about the consequences.

      • says

        And what about churches, restaurants, parks, play groups, beaches, vacation spots, amusement parks, libraries, children museums? What you are referring to is called discrimination so let’s call it what it is. And what about vaccinated children? Live viruses from vaccines shed and non-live vaccines make their hosts asymptomatic carriers that can infect anyone.

        How about this, you vaccinate yourself or your children and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing with theirs. If someone were telling you that you could NOT vaccinate your child you would have a problem with that. Please respect a parent’s right to choose even if you don’t agree with it.

        • Kay says

          Those are private institutions, not public. Public institutions with a high concentration of children in large numbers should be treated differently than say, a church of 50 families. You are obfuscating the issue by going to extremes.

          Furthermore, the NYT article simply stated it should not be easy to get an exemption, not to make it impossible. as someone who works in public health, I can tell you there are a lot of unvaccinated children whose parents haven’t made an educated decision not to vaccinate their kids, they either don’t have healthcare or do not know they are supposed to get their child vaccinated. Exemptions make it easy for those parents to become negligent in their child’s care. Whether you believe it or not, you are in the minority. The medical, scientific, public health, and educational communities overwhelming support vaccines.

          I support your right as a parent to make decisions about your child’s healthcare, but not when they jeopardize the lives and well being of the children around them. Your liberty ends where my liberty begins, so all this rhetoric about personal freedom, it doesn’t fly.

          • says

            Kay, I respect your opinion but I disagree. The title of the NYT piece was “ELIMINATE Vaccine Exemptions.” I would also say there are more un-informed people giving their kids vaccinations then un-informed people who do not.

            Nor do I think that the majority is right simply because they are the majority. Need I remind you what happened when the majority decided Jews weren’t good enough to be mixed in with their race? Or that it took 3% of the population to start the Revolutionary war, that at one time, formula was said to be superior to breastfeeding, and smoking, blood-letting, spraying your kids with DDT, Vioxx, cocaine, sugar, and heroin were all widely acceptable, promoted and scientific treatments for any number of ailments?

            And I guess I’m confused, my liberty has to end so that yours can begin? So it’s okay to infringe upon my liberties but it’s not okay for me to infringe upon yours? That’s just not logical. What’s logical is that each person has the right to decide what they put into their bodies and what gets injected in to their child’s. This is the United States of America and we are entitled to these freedoms. Considering my decision in NO WAY effects you or your decision, I think it should be preserved.

            The allopathic community may support your position but that’s not really a “win” is it considering the failing state of our healthcare system in this country. I can tell you this, the chiropractic, naturopathic, most of the osteopathic, and some of the allopathic, as well as many un-biased research scientists do not support your view.

            Germs only live in environments conducive to growth and that’s where we should focus disease prevention, not on vaccinations which are both research and clinically ineffective. At the end of the day you have your right to vaccinate and I have my right not too and that’s what I’m fighting for. :)

          • says

            Since when is the idea of personal freedom rhetorical? What would you suggest, genius, having the government invade your home and shoot you up with the latest and greatest? Are you out of your mind? Are you seriously so anti-choice that you support this? Pro-vax is one thing- but opposing choice is taking it many outrageous steps
            further. And it is you who is in the minority. The entire country has exemption options.

      • Marlene says

        S Says: “It seems the choice is clear. If you don’t want to vaccinate, then you lose the right to public school enrollment. It’s not that you are barred from living a vaccine-free life, on the contrary, you can do what you wish, but then don’t complain about the consequences.”

        What you don’t understand is that the majority of adults are unvaccinated. If they received a vaccine as a child, that vaccine has already worn off. So just about every adult who is running around out here, including teachers at public schools, are unvaccinated. Have you ever spoken out against them? Do you try to keep your kids away from every adult in the store, at school or anywhere else? It is hypocrisy to whine about unvaccinated kids when most adults are also unvaccinated. Are you up to date on the vaccine schedule? Have you had your vaccines within the last 5 years?

        • S says

          The day adults enroll into schools as students, they will also need vaccine compliance.

          I know health care professionals are often required to be vaccinated, so I assume teachers too, but can’t speak to this with authority.

          You asked “Have you ever spoken out against them? Do you try to keep your kids away from every adult in the store, at school or anywhere else?”

          I answer: If and when teachers and healthcare professionals start lobbying to be exempted from such things, yes I will speak up. Until then, this is hypothetical and speculative and not helping your point get across one bit.

        • April says

          Well said Megan. I do not vaccinate and never will. I’m in my 30s and I was not vaccinated. I’m still alive, thriving, healthy and happy. My kids have not been vaccinated. They are healthy and happy too. Never been on antibiotics, never had ear infections etc. etc. big pharma is getting carried away with all of these vaccinations. Guess what people chicken pox is NOT a disease. Rotavirus is NOT a disease. If your child gets these illnesses, they won’t die. Why on earth would you vaccinate and inject TOXINS directly into your child’s bloodstream. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that There is NO proof that vaccinations work. NONE. Have you read package inserts for the poison you allow to be injected?? Did you know that even the EPA considers many of these ingredients highly toxic? I’d prefer my child to get chicken pox, have a little diarrhea, rash, slight fever over all of the long term effects these vaccines WILL cause. Media, Big Pharma, CDC, Government has people so afraid of things like measles and mumps. There are over 63 people infected at the Ohio State University currently. Guess what..97% were vaccinated. What a surprise, the vaccinations didn’t work…I mean it wore off. So now they have the mumps. They’ll get better in a few days and never have to worry about getting it again. People get vaccinations out of fear thanks to the media and money hungry pediatricians that are basically forced to follow the AAP guidelines. If pediatricians didn’t vaccinate, they would be out of business. Do you really trust your pediatrician to tell you the truth about vaccines.? I don’t. Not vaccinating is my choice. It’s no ones business. If you vaccinated your children then good for you. Why worry about my child infecting yours if you are so confident that vaccinations work?

      • Rich Coulter says

        Hi S – maybe we could make all the unvaccinated walk around with yellow stars on their sleeves huh?

  50. Sandy Lunoe says

    Safety of pharmaceuticals including vaccines is based on statistical evaluations and involves calculations wherein and presumably the risks of serious adverse events are weighed against claimed benefits of vaccination.
    But who’s doing the statistical evaluations? – Statisticians who are employed by the pharmaceutical industry.
    “If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust” (Robert Catalano)

  51. says

    Megan, beautifully written response to that absurd NY Times article. Great job! Keep sharing your truth. The world needs you. I healed myself from a vaccine injury while working in emergency med at a top NYC hospital in the mid-90’s (required set of boosters). I also worked in med research at that time. Now I am blessed to help hundreds of infants, children, and teens from around the world recover holistically. Unfortunately, vaccine injury is very common and real for too many. Blessings to you and your family!

  52. Jamie says

    Thank you for writing what seems to be a well-informed and thought out response. I don’t happen to agree with you, but I respect your opinion. I vaccinated my children because that was my choice. If you choose not to do so, that is up to you as their mother. We all have to do what we believe is right for our children. I would like to point out that in small children, however, Hep B is usually transmitted through contact of bodily fluids, not through sex or dirty needles. In schools there are more bodily fluids around than you would think, not semen and vaginal fluids, but blood. It is very uncommon that other children would go near them, but you never know. The other way young children are usually infected is at birth to an infected mother. Regardless of that fact, you wrote a very heart-felt response based on the facts that you believe. Others of us make our choices based on the facts that we believe. It’s not one’s job to judge the other, even if we disagree with the opinions. I’m sincere in my response to you, and am not being snarky.

    • Robert says

      I would not have vaccinated my children (or myself) if I knew then what I know now. But I do want to commend you for making a response that calmly and respectfully states that your opinion differs from the author’s (and mine, too).

      Thank you for not insulting my intelligence, the marital status of my parents, or any possible canine heritage in my ancestry.

      I respect the choice that you have made for yourself and your family. It is, after all, YOUR choice to make. Thank you for respecting my choice as well.

    • Patsy says

      Jamie, Thank you for a voice of reason.
      The large majority of non vaccinating people do not wish to force their views on others nor are they calling for a ban on vaccinations. Yes a small group are but not the majority.

      On the other hand from my experience, the large majority of pro vaccination do want to force their beliefs on others such as this article.
      You are one of the small majority. So again I thank you for a voice of reason.
      We all do what we think is best for our children.

