The “Right Way” to Use an Essential Oil

So you've decided to use essential oils, huh? Maybe you read that one post about aromatherapy and realized these oils are more than a fad. If you did, you might have read the follow-up post on choosing the perfect essential oil company. Now you want to "get your oils on" but you can't figure out how to use them. I'm sure you weren't … [Read More...]

Growing Up Vaccinated

This post was written in response to "Growing Up Unvaccinated." It seemed only fitting to have an opposing viewpoint, so I have provided one for your viewing … [Read More...]

Big Alterna Can Have My Bucks -

Big Alterna Can Have My Bucks

We need to talk. There’s something you should know. If I don’t warn you, who will? There’s an evil market you’re supporting every time you use an essential oil, take … [Read More...]