40 Days of Raw Food: Day 4 Recap and Menu Plan

Day four is just depressing. No I didn’t fall from grace but I somehow just realized I have 36 more days to go and I’m not even a quarter of the way there. I feel like life (and blogging about it) would be much more exciting if I were on day 11 or 27, don’t you think?

I like eating raw foods, I really do. I like preparing them and un-cooking them. It’s teaching me discipline and I know I’m doing my body good…but still, discipline doesn’t come easy. Thankfully I haven’t had any cravings and I’ve been able to stick to my plan. That’s probably because I am putting in the extra time and effort to make sure I have foods on hand just in case my willpower is tested.

For example, eating raw is simple, inexpensive, and easy. There’s no work required in grabbing an apple or eating some carrots. Even making a smoothie takes mere minutes. But making cookies, chips, and crackers…that takes some time. I’ve taken extra time to make sure I have alternatives to my two weaknesses on hand (tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies) and it’s paying off. Plus, these blog posts would be pretty boring if I just told you I chowed down on celery and nuts.

Here’s the day 4 breakdown:
Breakfast was a banana. I know, very exciting. But sometimes eating raw doesn’t need to be exciting. It needs to be simple and breakfast for me is always simple.

For lunch I had a broccoli pomegranate smoothie with raw tortilla chips and leftover mango salsa. I wanted to eat the whole batch of chips, but raw food fills me up fast. It really is surprising.

After lunch I checked on my cookies. They were not quite done but I had one anyway and oh…my…goodness, I will never ever look at a cookie the same way again. I am in love – pure, raw, chocolate chip cookie, love. And can I have more than one cookie and not feel guilty? Sure I can, because they’re raw and full of nothing but nutritional goodness. No empty calories here. Just love.

40 Days of Raw Food - LivingWhole.orgYou can find the recipe for these rawmazing cookies over at Gastrawnomica. I ground my own oat flour and used maple syrup. My cookies are thinner because I mixed the dough in the food processor and added a tablespoon of raw almond milk to thin them out. It’s just too convenient. You’ll find the recipe for raw chocolate chips here.

Supper was raw vegan chili. I’ve discovered that the secret to making food taste cooked without being cooked is a dehydrator. What? You still haven’t met Mr. Excalibur? I need to get on that a.s.a.p. Until I do, this dish didn’t disappoint. Even the hubs had some.  You can find the recipe for chili at Rawmazing. (Adaptions: only 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and raw agave instead of coconut crystals). I marinated my veggies in the dehydrator).

40 Days of Raw Food - LivingWhole.orgToday I felt full – so full that I couldn’t even drink all of my smoothie or eat half of my chili. As I was thinking about this, it makes sense – cooking breaks down fiber. Food may taste better cooked but we need more and eat more to fill us up. Eating raw saves money and inches from the waistline.

On that note, I’m going to go have a cookie.

I might have a problem.

Day 4 down, 36 more to go!

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