  53. says

    AMAZING!!! Your article should be on the news to let everyone know what bullshit they have been feeding everyone! Great job! I applaud you 😀

  54. Rob G says

    I feel somewhat … unsurprised … that my comment that took time and energy to rebut (and in some cases agree with) your article remains in moderation. I would be similarly unsurprised if it remains so, forevermore.

  55. Sue Keller says

    Thank you for this. I’ll be sharing this. Wish every new parent would take your words to heart…. I have long ago gotten off my podium since most pregnant and new moms don’t want to hear it. I wish them all the best of luck. May their little ones NEVER suffer vaccine injuries….

  56. Mom to allergy kids says

    I wish I could be as eloquent as you when people bash vaccine obstainers. They caused my boys so many health problems and developmental delays (that we’ve mostly healed through diet, supplements, and no further vaccinations) that it is too close to me. I protect my one son’s privacy and don’t tell people he used to be on the spectrum, because then people treat him differently. So, I keep quiet, hold in the stress, and mention little facts to share my doubts about vaccines when I can. It breaks my heart and is killing my soul to keep quiet. I especially get upset when the argument is used that everyone should be vaccinated because of the people with low immunity. Do they have more rights than my kids have to not be poisoned and sent into a downward spiral of health issues that seem unrelated but aren’t?

    • says

      I hear you and I think your concerns resonate with so many mothers including myself. It breaks my heart as well and I hope that things change though I suspect the situation will get much worse before it gets better. Thank you for your comment!

  57. says

    I will respect your opinion because I think it is your right to have. That being said your article was well written, but your facts are flawed. The notion that vaccines cause autism has been debunked. The original researcher who “discovered” this was later found to have fabicricated the findings. Any person who is truly educated on the subject would know this. Unfortunately this “connection” is still a large part of society. The recent research has continued to find that there is no connection between vaccines and autism. As a side note it would be completely unethical to do a double-blind study on vaccines.

    • says

      Hey Holly, I noticed that my links were not highlighted in my post (currently changing that). If you click on the Tripedia insert you will see that autism was a listed adverse reaction. As for Dr. Wakefield, his RESEARCH has not been discredited. He never said that MMR caused autism. What he discovered is that the vaccine strain measles virus was in the gut flora of autistic children. This has been confirmed by 12 other world-renowned research scientists. His retraction from the lancet was done not because his research was wrong but because two people (liberals with ties to big pharma, who have now been accused of fraud and one I believe has served time in a federal institution) called the way Wakefield did his research “unethical.” I argue that it wasn’t, but that’s not up to me.

      Recent research has shown that vaccines can cause brain encephalitis (this is listed in the package inserts) and brain encephalitis can cause autism. In addition, heavy metals and live viruses can cross the blood brain barrier. Either way, until it is proven that vaccines do not cause autism, it is not a risk I am willing to take.

      Thanks for respecting my opinion. I certainly respect yours as well. In defense of Wakefield, please do not believe what you have been told from the media and I urge you to read the retraction as well. It’s what first gave me question.

      • says

        Megan, I apologize if I came off “snarky”. That was not my intention. Dr. Wakefield did make a claim that there was a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. His research has been discredited and proven to be unethical in the procedures he went about on autistic children. Overall, his methods were deemed unethical and in extreme violation of participants rights. http://www.gmc-uk.org/Wakefield_SPM_and_SANCTION.pdf_32595267.pdf

        I appreciate your concern regarding media. I also agree the media is a huge resource of unsupported claims. I myself am a graduate student who will have a PhD heavily weighted in research. I understand the process it takes to ground your study in theory and move from that to ethical and appropriate measure and to come to logical analyses. My thesis was centered around autism so my review of literature is extensive in autism. That being said it should be known that there is not ONE cause of autism. A does not cause B in this case. There is no one type of autism and there is no one cause of autism. Research is continuing to find that the clearest evidence of autism risk factors involves events before and during birth.

        I realize this is not a debate about the cause of autism, but I continue to find throughout my research and interaction in the communities that people are fearful of vaccines because they will cause autism. When in fact this is not the case. Also, I think many people who are parents of autistic children would find offense to autism being referred to as a “disease”. It is not contagious.

        Regarding vaccines I am all for being educated and knowledgeable about the effects of vaccines on your children. That is important. You have that right to decide when (and if) those vaccines should occur. I just wanted to make it clear that fearing autism as a “side effect” is overall an ignorant belief. Correlation is not causation. More studies have been found to not support that claim than have been found to support that claim. 12 studies over twenty years is not something to rave about.

        As I said before I respect your opinion and believe you have the right to believe all these things you believe. The overall trends can be understood, but again a trend is not always significant. I think you have the right to decide what you want for your child, but the education systems also have the right to decide what is best for the overall populations of their schools and this idea of “protecting your neighbor”.

        I really have no intent of arguing. I think there is little progress in arguing. I wish you the best in your future and the decisions you and your family decide to make.

        • says

          Holly, the studies have not been “debunked.” First off, autism is listed as a side effect in the Tripedia insert. You can find this online. Yes, I know this vaccine is no longer in use in the U.S.

          Here are 28 studies from medical journals that back up Wakefield’s conclusions. As you can see, there has been plenty of research done that demonstrates there IS a possible connection between vaccines, autism, and other neurological disorders.

          The Journal of Pediatrics November 1999; 135(5):559-63
          The Journal of Pediatrics 2000; 138(3): 366-372
          Journal of Clinical Immunology November 2003; 23(6): 504-517
          Journal of Neuroimmunology 2005
          Brain, Behavior and Immunity 1993; 7: 97-103
          Pediatric Neurology 2003; 28(4): 1-3
          Neuropsychobiology 2005; 51:77-85
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          Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology February 2009; 23(2): 95-98
          Annals of Clinical Psychiatry 2009:21(3): 148-161
          Journal of Child Neurology June 29, 2009; 000:1-6
          Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders March 2009;39(3):405-13
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          Journal of Child Neurology July 2000; ;15(7):429-35
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          Archivos venezolanos de puericultura y pediatría 2006; Vol 69 (1): 19-25.
          Gastroenterology. 2005:128 (Suppl 2);Abstract-303
          Beth recently posted…Keeping RecordsMy Profile

          • Concerned Citizen says

            I decided to look some up (starting with the most recent) and read them for myself. Here are my findings, and why when people suggest that they are “educated” about their choice not to vaccinate, I question where they’re getting their information.

            Journal of Child Neurology June 29, 2009; 000:1-6. No valid volume/issue. This journal has continuous pagination as well, and so there are no pp. 1-6 in the June 2009 volume. I’ll chalk this up as a typographical error of some kind, though and look at three other samples.

            Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders March 2009;39(3):405-13. This article actually says that vaccines do not cause autism (and is also mostly about GI disease and autism. From the article: “Findings from epidemiological studies have not supported the proposed link between vaccination and autism and estimates of the prevalence of GI symptoms in children with PDD (Fombonne and Chakrabarti 2001; Black et al. 2002; Taylor et al. 2002; Fombonne et al. 2006) are not far from the prevalence of GI problems in normally developing children (Saps et al. 2006).”

            Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology February 2009; 23(2): 95-98. This article has absolutely nothing to do with vaccines. It has a brief discussion of one of two of Wakefield’s papers with regard to GI disease, but it’s a stretch, at best, to say that it “backs up” Wakefiled’s findings.

            Autism Insights 2009; 1: 1-11. This journal is open source, so anyone with the internet can go and read the articles. Pages 1-2 of this volume contain an editorial that talks about genetic etiology and nothing about Wakefiled, vaccines, or diseases prevented by vaccines. Pages 3-11 are a different article that again, says nothing about Wakefield, vaccines, etc. It does have a table indicating the history of viral infection (among a slew of other tables with similar kinds of information); however, the article itself is looking specifically at Asperger’s Syndrome compared to Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

            And that, I think, is likely representative of what I will find if I bothered to look at the rest of these articles (or at least those accessible to me).

            • says

              Concerned Citizen,

              Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it, I truly do. This post isn’t really about autism but our rights’ as parents to make informed choices that we feel are best for our children. I’ve read these studies and I could counter them and the studies but I feel that would go beyond the scope of this post and detract from the issue. Until vaccines are properly tested and subjected to double blind placebo (saline) control studies there will not be an adequate study conducted on autism or any other illness for that matter. Considering the increase in autism prevalence and the increases in the vaccines children are submitted to, given the reported events in VAERS, info. on the vaccine inserts, research conducted by several world-renowned doctors and scientists, and testimonies of parents who have had relatively “normal” children before injected with a live virus vaccine that crosses the blood brain barrier, this is not something that can be ignored. However, I applaud you for reading studies, although I disagree with your conclusion of them. Very few people actually do that. Kindly, Megan

              Here is a post I did regarding other practices backed by studies that were sold to the public as safe. I would like to see unbiased studies on vaccines by an organization with nothing to gain but I would suspect most would fear ending up like Wakefield and others who have questioned.


            • tom woolf says

              Drop the Wakefield argument if you want to be taken serious. He has been exonerated by the British High Court. To try and use him as an example of “junk science” makes you guilty of gutter science yourself.
              Autism doesn’t even exist. That is just a code word for Mercury Poisoning. It is coming from the excessive vaccine schedule. In the unvaccinated population there is no mercury poisoning, I mean “autism”, unless living next to a coal plant.
              I am pleased to announce that we treated my son for mercury poisoning by adhering to an 11 month I.V. chelation therapy that slowly sluffed off the reemerging layers of mercury as they would make their way up through the layers of proteins in which they were trapped. He went from being in physical pain and having so many of the “classic” signs of autism to being a default smiling energetic happy pain free little boy. Once we got to that state then it was just a matter of creating some new neuronal pathways to replace the ones that had been damaged. This is still an ongoing process through the use of ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis. He has recently turned eight years old and as of about eight months ago he seems to have broken through a barrier and is blossoming forth at an exponential rate. We still have a long ways to go, but he is very bright and is showing more and more promise every day.
              Never give up hope. Keep plowing onward at all costs. It is worth the struggle. Autism can be overcome. The best cure, of course, is prevention. Never vaccinate to begin with!

            • Aussie Mum says

              Thanks Tom. Your views are clearly informed by first-hand, painful experience. I’m so pleased to read that your vacine-injured son is making good progress in recovering from those symptoms labelled as ‘autism’. Let’s hope that choices persist and other parents won’t have to go ther in the first place.

              I’ve just been reading the following article (see link below) which is the most clearly-articulated, comprehensive telling of the background and recent shifts in the Wakefield saga. This paragraph in particular lept out at me, along with the reminder that, in terms of the research, there were no ‘victims’ and no complainents, other than Brian Deer.

              “It’s time that we started treating responsible parents as reliable witnesses to serious adverse reactions to medical procedures such as vaccination,” said Jennifer Larson, president of the Canary Party. “The work that Walker-Smith and his colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital did with the Lancet 12 was medically necessary and above reproach. No patient complained, and the charges against the Royal Free team came only from a freelance journalist writing for a Rupert Murdoch newspaper. Meanwhile, the findings reported in the Lancet paper have been replicated in numerous scientific publications and reported by thousands of parents all over the world.”

              I also just re-read some posts about the exoneration of Walker-Smith on a forum of so-called scientists ( http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2012/03/08/andy-wakefield-exonerated-because-john-w/ ) and couldn’t believe the arrogance and sense of entitlement to The Truth. It seemed to me to be full of the views of smarty pantses, who can write and argue persuasively, but hold onto views about the effectiveness vaccines that verge on religious zealotry, and use a great deal of derisive language to describe anyone who doesn’t. It seems to me that the scientific community struggles to admit its mistakes, and let go of the need to demonize independent, outside-the-box scientific findings and researchers, however many times the work of those scapegoats is credibly replicated.

        • Rich Coulter says

          “I just wanted to make it clear that fearing autism as a “side effect” is overall an ignorant belief.”

          That’s incorrect, despite your claims to the contrary there has never been a controlled study comparing rates of autism in fully vaccinated vs. fully unvaccinated children. There are some very poorly done anecdotal studies like KIGGS which includes children with 1 dose of 1 vaccine with those receiving 48 doses of 14 vaccines which I’m sure you’ll agree is about as unscientific as you can get, there are studies comparing those who got 24 vaccines with those who got 26 (MMR vs no MMR, Denmark), none of these are valid studies when it comes to demonstrating the role vaccines play in autism.

          Until such a study is done it is wholly ignorant to suggest that vaccines are not one of many environmental causes of autism.

    • kay says

      Holly, The facts are not flawed. Being snarky and claiming someone else is uneducated about the facts when you are obviously using old data is not helpful.

      #1. Dr. John Walker-Smith, the co-author of the Lancet study that you reference has been exonerated in 2012.

      #2. The study became an issue because the way it was interpreted more so than what the study actually said. The study concluded that there needs to be more studies on the correlation between gut bacteria, MMR and autism. The study merely asked for more work to be done on individual shots, as opposed the cheaper 3 in 1.

      #3. While I personally believe that Autism is spurred on by many neuro-toxins or rather catalysts in our toxic world, and not caused by vaccines (possibly spurred on), the Italian Courts have recognized the Mitochondrial DNA marker that makes vaccines a catalyst for Autism.

      I’ve worked on medical studies. I know there are many good people with good intentions that want to see science prevail. Those same people are human, which scan skew results out of desire for a particular outcome; but mostly are at the mercy of those who are paying for the studies. Nothing corrupts science more than money.

      With that said, “medical science” can’t have it both ways. They can’t say we’re doing to use anecdotal data to say vaccines work because we don’t want to do double-blind long term studies, and then denounce anecdotal data on when GMOs were introduced into the food supply and the data following showing major upsurges in autoimmune diseases, allergies and food sensitivities.

      At this point in time and the fact that some of us have chose NOT to vaccinate as far back as 30+ years ago, long before the internet and Jenny, there is enough data to study a retroactive study that would not be unethical.

    • Susan says

      Holly, “any person who is TRULY educated on the subject” would already know that Dr. Andrew Wakefield did honest research and Big Pharma went after him. You can read about it here: http://vran.org/in-the-news/so-who%E2%80%99s-disgraced-now/
      At adventuresinautism.com a list of more than 80 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism has been compiled. http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.ca/2007/06/no-evidence-of-any-link.html

      You come off sounding like a shill for big Pharma, and yes, Holly, they do hire them to leave comments on social media.

      • says

        Honest research? If you think unethical research done on children is something to get behind then vaccines are the least of my concerns with you all. Educate yourself on more research that doesn’t necessarily support your ideas. Pseudoscience is all I’m seeing thrown my way. Pseudodcience is a claim, belief, or practice that does not adhere to VALID scientific method and lacks supporting evidence. 20 years should should yield hundreds of supporting studies to produce any valid scientific theory.

        I know how completely unethical conducting research through pharmaceutical funds is. That is a ridiculous statement to even make. If it isn’t clear how ethics based my opinion is read a little closer next time.

        • Jennifer Garrison says

          The very families who participated in this research were the first to back up Dr. Wakefield and defend him of wrongdoing. All of his co-authors have been exonerated of all charges in the UK, and the only reason Dr. Wakefield hasn’t been is because he now resides in the US and is pursuing a libel charge against Brian Deer. The UK body that caused all of this has been BLASTED for “misconduct’ in the case against Dr. Wakefield.

          All that beside, ADVERSE VACCINE REACTIONS OCCUR… I suppose Guillain-Barre is also “correlation”? With any medical procedure that includes risk of life and health, the patient should ALWAYS have a CHOICE. There are ways to strengthen the immune system and avoid vaccine-targeted illnesses….and there are ways to treat them. The discovery of germ theory already had us well on our way to knowing how to prevent the spread of many of these diseases. We have clearly gone overboard. I have gone through grad school, too, and my life is spent working with and befriending many, many families who have been affected by this issue. I am also a mother of a child with autism. I have stayed up way too late at night for many, many nights, reading the research, educating myself. I know how to read and evaluate research. I know how to read data. I’ve taken college courses on just that topic alone, like you no doubt have, as well. You simply cannot deny their stories and the before-and-after effects these families experienced. The number of documented and dr-acknowledged reactions cannot be ignored, either.

          With your many, many hours of research, you cannot show the study that shows this amount of synergistic ingredients over time does not cause damage. There is already a population of people in this country who do not vaccinate…. therefore the data for a study such as this is NOT unethical… it is AVAILABLE.

        • says

          Holly, for a person, who boasts about her ethics, and ethics opf vaccine research, you probably are aware about Doctor Poul Thorsen. He was the man chosen by CDC/ Big Pharma to debunk the link between vaccines and autism and given 12 million dollar grant to do it. With this money, he produced “Seven countries study’, “Dutch study” that proved just that. So when Pharma industry and government state, that science proved “no link between autism and vaccines exist” they are quoting articles produced during this studies.
          Here interesting things begin. Poul Thorsen is now under investigation by Department of Justice for fraud and money laundering. He stole at least 1 million of this grant money by directing them to his personal account(bought house, cars, and withdrew a lot of cash), and someone in CDC signed his fraudulent invoices to make it possible. Aarhus University in Denmark where he did his “research” is now distancing itself from him. Not so CDC – our watchdog on vaccine safety. They declared they don’t have any doubts about integrity and quality of his research. That’s understandable. Without this crook’s research “the debunked theory on vaccine/autism link is not debunked anymore. They can not lose their crown jewel. producing fraudulent study is easier than producing real one, but still takes time. So until they find another Thorsen (you can apply,when you finish graduate school) – the vaccine industry will quote his studies, and teach us about ethics.
          You may google Thorsen, vaccine industry fraud,
          Naturalnews.com also has nice article about him. Search their site about other fraud in vaccine industry (which is abundant, such as artificially spiking samples with antibodies to show that vaccines are effective, when they are not)
          When vaccine industry lectures us about ethics and responsibility, I just laugh.
          No wonder they are resorting to police measures and propaganda to force their poisons on us.
          MZ recently posted…A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine ExemptionsMy Profile

      • says

        Susan, I would like to recommend you a resent article which i found on plosone.org “Identification of unique gene expression profile in children with regressive Autism Spectrum disorder and ileocolitis” S Walker, J. Fortunato, L Gonzales, A. Kingsman, March 08, 2013
        Very well researched article which supports what Dr.Wakefield said earlier: there is a link between autism, inflammatory bowel disease and autism. And logically speaking: vaccines . with all that viral DNA and toxic chemicals are a severe assault on immune system, and 70% of the immune system is associated with intestines. Nervous and immune system (which are interconnected) are most affected by autism. So restoring normal gut flora (which is not easy) is a good strategy to treat children with autism.
        MZ recently posted…A Parent’s Response to the New York Times’ Article: Eliminate Vaccine ExemptionsMy Profile

  58. Nic says

    So so thorough! Love it. You just left out MUMPS as one of the latest outbreaks. Ohio where 97% of those affected were vaccinated and “officials” are urging folks to get vaccinated. What? Why? seems you’re better off NOT being vaccinated!!

    • says

      Goodness, so many things I have left out but my article was already way…too…long! Maybe next time?
      You are right though and I feel the same!

      • AB says

        Hi I like your article but was hoping that you could have referenced all your arguments. I am currently doing research on this matter and would love to hear where your sources are from.


        • says

          Hey AB, click on one of the 12 navy links above. The vaccine inserts are a great place to start! If there’s something specific you’d like a reference for I’d be happy to provide that as well. Thanks for reading. :)

  59. mamaof3 says

    All these safe and effective vaccines and yet those that believe in them are just full of fear fear fear. What kind of idiotic system relies on the idea of shooting the entire population of the world to be effective? Does not sound like a very good one. By that same standard pushing breastfeeding so that 95% of moms are forced to do it would probably be a better solution than vaccines in building immunity. I also find it ironic how so called feminists who lobby so hard for my body my choice when it comes to aborting babies are so anti choice in this matter….my kids my choice.

  60. Research Professional says

    The author of this letter has no understanding of how science tests and develops drugs. Side effects (and the related disclaimers) are provided because the industry has to disclose everything they know. Parents such as the author would surely rather know of potential side-effects (no matter how miniscule) than to have drug makers leave ‘small’ risks (or ones not casually linked to medicine/vaccines) off the label.

    In short, this author is propogating the myth that misunderstandings and personal choice should trump scientifically-vetted programs that benefit public welfare. Simply put, the dangers of viral infection are reduced/elimiated due to widespread vaccination.

    The luxury of ‘personal choice’ is only possible because of the herd immunity provided by those people who follow scientific, medical advice TO vaccinate. Without widespread vaccination, this author’s point wouldnt even be up for discussion–the public would simply want vaccines.

    • Lilie says

      I don’t know what makes you think you are qualified as a professional to speak on this matter more so than the author. It is not hard to read studies or understand the concepts that you are relaying. Their are valid and important reasons for them to disclose this information and the reasons your are downplaying doesn’t make it any less important to take into consideration. Also, since the vaccines last anywhere from 2 to 10 years at vest, yet there are no solid studies to confirm they even last that long, then still no more that 30% of the population is in this vaccinated age range so where is you so-called herd immunity, which has never been proven to exist within the vaccinated community. It seems a that you need to do further research to assert your findings. From a mother whose child actually had one of the horrible side-effects of the MMR and a witness to all the illness of not only my child but countless family and friends that are all listed side effects on the package inserts of vaccines, I actually do not know a single person who has NOT had a adverse reaction. Now, that being said, I would appreciate an appropriately conducted study that compares the completely unvaccinated to the vaccinated for each individual vaccines before it’s combined, the combined vaccine, and the schedule of the vaccines given on time as well as delayed and all separated and compared to a true control of unvaccinated individuals. Unless you can show me this study, you are not professionally backing up your claim, only regurgitating he propaganda fed to you! I’m afraid I have to respectfully disagree with you and your so-called reasoning and unsubstantiated claims.

    • Imogen Moore says

      The industry has to disclose everything they know?!

      Can you even guess how many thousands of trials have never been published? And those are just the data on the drugs being taken right now, it doesn’t even touch the buried trials on drugs being ‘modified for later testing.’

      If full disclosure actually happened, some of us wacky vaccine refusers may be more open to discussion. Because, you know, we’d be one step closer to truly informed consent. The kind of informed consent we have now means my doctor can have a more meaningful discussion on the risks of paracetemol than vaccines.

  61. Stacy says

    Will you run for office….PLEASE??? As a concerned mom, Chiropractor, and citizen it is so nice to see well-informed, articulate people speaking up and fighting back. We have too many uninformed parents acting as obedient sheep in this country.

    We really need a parental rights amendment to the Constitution to truly protect our right to choose medical treatments, education, etc. for our children. There is a large, well-organized effort already underway to get a parental rights amendment. They have many co-sponsors in Congress already, but unfortunately the Progressives (many Democrats and some Republicans) are blocking such a basic protection for children. I urge all concerned parents to go to http://www.parentalrights.org/ to sign their petition (it takes 30 seconds), to further educate themselves, and to support this very important effort. When election time comes around, educate yourselves on your representative’s stance on issues involving liberty and vote out all those that seek to curtail our liberties. We can no longer hope that politicians will do what is best for us; we must take an active role in governing ourselves.

    • says


      Thanks for your comment! I completely agree that we need a parental rights amendment. Sad we need protection from our own government. I have actually never heard of the parentalrights.org petition. I will go there and sign it and recommend that others do the same. So glad there are health professionals like you spreading the word!

      Kindly, Megan

  62. says

    I agree generally with everything here. I think that the argument leaves itself vulnerable to attack on one front especially: You quote the MMR insert regarding the number of reported disease cases, and then you state that “actual data show[s] a start decline in the prevalence of measles before the vaccine was introduced.” But the data (the charts) you provide refer to mortality rates, as opposed to reported cases or prevalence. Mortality rates can decline even as reported cases or prevalence increase, so the charts don’t seem to support the argument. I mention this only because (as I’m sure you’ve experienced) anyone arguing against vaccination has to be “perfect”; vaccine advocates will pick at any flaw and use it to say that your wider argument is invalid. Thank you so much for writing this piece. Keep fighting the good fight.
    Maria recently posted…AddendumMy Profile

    • says

      Maria, Thanks for your comment! I completely understand what you are saying. Unfortunately, I’ve found very few charts out there that accurately show data of measles prevalence before, during, and after vaccine introduction from a source that anyone would take seriously – and as you’ve said, you’ve got to have credible sources. I have found many mortality charts and in this case the mortality charts do correspond with the decline in prevalence. However, maybe I can change the wording to reflect that.

        • says

          How would I go about doing that? I posted a link in a comment in response to the original article. I think I would be highly surprised if they picked up a piece that goes against the mainstream view don’t you think?

          • says

            I doubt they would pick up the whole piece. They love “credentials”! But you could shorten it and submit it as a letter to the editor—the guidelines for doing that are on the website and in the paper.
            Maria recently posted…AddendumMy Profile

            • says

              I did add a special part on whooping cough prevalence just for you. My article is already way too long I would have no idea where to start shortening it but I’ll look into it! :)

      • kay says

        Hi Megan,
        Thank you for a great article. I hope your logic prevails.

        I think the data was compiled on Measles (mortality, vs new cases, vs vaccine damage rates) but I can’t find the link to the article. It’s possible I read it on The Refusers website but it’s not showing up. I remember the author used pre-internet data he scanned in and it was written so well. It’s out there, now just need to find it.


        • says

          You are right. I am sure I’ve seen it too. I did edit the post to reflect the mortality charts and I added a section on whooping cough prevalence with a citation. I have a few graphs in one of my books but for the sake of post length I might have to add those in another time. Thanks!

    • says

      Found it! I have the graphs but instead of uploading them all I pasted the links below with the year these vaccines were licensed so you (and everyone else) could see the trends.

      Decline of Pertussis (Whole-cell pertussis vaccine licensed in 1949):

      Decline of Polio before Salk’s and Sabin’s Vaccine:
      See Incidence of poliomyelitis in the USA from CDC, 1972
      Salk’s vaccine released in 1955

      Decline of Hepatitis (Viral. Incidence, by year – United States, 1975-2005):
      Hep A implemented in 1995 and Hep B in 1991

      Decline in Mumps (Incidence by year – United States, 1980-2005):
      Page 63 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/wk/mm5453.PDF
      Licensed in 1967

      Rubella (Note the very low incidence overall):
      Page 63 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/wk/mm5453.PDF
      Licensed in 1969

      Decline in Measles:
      http://www.healthsentinel.com “United States Measles Mortality and Disease Rates” based off of vital statistics
      Licensed in 1963

  63. Mary says

    You seem to have a handle on this — which I greatly appreciate as someone who questions vaccines, etc. But here is something I want — maybe you can find it or maybe you have it: The charts you use as evidence that vaccines did not eradicate the diseases in question show the declining of mortality for those affected by these diseases NOT incidence declining. It makes sense to me that death rates could decline as a result of improved water, health, nutrition, health, sanitation etc., but was the incidence of these diseases declining as well at that time? And I ask, only because I have seen on more than one occasion people who are PROvaccine using this discrepancy as proof that “your proof” doesn’t prove anything at all. That the vaccines did reduce the incidence rates. So that is what I’m asking — do you have anything that shows the incidence of these diseases was declining before the vaccine, not just the death rate related to the disease? I have looked myself and can’t seem to find it.

    • says

      Thanks Mary, I changed the wording to reflect that these are charts of declining mortality. I am on the search for an accurate chart on prevalence from a reputable source. There are many numbers out there but very few accurate (un-skewed) charts. In the case of these diseases the declining mortality rates do correspond to a decrease in disease prevalence.

      • Janie says

        A decline in mortality is what we’re after isn’t it? Ultimately. Yes, people might still get measles and chicken pox etc. occasionally but in a healthy person – one with good hygiene and nutrition – the disease itself shouldn’t be a problem. The healthy person would then have lifelong, naturally acquired immunity.

    • says

      The Parental Rights Doctrine and rights attributed under the first, ninth, and fourteenth amendments are infringed with the removal of vaccine exemptions.

  64. Jim Cook says

    Your caustic remark is typical of the defenses of vaccination I encounter from acquaintances, alleged experts and the media. They pooh-pooh any concern over the safety and efficacy of vaccines as illogical and unscientific, but never offer a logical or documented argument in support of vaccination. Where’s your evidence and argument?

  65. Keyna says

    After contual warnings to parents against vaccines; this is one of the best articles I’ve seen thus far.

    Also google Dr. Wakefield’s medical discovery of vaccines linked to autism;
    why his practice was destroyed; and
    why his medical findings, his name and his practice was restored.

    You will find a boat-load of scientific evidence linking vaccines to autism; and CDC managed to cover it up for decades (shame on them).

    • Christian Graus says

      OK – how do I unsubscribe from this torrent of deliberate ignorance ? Worst mistake I ever made.

      • Lilie says

        Typical provax comment, hateful and rude and can’t even figure out how to unsubscribe…. Lol so so typical… And then they wonder why they can’t get us no vaxers to vaccinate! Ummmm…. Maybe offer your uneducated team some information and logic? Oh yeah, that’s surely to backfire because it causes them to change sides. Oh well, we wait and watch as the tides turn. Soon it will only be the paid mouth pieces and then we will surely see a change! I alone went from one to 6. If this keeps happening across the board maybe we will all get to the great health Marin County is experiencing with their children having the lowest vaccination rates in the country with the highest health rating in children’s health!

  66. Kari says

    Thank you for this–I have people to share it with who will understand my own decisions better because of your well reasoned, carefully supported post.

  67. Keyna says

    Anyone (Dr. Kristen Feemster included) who curtails vaccine exemptions – must have their license to practice curtailed immediately; including CDC, FDA, etc. This is a law that should be passed asap!

  68. says

    Christian, lots of diseases become visible at the same time as vaccinating? And you’re okay with this coincidence? MS is listed as a possible adverse reaction on several vaccine inserts as is an exacerbation of MS symptoms. Please read these inserts. There is “no known causality” between vaccines and any illness so the pharma company says because their studies are not adequately conducted – subject to double-blind placebo controlled studies which is the standard of evidence-based medicine. This certainly isn’t good enough for me. And the belief that there are no educated doctors on this side of the issue is unsubstantiated. Just because someone holds a view different from your own does not mean they are not educated.

  69. Lisa Perkins says

    Thank you for writing such an excellent article. Many of the points you make regarding why you chose not to vaccinate is very similar to the reasons why my husband and I have made the same decision. After 7 years of research on the topic, I can say I have yet to find any information that would change my mind. If anything we are even more resolute in our decision now than we were when our first baby was born. Let’s see some REAL science, mandatory reporting of adverse events and a better education among health professionals and parents regarding the dangers of vaccinating plus let’s make the drug companies have some liability for the safety and effectiveness of their product before we go taking away a parents right to not vaccinate.

    • Keyna says

      I wholeheartedly agree, Lisa. CDC has been covering up tons of evidence that prove that vaccines are the major cause of asbergers, autism, SIDS, allergies, ADD/ADHD, stomach disorders, sensitization (extreme over-stimulated senses – which our grandson suffers from), and a myriad of cancers. We’re winning the war against vaccines (1 out of 5 children do not get vaccinated); which is why they are starting this war to make vaccines a requirement. To date, CDC has made $47 billion on vaccines; it’s ALL about the money; they could care less about the health and welfare of children.

  70. Rob G says

    You talk of the fundamental right to decide what to put into your or your child’s body. Yet you neglect to mention that where the state believes your action (or inaction) will result in active harm to your child, then they can and will overrule you (and that has been upheld).

    You are subject to viral shedding daily, regardless of the instance of vaccination in the population. Indeed, allowing your children to naturally acquire varying diseases will absolutely subject you (and others, non-consensually) to their viral shedding. What of that? You’re outraged at the infringement on your rights, blinded by the infringement upon theres.

    You talk of being subjected to vaccine-related virus outbreaks of whooping cough, measles and meningitis? Wait, what? What outbreaks were shown to be responsible for those? Or are you blindly extrapolating that because vaccination is by and large the norm, mandated or otherwise, that that must be the underlying cause? To quote Wikipedia, citations, please (you’re eager to throw them out when you have them supporting your case).

    I love that you quote a list of possible side-effects as a scare tactic. And then acknowledge that those side-effects, like other data on said vaccines, is voluntarily reported and not measured. Indeed, the US is one of two countries left in the world where prescription medications are allowed to be advertised, and possibly not coincidentally, the only country in the world where such ads spend as much or more time disclaiming possible negative reactions as they do benefits.

    I further enjoy the fact that vaccination wasn’t the sole reason for eradication or reduction of illnesses has become a reason why they should not be used at all. I guess, similarly, we can rule out many other forms of reactive healthcare as being ‘unnecessary’ as long as we work on improving sanitation and hygiene.

    “No, what I see around me is a new generation of disease. We have a 1 in 50 autism rate – the highest in history and of any other country.” – yet, puzzlingly, we don’t have the highest vaccine rate. We don’t even break the top 20. So your correlation argument breaks down there. Diabetes has a lot more to do with the chronic obesity in this country that “the massive amount of vaccines being shoved at the American people” – again, citation. I’d have hoped an ND would be able to differentiate between the zebra and the massive pink elephant in the room there (with apologies for mixing metaphors).

    I certainly believe that not every vaccine is for every child, and that not every child needs every vaccine.

    Again, you claim that recent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps and meningitis are not in fact due to groups of the populace who have not vaccinated, but in fact are directly tied to their vaccination. You make this claim not once but three times in your 3,000 word missive, and don’t back it up with a single citation.

    “But wait, I should be happy that my infant is at least getting some protection from the mean hepatitis B that is transmitted via sex and dirty needles. I was really worried about that one. Good thing she’ll get another booster when she starts school to prevent that risky kindergarten behavior.”

    Yes, because toddlers and infants (especially those who “spend most of their time barefoot”) are entirely unlikely to risk a needlestick injury other than via shared IV drug use. Sarcasm mine.

    “Until doctors receive training in medical school on the subject of vaccinations (that goes beyond the viewing of a child’s picture in a third world country who has the rarest and worst case of polio known to man), and start reading the package inserts, educating patients on the potential risks, are knowledgeable on the history and “science” of vaccines, and are willing to accept the liability for my child becoming injured as a result of what comes through the needle…I will always…ALWAYS…question my doctor.”

    Great. Please do. In the meantime, I’m left wondering what second-rate medical schools you’ve experienced. By all means, call them out.

    But come on, this is a poorly planned piece, conveniently vague and hand-wavy at all the right points, while attempting to throw an air of authority with the use of graphs and other stats.

    • Lilie says

      There are many articles that provide evidence of vaccines shedding. MMR in particular. I’m curious to your reply since you offer no evidence but since you are seemingly in favor of vaccination, an action, and against nonvaccinating, in inaction, the burden of proof lies squarely on you. Unless you can prove that a healthy non-vaccinated individual somehow contracted one of these very rare diseases (doesn’t matter the claim on why or how they became rare, only that they are rare) and actually shed them to a vaccinated person whom was vaccinated fully. Also, why you are not asking the correct questions is beyond me as well. For instance, why are the vaccines not working. When the first vaccines were marketed they were intended to be a one time deal, now they are adding more. It doesn’t seem like there will ever be enough. Also, why take the risk with an action of vaccinating when the risk is there that any of the listed side effects, which based on the pharmaceuticals own data, is within 1 in 2000 (since this is the number of subjects used in studies sometime or even as little as 300, or my favorite where 120 people dies out of 800 participants) trump taking the risk of nonaction? If my child gets a disease, that is a life risk, and I can research said disease and most likely, in America where I live in pretty comfortable lifestyle, can treat said disease at home. Risk is on the side of not vaccinating for my family and the many other parents concerned about vaccines. On the other hand, if I sign to vaccinate, I am paying a tax that goes directly to a fund that pays out adverse events of vaccines and the doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, you, all the pro vaxers, the government, nobody but only me becomes liable for my choice. That’s a bit odd, don’t you think. Let’s talk worse case scenario now. Let’s say somehow my child does get one of these mild, and in many cases 95% of the time asymptomatic and in only 1% or less will these diseases be fatal! and for my child it is because my milk dried up and I had to formula feed and I didn’t have any of these diseases anyway, my vaccine protection, if I ever had any, ran out, and my 4 month old dies. I still rather take my chance with life and God, then take the chance of signing away and vaccinating and losing my child to their side effect of SIDS. Because then I will feel like I murdered my child because I acted. If I don’t act it is NOT the same. But all you vaccine pushers try and make it seem in your fairytale of playing for the group or taking one for the team is required of me. But you fail to realize that I don’t feel part of that team. My team is small, it’s called my family, and it is my responsibility. Yours is called the same for the same cause. You take care of yours, and I will take care of mine. We all have to live with our own decisions and we will die for our kids. No one else would do that for our kids. We should leave it that way and let parents make their own choices for their children. You know, what your saying, essentially is, that all women should own a gun because the more that own guns the less rape we see. For every person that owns a gun the one that doesn’t shares in the protection and is riding on the backs of the ones that protect themselves. Then you go behind forcing the issue, since that is ultimately the issue! No one should be forced to vaccinate their children. That is called a crime against humanity!!! Vaccinate all you want, and spread the word however legally possible, but pass no laws. Facts are facts and you offer none! As pointed out in this wonderful article.

    • Cw says

      Interesting comments Rob G. Could you give us some background about your experiences vaccinating your own children?

  71. Evan E says

    Excellent response for the most part. I just wanted to point out that measles morbidity (cases) was still quite high before the vaccine (ask any Baby Boomer and you will be amazed how many had it…yet here they are). Mortality (death) had dropped 100 fold before the vaccine but it was still quite common for kids to catch. The vaccine likely had an effect on morbidity, just as the varicella vaccine does today for chicken pox. But since the disease had become a common mild childhood illness the claimed necessity of the vaccine is dubious, not to mention that proper immune responses are hindered/altered by the vaccine which is why they absolutely need to be shelved for the junk medicine they are (millions of years of evolution selected for a quite capable immune system if it is given half a chance with proper nutrition and clean living). Keep spreading the word. The foundation of the vaccine myth is crumbling and it will be rejected in time.

  72. melissa says

    Thank you writing a well researched and referenced article. This is just what I needed.

    My son is 11 months old and currently has not had any vaccinations.

    I’m currently in the process of finding a new ped because I’ve received a letter notifying me that I have a certain timeframe to catch up with vaccinations or I have to find another practice. This is the same team of doctors that have said to me “You know you are slowly killing your son. This is a complete injustice. He cannot speak for himself.” Well I’ve stuck to my guns and despite their awful and unprofessional bullying my son still has yet to be vaccinated.

    My new road block is playdates as many fear my son will give them some crazy disease because he is not vaxxed. anyone who may have advice about this please help!

    Also, my husband and best friend oddly enough both have multiple scelerosis (4 other people we know around the same age have been recently diagnosed as well). Being that they are all in the same age group (31-33) I wonder if there is a direct vacccine correlation and MS is a longterm adverse affect from a scheduled vaccine administered in our area to us as kids. Just a thought as it is all too odd.

    • Chelsea says

      Try finding a GP who will not hassle you about vaccines… we opted to skip the pediatrician route with both our girls, now 6 and 3 and completely unvaccinated, and went with our family practitioner instead because she did not pressure us to vaccinate. (She still recommended it, of course, and sent me home with pamphlets… provided by pharmaceutical companies, of course!) My girls are healthy as can be, but I also try to let their little bodies heal from colds and fevers naturally and not give them even over-the-counter medication (unless they are truly miserable) very often. The older they get, the less viruses they even contract, even if one of us adults in the house gets one! It’s pretty amazing to me! By the time they are adults they will be like super immune heroes, ha ha ha!

  73. says

    I guess thanks just doesn’t cut it. You guys are amazing with all your knowledge and research. Thanks so much for sharing these articles with me and allowing me to make my choices for my children. Its such a scary thing choosing not to vaccinate. I spent many many nights doubting myself and thinking I was completely mad, however after co tactig a friend who put me onto some websites, I finally manged to have some restful nights sleep and feel happy within myself with my decision. Thanks so very mcuh warmest regards from NZ xo

  74. says

    BRAVO!! what an excellent article. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for an intelligent, well thought out response with back up.
    I was recently denied a medical exemption for my 6 year old son I had enough of vacicnating him, it was for the polio booster #3. I had grounds for medical exemption and was denied! (well grounds according to any logical medical professional) I woke up to the reality of vaccinations unfortuantly a little too late, my son did receive most of his vaccinations and not on time as I never really wanted to do it, but was not educated enough about it, and yes I did do research 7 years ago, nothing was out there 7 years ago as it is today. 7 years ago the doctors, and albeit still dont, educate or inform the parents, or ask family history or show a parent an insert. I was like the many who trust our doctors. The parents do rely on their pediatricians afterall they are the ones who went to medical school and care about our kids right?!! I always had aniexty giving him the shots, and I am living in regret over it. I was, thankfully smart enough to pull his blood titers for the infamous MMR booster 2 years ago. I had to fight the school to accept it and they did, but when it came time for polio booster 3 I lost the fight. I was denied a medical exemption. I am frustrated to say the least. Now the flu vaccination is mandatory for 5 and under, when does it stop? Our poor children of this country do not stand a chance and so many parents are clueless as I once was.

    I composed my own letter in support of Assembly Bill A6359 and Senate Bill S3934 “Philosophical Exemption to Immunization Act.” Currently I have been calling around to our senators and assemblymen to state that I am in full support of the PHILISOPHICAL IMMUNZIATION ACT bill that needs a push to get passed here in New York City area. Here is a copy of the letter and feel free to any one of you to please copy and paste into your own document and get it out to your senator and assemblymen so we can have our rights back:

    February 27, 2014
    Re: Vaccinations

    Dear Senator:

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage other retained by the people.’
    Dear Assemblymen:
    I am writing this letter in support of Assembly Bill A6359 and Senate Bill S3934 “Philosophical Exemption to Immunization Act.” In addition hereto I believe my God given rights are being taken away regarding vaccinations. I am a parent and I want my God given right to choose which, if any, all, or no vaccinations I feel are necessary, appropriate or healthy for my small child. NYC just passed a mandated influenza vaccination on children 5 and under, along with children of “special needs.” What is “special needs”? Sounds discriminating to me, a child that receives services through the DOE is considered special needs? This covers about ¾ of the NYC population! Where does it stop? Not only are our God given rights being taken from us, what about our constitutional rights? “We the People of the U.S., establish justice, insure domestic tranquility” what is tranquil about being forced into something that feels wrong for my child my family? Excuse me, but this is creating anxiety and not tranquility. My child cannot make such decisions and I will as his parent make the necessary, healthy choices for him, so not to harm him, expose him, or do anything that is against my will for him. I was recently denied a medical exemption; we are being denied religious exemptions. If we want a religious exemption in New York State, we have to submit a letter stating our religious objection to the practice of vaccination, discuss how we are against abortion and using fetal aborted cells in vaccinations. In most of the state that doesn’t get to be too cumbersome; however, the state actually leaves the administration of the religious exemption up to the school district. The school district can “deny” the religious exemption. The school district can deny my religious exemption? On what grounds? State law holds that the vaccination requirements do not apply to “a person who holds genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein required.” So the only ground possible for denial of a religious exemption is that our religious beliefs have been judged as not “genuine and sincere.” This is ludicrous and I demand must stop! I therefore cannot exercise my rights?

    Our local school district can grill us on our religious beliefs and “determine” whether or not they are genuine and sincere. What about the Constitution? The “supreme law of the land?” The First Amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” – “thus building a wall of separation between Church & State,” according to Thomas Jefferson, generally considered one of the major influences on the document. “A wall of separation between Church & State.” How then, can any governmental body (in this case, a school district as proxy for the state of New York) be justified in questioning someone’s religious convictions and, worse, judging them?

    Message taken from Thomas Jefferson’s letter to a church in Danbury, CT:

    “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.”

    We on this letter, are in full belief it is not only our constitutional right, but is our God given right to decide if we vaccinate our children or not, on the grounds of religious beliefs, medical, God given rights, God given freedom or any other hereto. We are fully in support of the Assembly Bill A6359 and Senate Bill S3934 “Philosophical Exemption to Immunization Act” to give us the vaccine choice in New York. We are screaming for the right to choose for our children, who cannot chose for themselves. We further feel the need to protect our children and we, “The People”, are their parents and are their only voice! If the parents cannot protect their child, then who can? How can it be that we are forced into something that one may feel is against their God given right? And/or if there is a medical reason behind a vaccination, this too is our God given right to protect our bodies, it seems unlawful and absurd that we are forced to administer vaccinations so our children can attend school, wherein it does state that our children are allowed a “Free and Appropriate Public Education” there is nothing free or appropriate when our children are not allowed to attend school unvaccinated. So then, what do we do? The NYC schools are not sending appropriate instruction to our homes for free. I want my rights back. If one’s health is compromised, then ones immune system is compromised, who then will come to the aid of the child? I beg to ask when we are sitting in emergency rooms with our children suffering as their immune system is under attack for something we believe came from something unnatural, foreign invaders, such as vaccinations, then what? I wasn’t given the right to choose, then what? I want the right to choose. Furthermore, It is our right to know what is in the vaccinations, and to choose which vaccination, if any, we give our children. Afterall, we do choose what goes into our child’s body for safety, health, nutrition and how we feed our children, but yet, we are not allowed to choose which vaccinations they receive.

    The state of Michigan has such “God given law’s” and if it is any consolation, their vaccination rate exceeds exemptions. There are more Parents willing to vaccinate than not. Furthermore, I fully believe we have the right to choose what goes into our bodies.

    Thank you for your time, we respectfully request a meeting at your offices in Staten Island to discuss further. We look forward to your response.

    • says

      Christine, I am sorry to hear you were denied your exemption. From what I’ve heard New York has some of the toughest vaccine policies. People like you are certainly needed to educate and get the word out. If I can be of any help to you please let me know. In the meantime I will forward this letter on.

  75. says

    I have nothing further to say other than “preach on sister!” Well said and wonderfully written. Thank you for sticking up for us parents who have seen what a vaccine can really do to a child.

  76. Seth says

    Marie, I am confused by your comment. Reading the above article, I see multiple references to the sciences of immunology and epidemiology. Also, it seems to me a major point of this article is to point-out the insufficient scientific evidence used to support vaccines. Lastly, from beginning to end, this article is filled with a logical, commonsense perspective rarely seen on either side of this argument. I have to respectfully disagree with your brief assessment of this blog post.

    • Tim says

      The only problem is she doesn’t know the difference between prevalence and mortality rates, the number of cases was slightly decreasing due to awareness of transmission of the disease and mortality rates dropped because they learned how to treat it but until the vaccine came out, the cases dropped dramatically for each and every one of these diseases that she talks about. 2.) They proved the guy who found a link between autism and vaccines made up his results and his license was revoked by the UK. Any other study has shown the link to be false. 3.) The majority of recent outbreaks of measles, pertussis, and mumps were due to unvaccinated people or immuno-suppressed children exposed (CDC). 4.) The increase in chronic diseases is due to more stress, poorer diet, less physical activity, and increase of AIDs patients. All of which also increases the chances of getting sick and having adverse reactions to anything. 5.) The vaccines are tested and must reach at least 80% of people develop anti-bodies, not just be better than another vaccine or a placebo. Double blinded studies using placebos doesn’t really help show adverse effects which is why it isn’t the standard for vaccine clinical trials. 6.) The number of diseases caused by vaccines is less than the number of unvaccinated cases. Sometimes a vaccine causes adverse side effects in 6 people total of the entire nation and they are pulled off the market. 7.) I enjoyed her vent about Hepatitis B.. it is so prevalent among Asian women that they pass it to their babies often. If unvaccinated they will carry it their whole lives
      She claims she does her research and her husband is a physician (which doesn’t mean much as doctors generally ignore epidemiology of things and prevention of diseases as they just learn to recognize and treat them) but she truly hasn’t; only looking towards biased data or deceiving statistics/graphs.
      People can point to simple things like vaccines that prevent disease and are the reason diseases like small pox was eradicated, to put the blame for the increase in health issues in the United States, but if your children carry the disease and expose it to an AIDs patient, they will die, and pregnant women who’s immune system is suppressed could easily be infected and hurt her fetus if not kill it.

      • Lilie says

        Prevalence and morality usually work hand in hand. From the studies in pub end that I have critiqued, mortality seems to always be higher in 3rd world countries where proper sanitation and nutrition is hard to come by. I would love to see the statistics in the unvaccinated of how many contract measles, and the percent rage of side-effects compared to the treatment offered (for instance studies show vitamin A helps measles, vitamin c helps pertussis, etc.). But the vaccines do not come without side effects and the current testing models can not accurately assess them therefore making any claim that they are safe false and unsubstantiated.
        Second, you are completely wrong about “the UK doctor and he has even in fact vindicated! Also his findings were never established inaccurate, only that his methods may have been unethical. That aside, his findings stand.

        The majority of outbreaks were never proven to be caused by the unvaccinated. That is yet another unsubstantiated claim that you are making. In actuality you can make a better assumption of saying that this is a vaccine induced outbreak and the vaccines are failing since it has been proven in studies that vaccines shed and can be spread from the vaccinated (and since there are more vaccinated individuals than not it would be safer to assume the vaccinate hold a greater amount of responsibility for outbreaks). Unless you could back up your theory, I’d have to prove you third point false as well.

        There are many reasons for the increase in diseases. AIDS is actually not rising as much as you seem to point out here in the US so I don’t think you have your facts right about that either. It can be argues that vaccines can cause AiDS like symptoms as well. Wow, you seem to think everyone must take extreme risks to protect others, which is not the case. It is not my responsibility to get myself or children vaccinated and take those risks because you or your children have AIDS! So comment doesn’t fit at all with forced vaccination reasoning.
        How do you come to the conclusion that double-bling placebo studies will not show adverse events? If I have 1000 nonvaccinated subjects get a vaccine, then 1000 that don’t, any adverse reactions can be easily seen. If there are none or the samein both groups, I would believe they are safe. This is how science is conducted. For you to say it doesn’t work like that and not offering reasons or back up as to why makes no sense and again leaves your claim completely insubstantiated like the rest.
        How do you back up the claim that a vaccine was pulled off the market due to 6 adverse events? First off, they can’t contribute a causal reaction to a vaccine because concoctions of vaccines are tested agains a different set of vaccines rendering it impossible to make a distinction. This does not prove they are safe. Quite the contrary! It is the reason many of us non vaccinating people and parents do not vaccinate. We have yet to see the proof that the benefits outweigh the risks.
        Just because you believe it is wildly prevalent on Asians does not put my baby at a higher risk. E numbers speak for themselves on this matter. The hepatitis b vaccine lasts 7 years. It is transmitted mostly through axe and IV needles. Learn your risk factors! My children and I are at a significantly higher risk of a side effect from continual vaccination than contracts get hosd is ease. Also, if you read about the disease, it doesn’t pose significant health problem int he majority of e cases. You can have hepatitis b and live a completely normal life. Also, just because you are vaccinated, doesn’t mean you are at any lesser risk of contractingt he disease. The vaccine only primes your body to fight it off. It DOES NOT protect you from getting and spreading a disease! Again your whole knowledge of vaccination is utterly flawed with this on presumption that you have made rendering much less reliable than the author of his study for facts, logic, and science.
        I don’t know how you claim to know all doctors don’t take epidemiological studies in consideration. That’s actually a really interesting claim to make, again with no basis. You are assuming everyone is the same and forthcoming with this information. I know many doctors that do so just like that I can equally disregard your claim.
        Again, how you came to the conclusion she is looking at biased data with no counterclaim. After all your other points were easily refuted, this on is as well. There is a hive knowledge base of studies, doctors,researchers, from all fields and walks of life questioning vaccines but you want to call those biased without offering any unbiased information with no conflicts of interest. Sorry, but you missed your mark once again, predictably.
        First of all, getting vaccinated, in many cases, gives you a disease and makes you an asymptomatic carrier shedding the vaccines train to the very population you claim you want to protect. Being that more people are getting vaccinated than not, it makes these people more likely responsible for any of the people “to die” from contracting it from a vaccinated person. Vaccines certainly do NOT protect you from getting the diseases you are being vaccinated against but only supposedly helps your body now know and pose a response to fight said disease. It doesn’t not put a bubble of protection around. yYour logic does not work. Also, you consistently have many of your facts wrong and it’s comical as to how you try and and make references using such vague terms. I’m sure there are more than 1 doctor from UK that has questions vaccines.

  77. says

    Amazing and well-written response. I wish I was brave enough to post this one my Facebook. So many parents are simply unaware that there are real dangers involved with vaccinating. And then they get brainwashed by the rubbish in the papers. Hopefully in time, people will start to open their eyes. I think all the press recently is actually a good sign that more and more people are refusing.

  78. says

    Awesome! A thousand times awesome! Thank you for saying everything I wanted to say but couldn’t get my thoughts in order for. I appreciate the points you made and for the time you put into this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Sarah recently posted…Five Minute Friday: JoyMy Profile

  79. Erin says

    Awesome response! I was so irritated at that article! What do parents of vaccinated children have to fear? While I feel bad for the people with immune disorders who are so unfortunate enough to not be able to receive the wonders of vaccines (yes, sarcasm), I’m guessing many of them have the immune disorders because of vaccines in the first place. My unvaccinated son contracted Rubella from some friends who had recently been vaccinated with MMR. He is just fine, and I am in no way upset at their parents, they are doing what they think is best. I thought for over a year and a half that he had measles (no, we didn’t take him to the Dr., imagine the verbal flogging I would have gotten! And it was easily treated at home!)…until I got a blood test that showed I had recent antibodies for Rubella. I actually got a natural “booster”. I want the freedom to choose which disease I am willing to take the chance that my child could contract; short, inconvenient illnesses…or lifelong debilitating mental and or physical diseases. I am a well-educated, independent thinker. I am not swayed by friends, family, or mass media. And no, I am not a Jenny McCarthy fan or follower and I HATE that all pro-vaxxers seem to think that. I didn’t even know who she was when I began my research. I am a teacher and see the MANY physical and mental disabilities that students have now that were not present or certainly not prevalent when I was a student. It is not better diagnosis, it is reality. Kids are sicker, have more mental disabilities, and it is far harder for schools to accommodate for the variety of medical needs of the student population.

  80. says

    Bravo! I wish I could give you a high-five for writing this article! As a nurse, mother and hopefully a grandmother someday in the near future, you’ve captured so easily what needs to be said and I will be sending this to both my boys for future reference when said grandkids start to emerge.

    Which leads me to say, I did vaccinate my son when I was a young single mom of 18 and for that I feel terrible. I wish I could go back and raise him without vaccines but back then I just didn’t hear that much about how bad they were. Fast forward 28 years and he is healthy, thank goodness but still I cringe to think of all those times I had to look away as he was being injected because he would cry and it made me cry in return. If I only knew then, what I know now, I would take him and run out of the room, never to go back. And I’m terrified that my kids won’t have say so in how they raise their own children if they choose not to vaccinate. What an uphill battle you younger parents are facing!

    I haven’t worked as a nurse inside a facility or hospital in about about 10 years. I would love to work in the field of nursing again but really fear vaccines and will refuse to get the flu shot or any other vaccine they now mandate. Such a shame.

    Also, both my sons are in the military and are vaccinated half to death from enlistment to every deployment and occasionally boosters here and there. I am terrified of what they are doing to these young men and women in the military, but I guess that’s a whole other story.

    Anyway, thanks for this phenomenal piece that I’m sure will make it’s way around and hopefully get in the hands of those who can do something about it. Thank you for taking a stand and doing something about it. You have my full support. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Robin recently posted…Almond Cream Curry NoodlesMy Profile

    • Laura says

      Robin ~ I am a military wife and a mother of four, one of whom (so far) has chosen to join the service as well. I lose sleep over what his body is being riddled with. When home from college, he saw the APRN at our doctor’s office because he wasn’t feeling very well. She asked him if he’d received any vaccinations recently! Indeed, he had – several – through the military. I share any/all information I can with him. I have begged him to ask, ask, ask, anyone and everyone, to go up the chain of command, to do anything he can to question the vaccinations, to see if he can get a blood titre to determine what he has antibodies to so that he doesn’t have to get vaccinated. I’ve encouraged him to be the face and voice of change in their policies. His response is that they own you once you join. He is the child most like me, so I am hopeful that he will be the impetus for change, though I’m not foolish enough to think that he can do it alone. The vision in my head is that the ill effects of these shots will rear their ugly heads in years to come and I will be helping him backtrack to when it all started. I try not to let it consume me, but it’s always there in the back of my head.

    • says

      Robin, thanks so much for you comment and insight. You are my favorite person because it takes someone a lot of courage to admit that the way they did things maybe wasn’t the best. I am sure though at the time you thought you were doing the right thing and that’s what matters. My mom is a nurse too and hasn’t returned to the hospital setting for the same reason as you. She also vaccinated us. I wasn’t lucky enough to escape chronic illness though. As for the military stuff, there are military exemptions and that is the route my husband (and brother-in-law) have gone. Maybe you could check it out? Your children and future grand children are lucky to have someone like you in their corner!

  81. Anastasia says

    Thank you for the excellent article. I am completely puzzled on how people can be so blind to not see through the lies and pseudo “science” of the current medical system. Noses stuck in smart phones or TV screens, just blindly letting medical ‘professionals’ inject toxins into their kids. I don’t get it. Is there any common sense left?

    If someone wants to inject this into their kids, doesn’t bother to read the inserts, takes doctors at their word – whatever, they are the parents and it’s their choice to follow advice without any research. But forcing known toxins to be injected into people against their will is just INSANE. It reminds me of communist Russia that my parents escaped, or Hitler, or George Orwell’s novel – the U.S. is becoming eerily similar to what’s described there. What’s next, will the government make all decisions for children instead of parents? This insanity cannot and should not happen.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more and I unfortunately made the same eerie correlations. I hope this post awakens people to the realization of what’s coming if we don’t stand up for ourselves and our children.


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